People often choose to take certain programs because of the various career options they get after graduation. Sure interests are considered, but practicality is often one of the bases on how people choose their majors. 

One of the programs that doesn’t always get the spotlight is geography. More often than not, people rarely go for this program mainly because they think there aren’t many career options or choices later on. 

However, this is where most people are wrong. Geography has a lot of real-life applications and, consequently, has a lot of career options that might not necessarily be what you expected—you’ll get to read more on this later. 

If you’re looking for geography programs in the francophone city of Montréal, there are a couple being offered by some of the best institutions in Canada

Read on to know more about future career options and institutions that offer geography programs. 

Career Opportunities for Geographers

Believe it or not, geographers can work in a lot of different fields. The wide range of subjects makes it less difficult finding a career path that fits your interest and your degree—especially when you know what you want to pursue. 

As geographers, you have strong analytical and research skills that are highly valued in a lot of different fields. These skills are often used in making a difference in the world and solving its current issues. Most employers look for these key skills when hiring new employees. 

However, when it comes to choosing careers, it often depends on what branch of geography you decided to study—human geography or physical geography. 

Regardless if you practice in Montréal, Toronto, or any other city in the country, here are some career opportunities that are readily available for geographers: 

Environmental Consultant

For those who want to start their own private practice, you can easily be an environmental consultant serving several clients at a time. Consultants work with clients in ensuring that they’re following and complying with regulations while addressing environmental issues. 

Consultants also work as researchers, often identifying and solving clients’ issues inside and outside the field. Common clients are government institutions and commercial businesses. 

Commercial or Residential Surveyor

Geographers can also be surveyors, whether residential or commercial. Surveyors work by determining precise measurements for properties and boundaries, making very significant contributions to engineering, construction, and mapmaking. 

Surveyors are also tasked to create reports and maps based on the results of their surveying. Using principles in geography, GIS technology, and mapmaking, geographers contribute a lot to the development of commercial and residential areas. 

Urban Planners 

In relation to the previous career path mentioned, geographers can also be urban planners. These planners plan and develop areas into communities, towns, and cities while considering the environment and the implications of these developments. 

Taking into consideration that group of people living within the area and the patterns and trends in society, planners recommend and implement projects to officials and development firms.

Exploration Geologist

The job name sounds pretty astounding because the job itself is pretty astounding. These geologists use methods to predict where mineral deposits would be and report these for extraction. 

Most of the time, these are the very people who are responsible for assessing and identifying the quality and quantity of deposits in key locations. The job is mostly fieldwork but these people also work behind desks for research. 

Urban Planning and Geography
Urban Planning and Geography. Source: Stockvault

Geography Courses in Montréal

With a variety of career opportunities, it’s expected that Montréal will have its own share of geography programs. Let’s face it, some of the world’s best universities and colleges are located here. 

If you’re looking to study geography in this city, check out the list below for more information. 

McGill University 

Considered as one of the leading institutions in the country, McGill University is a public university that was founded in 1821. It welcomes students from over 150 countries all over the globe, making it one of the most diverse universities amongst the research-intensive universities.

The university is world-renowned for their teaching and research programs. A Nobel-prize research was even conducted at this university—the nature of radioactivity by Ernest Rutherford

Students who study at this university have the highest average grades among entering students in the country and are considered to be the brightest from their respective hometowns. 

As for their Department of Geography, incoming students can expect to study issues on global warming, climate change, food and water resources, human health, urban infrastructure, and many more prevalent issues. 

They offer several degrees in three different levels: Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. levels. The courses they offer are listed below:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Geography 
  • Bachelor of Arts in Geography, Minor Concentration GIS & Remote Sensing
  • Bachelor of Arts in Geography, Minor Concentration Health Geography
  • Bachelor of Science in Geography
  • Bachelor of Science in Geography, Minor Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing
  • Bachelor of Arts and Science Interfaculty Program in Sustainability, Science, and Society
  • Bachelor of Arts and Science, Major Concentration Geography

Concordia University 

Concordia University strives to reimagine the future of higher education through its innovative approach in experiential learning, research, and online education. Through strategic directions, their vision for the future mainly deals with transformative approaches on current global issues. 

The university is widely-known for having courses with less than 60 students and being a top university in North America, specifically in Canada itself. Moreover, they have more 51,000 students with more than 9,000 of these from different countries and territories. 

Their faculty is packed with research chairs, professors, and librarians who bring hands-on experience to the campus and classrooms. What’s even more fascinating about this university is that it offers 30 different indigenous graduate scholarships and is the first to offer First Peoples Studies.

Their Department of Geography, Planning, & Environment bridges natural and social sciences together through an incisive approach on research, teaching, and graduate training. The courses they offer are listed below:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Human Environment
  • Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies and Urban Planning
  • Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science
  • Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Geography
  • Bachelor of Science in Geospatial Technologies

Ottawa is also a great city to study geography in. You might want to check Queen’s University’s Department of Geography and Planning for more details about their programs. 

Dawson College

Reflective of the multicultural character of the city it’s located in, Dawson College is one of the largest, long-established institutions in Quebec. They have students and faculty from different cultures and ethnicities that make the community quite diverse. 

This alone makes the student life in the institutions a stimulating and welcoming environment for students from all over the globe. Moreover, students are also motivated and encouraged to already assume their productive role in the world through various activities and programs. 

It’s also one of the first English-language CEGEP in the area when it was founded in 1969. A couple of decades later, the institution now offers a variety of courses and amenities such as gyms and labs equipped with the latest technology. 

Their Department of Geography allows students to have hands-on experience working on maps, diagrams, and computers to better equip them for their future careers. They also emphasize on real world examples through field work and trips. 

If you’re looking for a more flexible way of earning units, then check out Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton. They have a certification program in Geographic Information Systems Technology that is delivered in several ways. 

University of Montréal

If you want to proceed with a masters or a doctorate degree, University of Montréal might be a great option for you. This university is known for its outstanding teaching, research, and students and is consistently a top university in the country. 

The university also provides lots of different social and environmental events that help them create sustainable actions and make their students exemplary citizens.  

Their graduate programs are listed below:

  • Masters in Geography
  • Specialized Graduate Diploma in Geography Applied to the Environment (French)
  • Doctorate in Geography
  • Short Graduate Program in Geomatics and Spatial Analysis (French)

If you’re looking for a change in environment, you can opt to study in a different city such as Vancouver. The University of British Columbia also offers masters and doctorate programs for geography. 

Find a Geography Tutor in Montréal

Geography can be a pretty challenging course, considering the wide range of subjects. But this shouldn’t stop you from pursuing a geography degree. This program is quite interesting and presents a lot of career opportunities for those who seek it. 

Geography Tutor in Montréal
Geography Tutor in Montréal. Source: Pixabay

If you want additional help or knowledge, you can opt to find your own private tutor. These tutors are equipped with the knowledge and the experience that will prove to be useful in your own studies. 

One platform that makes it easy for you to find a tutor in Superprof. This online tutoring platform provides a list of geography tutors near you once you type in your location—whether in Montréal, Calgary, or any other Canadian city. 

Through this website, you can see a tutor’s name, short description, their rate, and former reviews made by students. All these bits of information help you make an informed decision when choosing your tutor. 

What are you waiting for? Find a geography tutor today!


Career options may not always be obvious for some courses, including geography. Lucky for you, we compiled a few career options available for geographers. Just take note of the branch of geography you plan on pursuing. 

There are quite a number of choices when it comes to geography programs in Montréal, some of these are even offered by world-class institutions. Start your geography journey and check out these institutions. 

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