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Bob - Prof guitar - Halifax


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Flamenco guitar course 1. Flamenco guitar technique. You will learn the main technique of flamenco playing including Alzapua, Pulgar, Arpegios,, Flamenco Tremolo, Picado, Rasqueos,etc.... 2. Compas an

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Professional Flamenco guitar player and Jazz drummer for many years. Study in Jerez, Spain home of the gipsy Flamenco, for the last 7 years with amazing flamenco players. You will be exposed to all style of flamenco Compas(rhythm), those rhythms are very tricky to feel. I will take you as far as you want. You will be able to accompany singers and dancers and be able to play solos as well. Come with me to a new adventure in this amazing style of guitar playing

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1. Flamenco guitar technique.
The student will learn the main technique of flamenco playing including
Alzapua, Pulgar, Arpegios,, Flamenco Tremolo, Picado, Rasqueos,etc....
2. Compas...Flamenco Rhythm.
Flamenco rhythm is one of the tricky subjects for most students. You will study different
time signature such as 4/4, 3/4 , 12 bar beat. The foundation of flamenco is COMPAS and
PALMAS(hand clapping)
3. Dance and Singing Accompaniment.
The purpose of this subject is to tackle the study of the main Palos(style) such as
Bulerias,Soleas,Tangos Tientos,Seguiryas ,Guajiras etc...the student will focus on the
harmonic and rhythm structure to be able to accompany a singer or a dancer.
4. Vocabulary, Falsetas, Flamenco Scales, Remate.
You will learn real falsetas for every palo by splitting each one in different parts such as
melody, harmonic resolution, “escobillas” and more.

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