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How to become a French translator in Canada?

Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a French Translator or Teacher in Canada It should come as no surprise that being multilingual in French, English, and any other language is a major asset in Canada. Canada is one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world, with millions of French speaking citizens. French […]

21 July 202213 minutes reading time

Canadian French vs. French from France

Canadian French vs. French from France Did you know that if you speak French from France, it may be difficult for you to understand Canadian French? And vice versa? If you have some experience studying French, you probably know that not all French-speaking countries have the same type of French and that even the same […]

22 June 20227 minutes reading time

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Taking French in Grade 12 in Canada

All About French Grade 12 Learning in Canada French is an exciting language to most people. But while it isn’t compulsory to learn the language, you may be motivated to learn because an estimated 9.2 million Canadians speak French fluently. The language diversity isn’t foreign to the school systems either, with parents having the option […]

19 April 20227 minutes reading time

Why learn French?

Benefits of Teaching your Child French in Canada

Is There Anything to Gain from Learning French? French is a widely spoken language with huge potential. In some countries, it serves as a huge milestone. Those who communicate with it fluently are living their best lives doing what they know best and earning a good income from it. If you're a parent living in […]

29 November 20217 minutes reading time

Do you want to learn French?

Our French teachers give you all their tips for learning to speak the language of love. Whether you are totally beginner, looking for improvement or in preparation for an exam you will find the help you need. Superprof is the best source for reliable French teachers. Check their profiles if you want to learn French and take French lessons. You can even schedule online French classes and learn from the comfort of your own home.

Learn French in Canada

French Immersion Programs at Universities in Canada

What is French Immersion? The French language is fast becoming a crucial skill  in today's world. With about 300 million French speakers in five continents, it's expected to expand across many other regions.  French Immersion is the new normal in Canada. Its primary purpose is to promote bilingualism, but it comes with way more benefits. […]

23 November 20217 minutes reading time

How to learn French

Surving Grade 9 French

Everything You Should Know About Grade 9 French Learning grade 9 French like the any other language implies commitment. This is because as we age, our level of knowledge retention doesn’t remain the same. So how can you learn grade 9 French effectively? This article will expose you to vital information that will help you […]

27 October 20217 minutes reading time

Your Guide to Learning French in Quebec

What You Should Know about Living in Quebec The knowledge of French is a viable asset, as more people are adopting the French language in their day-to-day activities. Some schools and other institutions of learning have embraced the French language as a core subject of study. To migrate permanently to Quebec, you must demonstrate knowledge […]

27 October 20217 minutes reading time

Take the DELF after high school

DELF Benefits Postsecondary

Benefits of the DELF Exam after High School Finishing high school can be a uniquely stressful time as we must think about the next steps we are going to take in our lives. Many people will be choosing between colleges and universities, while others will be wondering if they should just go to work. If […]

18 October 20218 minutes reading time

What reasons can you think of to learn French?

Best ways to learn French Canada

A Guide for Beginners: The best ways to learn French in Canada! Get to know the very basics Learning a foreign language can be exciting, stimulating, and enriching. However, during the process, you may run into some obstacles that you may not have considered before, like loss of motivation, self-doubting, and even frustration. Be prepared […]

12 October 202112 minutes reading time

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French Language

French Speaking Countries Next to English, French is a language that has grown in popularity globally. While there are many French-speaking countries, there are others with some French settlers there. There is a lot of interest in this language in every country of the world as many people are willing to go the extra mile […]

31 May 20217 minutes reading time

Learn French grammar and spelling rule exceptions so you can excel at learning French?

Mistakes to Avoid When Learning French

Learn French: Most Common Mistakes to Avoid No matter what level of French you are, there are common French mistakes that everyone from beginners to the more advanced students make. But have no fear! Learning a language is one of the most challenging endeavors, but it is also one of the most rewarding. Many people […]

20 May 20217 minutes reading time

Discovering Paris is only exploring a tiny portion of France.

A Guide to Learning French And Living in France

Learning French in France: Adapting to the French Way of Life Dreaming of leaving behind the humdrum of our daily lives for a romantic getaway to Paris. Imagine exploring the beautiful cobblestone streets in the latin quarter and taking a stroll along the iconic River Seine, then stopping to enjoy  a cafe and patisserie on […]

17 December 20208 minutes reading time

la ville des lumieres

Intermediate French Level: How to Reach It

How to Go From a Beginner to an Intermediate Level in French "The beauty of the French language descended from its single latin stock, has triumphed most in the contrary direction - in simplicity, in unity, in clarity, and in restraint." -Lytton Strachey French is one of the most intriguing languages spoken today. People from […]

12 September 20207 minutes reading time

Explore Canada

Discover the Possibilities of Knowing French in Canada

The Culture In Canada You Haven't Experienced Canadians are known for a couple of things. We love our Tim Hortons. We love our hockey. We have winter all year round according to other countries. We may even ride the occasional polar bear to school. We’re also known for speaking French. French has been part of […]

23 December 20197 minutes reading time

There are numerous benefits to learning French as a second language

Taking French Lessons at School

Why Learning French at School is Important? Now more than ever with an  increasingly global perspective, it's more and more appealing to learn a second language.   Whether you wish to  enjoy and learn about new cultures  while traveling or envisage an international career, the opportunities are endless when you can speak another language. French in […]

21 December 20197 minutes reading time

What can you do with a French degree?

