"Sport is a great way to keep fit. It's a stress reliever." Katie Taylor (Olympic Boxing Gold Medalist)

Boxing can become a way of life for some, and inspire a lifetime of healthy living. Public health organizations, such as the World Health Organization, keep repeating: playing sports, at least three times a week, is essential for fitness. But it is also essential in losing weight! Indeed, the virtues of boxing go far beyond what one could hope for: it allows you to lose weight quickly.

So ladies, ready to get in the ring and hit a K.O punch to your love handles?

Losing Weight With Women's Boxing: Ok, How Does It Work?

Summer is just around the corner and you might be wondering how to lose weight quickly? How to take back your bikini beach body? Maybe you put on some extra pounds this winter related to pregnancy or with some bad eating or physical habits?

Don't worry, all is not lost!

Have you ever heard of the amazing benefits of boxing? Well, I'm here to talk to you about them!

The traditional tips for weight loss are to avoid snacking between meals, to have regular physical activity, and adopt healthy eating habits... But as most of us know: this is easier said than done!

In general, we want to change our shape for several reasons:

  • To lose belly fat after pregnancy
  • Gain a flat stomach
  • Lose inches on thighs and arms
  • Build muscle
  • Stay in shape

To begin with, let's let go of the idea of an ideal weight, which is different from your health and well-being. Instead, you should aim more generally for inches or a clothing size reduction for example, or consult the body mass index to find your healthy range. Now, the question is: which sport is the best to practice, in parallel to healthy eating, to help you lose weight easily?

This is where boxing comes in! It helps maintain a healthy shape, or a healthy weight, without much effort, (outside of those hours spent hitting it out in the gym, of course). The key to any weight loss approach is to set goals that are ambitious, but realistic: it is better to avoid frustration at all costs on your weight loss journey! You want to feel encouraged by your healthy exercise plan with manageable goals, time commitment and an attainable weight range over time.

For ladies boxing to be the most beneficial, it's a good idea to know which part of the body you want to sculpt: you can then choose a type of tailored boxing for that area! Of course, if you are overweight, your first goal will be to simply get more active and healthy overall, and to see boxing as a way to get you back in the saddle (and into the gym).

Afterwards, you might begin to look for a sport to lose weight (but you will have already found the best one!). This is why we want to help give you many boxing variations, which prioritize losing weight, to choose from.

Boxing trainers generally all recommend mixing it up instead of focusing on one type of boxing exclusively...

Another quick tip on losing weight before you sign up for a boxing class: know that it will take motivation and dedication over time, there will be up and down days on the journey!... But finally you will start to see big results and it will all feel so worth it! You might also start having fun and look forward to your next boxing class!

What Type of Women's Boxing Focus on Toning and Refining?

Whether it is a few pounds you'd like to lose or a specific part of the body you'd like to tone, losing weight permanently, is possible: it is all about burning sufficient calories, keeping your weight loss goal as a motivator in your mind, and eating a sensible healthy diet.

Achieve the dream body with women's boxing
Imagine how far you can go when you sculpt your dream body through boxing!

To lose weight quickly, there is nothing like boxing! This ancient martial art has everything you need to make you lose weight fast, all by working your cardio.

It is a full body discipline, where each variant has its advantages for different parts of the body to help you:

  • Tighten your buttocks
  • Lose inches on hips and thighs
  • Slim down the face
  • Lose belly fat
  • Lose weight on the upper body
  • Tighten calves
  • Gain muscles

Let's look at the different virtues of traditional boxing, intense boxing and female-focused boxing. Each will offer specific physical exercises and endurance training to help you lose weight more easily, and in a localized way.

Among traditional boxing, we find for example English boxing or French savate boxing: wherein the muscles of the body are challenged with high intensity, especially with French savate boxing, which requires some aerial kicks. You'll give punches, some good kicks, and in short, you'll expend a lot of energy.

With forms of intense boxing, you will rather work your cardio and footwork: between kickboxing, MMA and full-contact boxing (an intense form of American boxing), you can expect to get completely sweaty from your session.

In addition to regular footwork, you will be pushed to reach a high cardio intensity, which will allow you to get rid of your belly fat, even the most stubborn parts.

