If you have ever considered travelling around the world to new and far away places. You may not realise just how vital it is to speak and write well in English. As you make your plans to travel the world whether that is to emigrate or just to travel abroad. English lessons are a fantastic and essential resource to allow you to communicate with the locals in the country that you are travelling to.

Are You Ready To Communicate In English?

The English language is almost regarded as the worlds international language, it allows two parties who don't speak the same language to come together and communicate effectively. English is used worldwide for professional purposes such as getting a job, applying for internships and University applications.

Follow the development of your ideas.
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Often when learning a language many people find it harder to learn to write in the language, but the importance of learning to write in the language that you are learning is very important especially when you plan to work in a professional capacity.

No matter why you are learning to write in English, here is how to learn to write English and avoid the biggest mistakes.

Formal Letter Writing Exercises In English: Cover Letter

Knowing how to write and speak in English is a skill that will help your professional career. This is a sought-after ability to use in the workplace, Being confident in your spoken English communication will give you a head start in your professional career. Even getting to the initial stage of the interview will require you to use your English skills when you write a cover letter to register your interest in the role that you would like to apply for.

Additionally, you can find that you have to complete an English assessment. Especially when English skills could be an essential part of the job.
Although this may sound intimidating, don't panic!
We will go through how to write a successful cover letter step by step and also give you the tools that you need to write it.

1. Download your experience.
2. Match and show the relevance.
2. Rewrite the highlights.
3. Organise everything you have into a logical order.
4. Advanced tip: Add something to enhance the letter and help you to stand out.

Download Your Learner Experience

First, you want to write the different parts of your letter into the relevant paragraphs. Such as the introduction, the skills paragraph and your experience paragraph. Take your time and just write whatever you can think of, this doesn't have to be perfect but should be detailed and specific. It is not the final letter but the tool that will help you to create an excellent letter.

Match And Show The Relevance

Once this has been done, secondly take a look at the job description and job requirements and highlight on it what experience you have had that you can demonstrate. Highlight any industry words or any strong words such as knowledgeable, hard working etc.

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Stay focused on the structure of the essay
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The next thing to do is look at what you have written in part one and highlight on your written text where you have direct examples or experience that match what the job requirements ask for. If you need to expand the first section, do so.

Rewrite The Highlights

Now you want to go back to your sections and delete anything that isn't highlighted.
To rewrite your content, you should have the highlighted job description in front of you and your own highlighted text. Now you are going to write the first draft of your letter.

Using the rough highlighted draft that you created you are going to rearrange the wording to fit into the following structure. Using the highlighted job description as a guide for how you should word your paragraphs. You should now look at your own highlighted sections, and use as many as possible from your own writing. You should moderately sprinkle power words and industry words that you found in the job description.

Organise Your Content Into A Logical And Easy To Read Order

1. Learning How To Write The Introduction
Here you should be introducing who you are, your strengths and your high level of education and experience. Pay attention to your punctuation, spelling and grammar.
2. Introduce Your Skills To Speak English
Write your first paragraph example and your second paragraph example
These paragraphs should demonstrate why you are good for the job. This is where you go into detail to showcase your skills. While you should be writing about a meaningful experience that you have had. You should get to the point as quickly as possible, this means you should make it easy to read and succinct.
3. Write Your Closing Paragraph
Here you should remind them you are interested in the job and when you can start, add any housekeeping like your availability, any ideas you have for improving the job, Invite them to contact you for more information or for an informal chat.
4. Write Your Salutation And End The Letter
Thank them for their time and say goodbye

Advanced Tips For Better Writing

If you want to stand out, make sure that your letter has no mistakes and is formatted well.

path of your dissertation
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  • Ask someone else to read and review your letter, if this person is a native English speaker with a good knowledge of English literature it would help you greatly.
  • If you feel that you can not do the final letter on your own, then follow the steps to produce a draft for proofreading. You can also hire an English copywriter to proofread and rewrite it for you in perfect English grammar.
  • However, if you do use professional writing services, you should mention it in the interview especially if writing in English is an integral part of the job. As an excellently written letter will not match your skills, should you be hired.

How To Write A Dissertation In English: How To Write An Essay

A dissertation is a long-form essay which presents an idea and develops the concept by introducing relevant supporting information. The practical exercise of writing a thesis involves organising, revising and preparing your ideas with an outline then researching arguments to help your ideas to develop. Essays are written as a final piece of writing when you are studying for your degree course or other forms of study.

You will need to work on your writing proficiency a lot before you can be expected to get to the level of writing a passing dissertation for your degree. You can practice getting to this level by continuously writing a variety of short-form essays on your chosen topic.

If you are able to get these shorter essays marked by your English teacher you will eventually be able to improve English speaking and writing skills enough to be ready to confidently begin to write your dissertation.

Not only does the exercise of developing your writing skills make it possible to organise your ideas and arguments but it also allows you to learn new vocabulary words and how to express yourself elegantly.

Another overlooked skill is reading and researching a lot in your topic and practising putting this into your own words. When it comes time to write your dissertation this practice will be invaluable to you.

When you are planning your dissertation or other exams, you should start by preparing high-level titles for each section and lead the reader through the idea that you are trying to communicate.

When starting to write something, you are ready to begin writing your dissertation, you should make sure to start with a substantial introduction and end with a definite conclusion. You should make it clear what you are talking about, get to the point clearly and make it interesting to read.

Informal Letter Writing: Write A Letter To A Friend To Learn English

If you are an English student working at speaking English, you should try to incorporate a variety of ways of study to improve your language skills. A great way to do that for your written English is to by writing, you could write anything really, but an especially fun way to use this skill is to write to someone and having them support your English writing journey.

In addition to getting to know a new person and making a new friend. Regular writing with a native English speaker allows you to set yourself a goal to achieve and stay motivated. Not only do they help to keep you accountable but your writing partner will also help you learn to write correctly. This simultaneously improves your reading and writing in the language too.

You will learn how English speakers write everyday English expressions, words, sentence structure and phrases and slowly you will also learn the best ways to communicate. Even better this is a free English strategy you practice the language.

How To Find Someone To Write To In English Online And Offline?

Everyone is interested in languages these days, and there are so many platforms and apps that can help your speaking skills and meet new people that are interested in meeting new to people to teach them their language or even to learn your and exchange language skills.

You can find lots of people to write to on writing workshops, social networks if you go to language groups. You can place a post to show interest or read through other posts to find someone who is offering to help or exchange languages.

What Do To Improve Writing Skills Once I Have Found A Writing Partner?

The first thing that you should do is discuss what each of you wants to get out to the partnership and explain how to maximise those outcomes. So perhaps you want to learn to improve writing in English and write confidently, and they just want a friend to talk to. This is the perfect match, and you can now discuss a schedule to meet and communicate.

English writing skills whether educational, professional or recreational capacity is an excellent skill to develop and use to deepen your understanding of the language.  You will make some mistakes while you work to improve your good writing skills but so do English native speakers.

The great thing is that once you learn it, you will not make the same mistake twice. If you start by practising the English language strategies that a native speaker uses.  All ESL students can improve their writing skills, listening skills and allow English to enter our brain and gives us the access to fluently expressing our thoughts making us easy to understand. Learn English online now!

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