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  • Hourly rate $25
  • Response Time 24h
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Very friendly and patient to tutor students in math, computers, computer science, Spanish & English

About the lesson

I follow the following steps:
1. I ask the student’s parents about the student’s personality, limitations, learning style, physical and mental or emotional problems, urgent projects, the academic areas to be improved and what motivates the student and if they agree with rewarding the his/daughter and the budget for this reward.
2. If possible and convenient, I ask the student’s teacher(s) the same.
3. I interact with the student by talking to him/her to break the ice and to gain his/her confidence and his/her trust.
4. Then, I can ask him/her (or I discover) about the way and style he/she would like to be tutored: visually, textually, through books, through computers, tablets, cell phones, with pen and paper, videos, on the internet, etc., or a combination of these tools.
5. I create a tutoring session plan very specific and particular to every student.
6. On every tutoring session, I test student’s understanding by asking him/her very specific and particular questions.
7. If I am completely sure that the student can solve a problem or do an academic task, I ask the student to solve it or do that academic task
8. If parents want and have a budget to reward their son/daughter for his/her tutoring progress, then I motivate the student by telling him/her about these rewards.
9. I record the student’s progress on every tutoring session to inform parents (and teachers if possible)
10. I follow up on the student’s academic progress in order to determine if more tutoring sessions are needed.


  • Spanish
  • Oral expression - Spanish
  • Vocabulary - Spanish
  • +3

    Oral comprehension - Spanish

    Writing comprehension - Spanish

    Accent reduction-Spanish


  • English
  • Spanish


  • Elementary School
  • Junior High / Middle School
  • High School
  • +10



    Adult Education

    Masters/ Graduate School

    Early childhood education






About Humberto

More than anything, I am a professional private master who will understand students’ particular and specific learning styles and needs. I am very friendly and patient. Students determine their pace to learn, not me. Also, I am a computer systems engineer and a software engineering technician. I have extensive experience privately tutoring students of all ages and academic levels. I have a unique method to teach and a lifetime educational project. More details about this extraordinary project upon request.



  • 5 h: $20
  • 10 h: $15


  • + $$5


  • $ 20/h


1. If the student is at college and the distance is 10 km or less, then my rate is $30 dollars per hour.
2. If the student is at university and the distance is 10 km or less, then my rate is $40 dollars per hour.
3. If the student cancels a particular tutoring session 24 hours in advance, then I do not charge anything. Else, I charge $20 dollars for the late cancellation of the entire tutoring session.

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  • Me gustaría enseñar un idioma tan lindo como el español. Yo soy hispano hablante y además de enseñar me gustaría que la gente tuviera confianza de hablarlo.

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  • Spanish native speaker and Professional Software Engineer educated in Colombia provides spanish tutoring.



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  • A Canadian raised in Mexico. Full-time Spanish as a second language tutor for people of all ages and experience.



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  • Spanish native teacher from Mexico City will show you how to acquire a language instead of learning one.


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  • If you really want to learn Spanish, I will be your best option



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  • I'm a Mexican Environmental Chemical Engineer living at Rosemont, Montreal. I love my language, culture, and always encourage people to visit Mexico and Latin America.



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  • Person would be responsible,Dynamic high vocation of service capable of generating added value to the organization through creation of ideas and initiatives of his own, leadership and steelcommunicati



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  • Online sessions to practice your Spanish skills with an English-Spanish translator. At your own pace and according to your needs.



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  • Hola Amigos! Bienvenido a la clase de Profesor Andrés! I am a native english and spanish speaker here to help you reach your language learning goals! Please help me and my initiative in providing covi



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  • Spanish classes with native speaker specialized in Speech Therapy, in Calgary, AB

    Gabrielle Atenea


    My teaching method is base thru play with children, I work with Reggio activities, STEM and STEAM activities. When working...

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  • PhD Philosophy, with 40 year of experience teaching, willing to tutor in St.John's, NL,


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  • Not only a native Spanish speaker but also a linguist and experienced language teacher



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  • Spanish tutor with 15 years of experience / conversational / any level / learn it the natural way in not time



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  • There are many doors waiting for you to open them! Start learning and practicing your spanish now!



    The best way for anyone to learn a language is through practice, trial and error makes perfect. I like to lead my classes...

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  • 25+ years teaching people to efficiently communicate in Spanish while having fun


    Red Deer

    A 100% communicative approach by learning through scenarios, music, images, and practice. Techniques which will teach you...

    • $25/h
    • 45min free