Finally, some female boxing classes, which are totally dedicated to women, promise incredible results on certain parts of the body! They are often combined with other activities such as muscle building or cardio: you'll do abs, elliptical bike, sometimes weightlifting, which will allow you to sculpt abs and buns of steel!

With all of this, you definitely will be given the tools and techniques to bid farewell to your love-handles and cellulite! Your triceps will also be worked, thanks to combo boxing and muscle building, which will have great results for your chest.

With classes like Boxercise or Body Combat, it's finally the end of aimless training that doesn't amount to anything. You will be pushed to work at your maximum heart rate, and it will quickly give you spectacular results!

Another little tip: in order to keep your motivation high all year round it's best to choose a type of women's boxing class that pushes your limits and kicks your butt. Like what happens often with new years resolutions, with our weight loss goals we are pumped up the first few weeks, and then boredom and daily life take over. But, with a fun and dynamic boxing class, this won't be able to happen!

See how women's boxing differs from men's.

The Best Place to Beat Those Extra Pounds? In the Boxing Ring!

You have probably already wondered: "which is the ideal sport for losing weight?" We've often heard that running, swimming or brisk walking are the best activities to do so. But we don't often heat that: skipping rope, squats, punch sequences and ab workouts have incredible benefits.

Plus, imagine doing them all in the same class... Is it possible? Yes, with ladies boxing.

Physical exercise is essential to losing weight quickly and in a healthy way. If you also monitor your calories and eat healthily, it's even better. Following a diet is not as restrictive as you might think when you have positive results. This will be the case especially if you're also active at the same time with a sport like boxing, which allows you to:

  • Sweat
  • Tap into your reserves
  • Build up muscle
  • Slim down
  • Firm and tighten your body

If you knew how many calories you could burn in one boxing training session, you would be impressed. There are weight-loss specific exercises, such as when you attack a  punching-bag in speed intervals, and throughout the whole hour you'll be able to burn a lot of calories (between 350 and 600 for one hour of training)!

So, of course, it would be a pity to spoil all your effort by going out to buy a doughnut right after the session. Eating healthy and in moderation will complement your workout in the perfect way and you'll see even quicker results.

You could also decide to alternate boxing classes London or levels and try other complementary activities, even giving amateur boxing, kick boxing, or fitness boxing a try. Building a dream body, in the end, is not so difficult: just get out there and sign up for boxing class!

At each boxing session, I have fun and push myself thoroughly on each exercise, which optimizes my boxing class. I then come back home feeling super satisfied with me, and excited for the next class and how I'll feel afterwards! One piece of advice: give your all without keeping track of time or score (definitely don't think about how many calories you're burning, just have fun and give it your all)!

Boxing Plus a Healthy Diet Are a One-Two-Punch

There are several solutions to lose weight through boxing: start by determining your caloric needs and then set up a sports training program, preferably with a personal boxing coach so you can highlight and work on your most important body areas and fitness goals.

Boxing and a healthy diet
Boxing and a healthy diet: the perfect combo for successful weight loss!

Once you start seeing weight loss, even after the first few sessions, don't forget to add to your efforts over time, such as by combining your training with other classes, such as cardio training, fitness boxing or Zumba, and by eating healthy.

Boxing and dieting truly go hand in hand:

  • With a good diet, you can keep in shape all year long
  • You can vary your exercise by practising different types of boxing, alternating techniques or trying boxing variations
  • By creating a healthy cycle, you can lose weight and keep it off

It is best to book your classes in advance to ensure you'll get the best boxing coach, personal trainer or the most interesting group boxing class. Your coach will be able to give you tips for losing weight and prepare for you a tailor-made training program, focusing on the aspect of your choice:

  • Bodybuilding program
  • Boxing combat program
  • Nutrition and diet program
  • Cardio and fitness program
  • Weight loss program

There is no doubt about it: regular boxing offers many physical and health benefits. So, if you are wondering how to lose weight and lose it quickly, you've truly found the answer with women's boxing!

If you want to lose weight, I have only one thing to say to you: I can't wait to see you out there, punching that bag, confident that you too can quickly lose those extra pounds and achieve your goals!

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