How and Where to Teach French

Studying French? What Opportunities Are There? "Boy, those French. They have a different word for everything." - Steve Martin French is the fifth most-spoken language in the world and the second most-learnt foreign language and a lot of people are looking to study French as a foreign language. So if you studied French at university, how […]

30 May 20196 minutes reading time

France has a rich and varied history

A Guide to the History of France

Fascinating Facts About France and Its History France has played a major part in the history of many countries throughout the world – but what about the history of France itself? As a relatively large territory in Western Europe, France has endured a lot over the centuries. From the Roman conquest of Gaul in ancient […]

18 May 201812 minutes reading time

Learn French fast.

Tips and Tricks for Fun French Learning

Fun and Unusual Ways to Learn French Always wanted to learn a new language? Signed up for French language course, read every grammar book and pamphlet on how to speak French? And yet you still have trouble finding the motivation to learn vocabulary and do your grammar exercises for your next French lesson? Here are […]

24 April 201811 minutes reading time

Learn French with the best private tutors!

French Culture 101

Everything You Need To Know About France: Culture, Language and Etiquette What do you think about when you think about France? French food? Its art and architecture? The Eiffel Tower, perhaps, and the Arc de Triomphe, the palace of the Louvre or other famous monuments? Or the impact of French artists on European art, the […]

17 April 201812 minutes reading time

The Cannes international film festival attendees hope for this coveted award

The Enduring Appeal of French Cinema

Discover the Mystique of French Cinema Who doesn't like watching a good film: curled up on the sofa on a rainy afternoon, or perhaps one might still recall what an occasion going to a theater was, in the days gone by? Even today, with the smell of popcorn wafting through the lobby and enticing posters […]

31 March 201812 minutes reading time

How can you learn French online?

Learn French Online with Web-based Applications

How Can You Learn French Online? Today, people put more value into amassing experiences than possessions. Thus if follows that more and more minds, eager for extraordinary encounters, see language learning as a pathway to broaden their intellectual and cultural horizons, and select French as their language of choice. And for good reason! France is […]

29 March 201812 minutes reading time

Learn to speak the French language in France.

Learn To Speak French French Fluently

How To Speak the French Language When you learn a language, you start with grammar, vocabulary, the French tenses, basic French phrases… It’s all very well for beginner French lessons online, but if you want to speak French fluently you will need to go further. To become truly bilingual, you need to get a feel […]

21 March 201812 minutes reading time

Do you want to learn French before your next Paris holiday?

Interesting Facts About France

Interesting Facts About France, French History and the French Language Language is shaped by history, and French history is full of fascinating facts. Here at Superprof, we want to make sure you know as much as possible about French culture. Fun Facts About the French Language Are you eager to learn French? Have you already […]

21 March 20188 minutes reading time

French lessons in grammar

How To Navigate French Grammar

6 Tips for Learning French Grammar Rules Learning a new language can be exciting, fun, and sometimes also frustrating. Grammar rules are completely different, pronunciation is wacky, and you can never remember exactly where the adjective goes. And when going to your French course becomes frustrating, it’s easy to simply give up. Never fear! Here […]

21 March 201812 minutes reading time

Let your French learning take off with this guide to French lessons

Your Guide to Starting French Lessons

Aspects to Consider Before Starting French Lessons It is unlikely that anyone would decide to learn French in a fit of pique, or as an act of exoneration. Studying French as a conciliatory gesture, on the other hand, is not entirely out of the question. Any irrational reasons for learning the language of Molière aside, […]

21 March 201813 minutes reading time

French Lessons at Every Level

Anyone can learn French. Whether you want to learn to speak French or just improve your level, you can. It can be useful for your career as well as when you travel.

Do you speak French or have you thought about teaching French as a private tutor?

Are you looking for French teachers or tutors to help you improve your foreign language skills?

Are you dyslexic and have always struggled with learning foreign languages? On Superprof, you can find plenty of French native speakers to help you improve your French.

French Lessons With Superprof

Our French tutors are experienced, qualified, and there are plenty of native speakers from France or other French-speaking countries.

Each French tutor will have their own unique methodology and specialisation.

Have a look at different profiles and find the tutor that works best for you. Whether you’re a beginner, or at intermediate or advanced levels, you can find an appropriate tutor to suit your needs.

You can focus on improving your speaking, writing, or reading, learn to hold a conversation, study verb conjugations or grammar points, or spend your time reading French literature.

You could also do an intensive course! It’s probably a good idea to do a level test before moving on to studying French culture and literature.

Who Are French Classes For?

French lessons can be useful if you’re looking for work. Around 3/4 of Brits don’t speak a foreign language.

If you learn to speak French with a private tutor, you’ll have something extra to put on your CV.

Speaking a foreign language can also create opportunities to travel.

Once you’ve mastered the language, you could become a tutor and start teaching the language to other students.

A private tutor can also help you prepare for the Diplôme d’études en Langue Française or DELF as well as the Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française or DALF qualifications.

Why Take French Classes

Thinking about spending time in France? Plenty of those who learn French can improve their language skills by spending time in France (or any other French-speaking country) and speaking to French native speakers.

French can sometimes be a tricky language to learn. While there are plenty of people who study it at school, a private tutor can focus on you as a student, unlike your teachers at school who probably had a whole class of students with completely different levels.

You can learn the fundamentals of French – grammar, pronunciation, spelling, the alphabet, and the vocabulary – everything you need in order to speak French.

You can also learn to speak French with online private tutors. Thanks to webcams, you can learn from a French native speaker from the other side of the channel.