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  • World cuisine
  • Middle Eastern cuisine
  • Organic cuisine
  • Thai Cooking
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Private chef teaching you professional cooking skills & recipes from around the globe


My teaching method is very interactive and relaxed. I love to teach and make people comfortable. A typical class with me would involve me preparing a recipe, and letting students stop me at anytime to ask a question. In my class, students can learn knife skills, how to make certain knife cuts, how to improvise when they're missing an ingredient...there's so much to teach!
I think everybody can cook, and I like to enhance those basic skills. Everyone likes to impress those they love with a new recipe or a fancy garnish that can take a dish to the next level.


My experience in food services spans over 23 years. Being passionate cooks, my mother and brother instilled within me a deep appreciation for quality meals at a young age. During my adolescence, my first jobs were in food courts and restaurants, experiences that affirmed my desire to complete formal culinary training at the Institut de tourisme et d'h么tellerie du Qu茅bec. With entrepreneurial spirit springing forth, I launched a catering company. Longing for adventure, I became a globetrotter that lived abroad in many wonderful exotic places including Thailand, Australia, Italy and Israel. These travels taught me exquisite flavour pairings that I now share at home in Montreal.


Rate for online lessons : $ 20/h
Lessons offered by Joanna
In group
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Cooking
  • Vegetarian cooking
  • World cuisine
  • Middle Eastern cuisine
  • Organic cuisine
  • Thai Cooking
  • All Levels

Joanna's Resume

Professional Experience

May 2016 鈥 Present 鈥 Private Chef 鈥 Montreal, Quebec, Canada

鈥 Meal preparation for private clients in their homes & holiday villas

鈥 Full service for private parties for up to 20 people

鈥 Consulting on general healthy eating & meal prep for athletes

鈥 Contract work for Luxury Retreats Int鈥檒 as private chef in villas in Tremblant, Qc., Canada

鈥 Recipe development of nut based snacks for The Roasted Nut, Toronto, Canada

Summer 2017 & 2018 鈥 Private Chef for Mr. Jamie Salter of Authentic Brands Group

鈥 Meal preparation & service for up to 30 people each day

鈥 Managing kitchen staff of 5, overseeing all kitchen related duties

鈥 Managing 2 indoor kitchens as well as a third outdoor kitchen

鈥 Versatility, and easy adaptation to last minute changes to menu or guest count

鈥 Prepared an outdoor bbq for 180 people

March 2016- June 2017- Prep Cook for Foxy Restaurant- Montreal, Quebec, Canada- Voted No.1 Restaurant in Montreal in 2017 by Air Canada En Route Magazine

鈥 Assisted in execution of recipes in production kitchen

鈥 Managed production kitchen during dinner service

鈥 Plated oysters, desserts, tea & coffee during dinner service

鈥 Assisted in ordering of inventory for production kitchen

Aug. 2014 - Apr. 2015 鈥 Line cook 鈥 Bistro Lemeac, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

鈥 Worked garde-manger froid & chaud during service.

鈥 All prep & cleaning involved in preparing my stations.

Oct. 2013-March 2014 鈥 Sous chef for Restaurant & Out of House Catering - DeDos Restaurant., Phuket, Thailand

鈥 Managed food quality and plating during service.

鈥 Control of food ordering.

鈥 Assisted with menu changes.

鈥 Managed accounts for new & existing clients 鈥 Catering Services.

March 2012 鈥 May 2013 鈥 Bakery & Catering Manager 鈥 Two Chefs Karon., Phuket, Thailand

鈥 Developed new line of breads & desserts for all 7 restaurants.

鈥 Managed staff, food control & quality for newly founded catering operation.

鈥 Found new clients & developed rapport with all customers.

鈥 Worked with event companies & event rental companies to create a full package for customers.

鈥 Assessed competition by acting as a mystery shopper and client. Developed new price chart for the new catering company.

鈥 Attended school 2 days per week to speak & write in Thai, developing a smoother relationship with the Thai staff, creating a more comfortable working environment.

June 2009 鈥 Oct. 2010 鈥 Bakery Manager 鈥 Toi, Moi & Caf茅., Rosem猫re, Qu茅bec, Canada

鈥 Project managed initial start-up, as well as oversaw and coordinated all resources needed for the 3 locations of Toi, Moi & Caf茅.

鈥 Implemented my personal dessert line into the company. Had full carte blanche with new ideas & recipes.

鈥 Sourced & ordered all food ingredients as required, as well as overseeing all staff.

鈥 Apr. 2008 鈥 June 2009 鈥 Po锚l茅 Chef on the Line 鈥 Holder Restaurant, Montreal, Canada

鈥 Worked po锚l茅 position, serving up to 360 clients per shift.

鈥 Worked production position, executing all large scale preparation of sauces, fish, meats.

鈥 Food quality controller.

May 2003 鈥 May 2009 鈥 Founder & Chef 鈥 Les D茅lices de Joanna., Montreal, Canada

鈥 Prepared balanced & innovative menus, using local & exotic produce.

鈥 Created a line of traditional & gluten free desserts for restaurants, caf茅s & catering events, delivered twice weekly.

鈥 Acquired a database of clients and developed a stellar reputation as a small businesswoman.

鈥 Managed a staff of 7.

鈥 Delivered food and collected empty platters from all events, creating strong rapport with all customers, which ensured repeat business.

鈥 Catered office lunches, cocktail parties, special occasions (Bar Mitzvahs, Engagements, Weddings, X- Mas, Movie Sets, Cirque du Soleil) for up to 200 people.

鈥 Was given the title of 鈥淏est Cheesecake Baker in Town鈥 by CJAD Radio.

鈥 Cooked macrobiotic meals for Hugh Jackman & Rachel Weisz during the filming of The Fountain in 2006

Personal Skills

Languages spoken and written: English, French, Spanish, Italian and Thai

Computer skills: Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Windows, Internet, and E-mail


Cuisine Professionnelle 2002-2004
Institut de Tourisme et d鈥橦么tellerie du Qu茅bec (ITHQ), Montreal, Canada

Bachelor of Arts, Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics 1995-1998
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

D.E.C., Languages and Linguistics 1992-1994
Vanier College, Montreal, Canada

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