Are you interested in studying geography in one of the most livable cities in the world? Then try exploring the universities and institutions in Calgary.

Calgary is known as one of the dynamic centres for learning—along with Ottawa and Toronto. Geography Programs Offered in Toronto. From pre-school to post-secondary education, schools and institutions in this city provide the world-class learning environments that best prepare students for their future careers. 

Several universities in this city are recognized globally and graduates are guaranteed to land jobs that they have been equipped for. It’s not just a great place to study in, but it’s a great place to start your career in.

If you’re interested to study geography in this sunny city, read on to know more about what different skills geographers need and the various programs offered in the city. 

Skills Geographers Need

Just like any other profession in the world, geographers need to develop certain skills in order for them to perform well in their jobs. Since geography deals with both people and the natural environment, it’s essential that aspiring students develop key skills while they’re studying. 

These skills are primarily what employers look for in applicants, so it should be a top priority to master these and include it in your competitive skill set. And, if you ever want to succeed in your chosen career, be constantly upgrade these skills and be an irreplaceable employee. 

Whether you want to practice in Calgary, Montréal, or any other Canadian city, here are the skills that you need to possess if you aspire to become a geographer:

Analytical Skills 

Geography mainly deals with analyzing patterns, events, and issues in order to understand the various relationships in the natural world. Therefore, geographers must have analytical skills to be able to make sense of geographic data from statistics, spatial patterns, GIS, photographs and other media. 

Without analytical skills, geographers can’t make conclusions from the data they’ve gathered which will make it difficult to understand and solve global issues. 

Communication Skills

Oftentimes, geographers work with other professionals, especially when it comes to urban planning and development. Their co-workers need to understand the data gathered by geographers, which will require good communication skills. 

Moreover, geographers are often tasked to present and interpret the data they’ve gathered more often than not. If geographers can’t communicate clearly, then it will become a problem for projects. 

Computer Skills

Now that we’re in the modern world, having computer skills is especially necessary for geographers. More often than not, tasks would require being proficient with the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and remote sensing software packages in order to interpret and transfer data. 

Sometimes, geographers even need to learn languages such as Python to automate tasks and become more productive. Of course, database management would also be a necessary sub-skill. 

Creative Skills

Believe it or not, geographers actually need creative skills when they interpret data into cartography or even maps. Being able to transfer what they see in their mind onto paper is a skill not everyone can master. 

Other than that, they also need to use the right combination of colors, symbols, and labels in order to make comprehensive and understandable maps and graphics. Without creativity, it would be very difficult accomplishing these things. 

Writing Skills

Although reporting and presentations are commonly done verbally, some clients or employers require that these bits of information be written down. Not only do geographers need to communicate well, they also need to write well. 

It’s a given that they’ll work with different fields, so it’s a must to write reports and papers that can easily be understood and interpreted. Without great writing skills, it can be pretty difficult moving forward in this field. 

Skills Geographers Must Have
Skills Geographers Must Have. Source: Pixabay

Geography Programs in Calgary

As previously mentioned, this city is one of the centres for learning in Canada. Each institution strives to offer only the best education to their students and it clearly shows by how these schools are consistently getting recognition worldwide. 

If you plan on studying in Calgary, it will surely be worth the expense. So, here are the geography programs you study in the area:

University of Calgary

University of Calgary is a publicly funded post-secondary institution that offers high-quality education for students. Members of this university take education and responsibilities seriously that’s why students are better prepared for the realities in life

Moreover, they consistently conduct research to address some of the most persistent issues in society. Students get to learn about how they can become competitive employees in order to make the world a better place

The university has 14 different faculties that all contribute to a diverse and unique student experience. Each faculty and program is committed to making valuable contributions through research and solutions. 

The university has consistently been part of the top 200 universities in the world and is known for their small class sizes. 

They offer two programs for geography: Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Bachelor of Science in Geography. Both programs highlight cooperative work placement to help students gain valuable experience and field work where students take classes in real-world settings. 

Students can also take up units in geography by applying for a Minor in Geography. A minimum of 30 units must be completed in order to get the certification. 

They also currently offer a Master of Science in Geography which is a thesis-based program. The program will be a mix of course word and investigation to support the student’s research. The core course of this program will be history and philosophy of physical or human geography.

Mount Royal University 

Mount Royal University is one of Calgary’s best post-secondary institutions in Calgary, ranking top one twice. Back in 2017, the university was also awarded as Best of Calgary’s Best Educational Institute and was Star Metro’s Community Choice Award in 2019. 

Students also recognize the quality of education that this university gives by consistently ranking it as one of the country’s best universities in terms of quality of educational experience and teaching

A lot of students also grab the opportunity of jump-starting their careers by starting businesses even while studying. With a healthy learning environment, these students are able to start their journey towards their dreams as early as now. 

The university’s Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences focuses on studying the geological, geographical, and environmental disciplines in relation to the resources, structure and history of the earth. 

They also explore the impacts of both physical and human-related activities to these resources, processes, and landscapes. 

For now, they offer a Minor in Geography, wherein students can bridge social sciences with natural sciences. Some of the courses under this minor are human environment, political geography, biogeography, and world regional geography. 

If you want a complete change in scenery, you can also consider studying in Edmonton! The King’s University also offers a minor in geography that you can take with your desired program. 

You can also explore similar programs such as BSc Environmental Science and BA Environmental Studies at this university. 

Geography Tutors in Calgary

There’s no denying that courses under the geography program can be a little too challenging. With such a wide range of topics, you’re bound to drown in theories and concepts if you don’t manage your time and pacing. 

Geography Tutors in Calgary
Geography Tutors in Calgary. Source: Pixabay

But, lucky for you, there are professionals who are willing to be your own private geography tutor. These professionals are equipped with the knowledge and experience necessary to help you understand complex concepts in your subjects. 

And since there are only a limited number of geography programs in the city, it’s best to find your own geography tutor. These geography tutors can help you learn everything you need, whether you’re studying in a university or not. 

To find a geography tutor, just simply go to Superprof, type in Geography, then type in your location—whether you’re in Calgary, Toronto, or any Canadian city. It won’t be long before you’re provided with a list of geography tutors near you. 

You’ll also see brief descriptions these tutors have for themselves and the reviews left by their former students. With all this information, you can narrow down your choices until you find the most suitable tutor for you. 

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There’s no doubt that Calgary is one of the best places to study in Canada. The city has world-class institutions that are recognized for their quality of education which makes it an ideal place to study geography in. 

If you do struggle with your courses, you can just find a geography tutor near you through Superprof. These professionals will be more than willing to help you pass your courses. Don’t forget to input your location, then you’re good to go!

You can also check out geography programs in Vancouver and see whether studying in this coastal city might be the best choice for you!

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