Education should be affordable and accessible for all Canadians. Although Canadians have access to public schools that offer the necessary in-class instructors, assigned curriculum, and appropriate evaluations, some parents and students continue to seek additional resources.

Educational apps, online teaching software and volunteer programs are only a few of many available actors of free online tutoring in Canada. Tutoring services help remedy the “one-size-fits-all” teaching model applied in some classrooms. Private teachers are able to identify a student’s unique learning style and tailor a program to fit their needs. 

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The 7 Different Learning Styles in Canada

You can find a tutor that teaches subjects like math to fit your learning style. Source: Unsplash

Private tutoring is especially helpful for addressing unique learning styles. People learn in different ways and require diversified types of tutoring to match their unique learning style. A few of the most common learning styles include:

1. Visual: Visual learners use images and spatial awareness to grasp new concepts and better understand content.

2. Aural: Aural learners can understand information and memorize information after hearing it in a lecture, tape recording, podcast, etc.

3. Verbal: Verbal learners are able to verbalize information out loud or write information down. Speaking and writing are key learning tools.

4. Physical: Physical learners use their body, hands and touch to collect and learn new concepts.

5. Logical: Logical learners are especially skilled in mathematics and use reasoning to collect information.

6. Social: Social learners enjoy learning in groups and interacting with others in a classroom or group setting.

7. Solitary: Solitary learners can learn more easily as individuals. They find other people distracting and need silence and space.

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Tutoring sites for primary school children

Kids love to learn with the one-on-one attention a tutor can provide. Source: Unsplash

Primary school children are often more visual, physical and social as they explore the world and acquire new knowledge. Tutoring sites that cater to younger children in primary school tend to integrate games and fun activities to keep the children engaged.

Tutoring sites for younger children are also able to break down information so that it’s consumable. There are a number of online sites with courses designed for primary-school children that do a good job of addressing these needs, including the following:

1. Kumon Learning

Kumon Learning is a home-based education aid. Kumon Learning applies “the Kumon Method”, a method founded by Toru Kumon, a father and gifted math teacher. The Kumon Method uses short, incremental assignments to help students master subjects in an easily digestible format. Kuman specializes in math and reading and teaches the following age groups:

  • Ages 3-5
  • Ages 6-12
  • Ages 13+

2. Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom is an in-home tutoring service that connects students with certified teachers at home. This company firmly believes that a child’s education should be treated holistically and the relationship the teacher has with the student is essential for transmitting information.

The program reinforces content learned in the classroom in a comfortable setting for the child and helps support children with their homework, tests, and school activities. This tutoring service uses face-to-face sessions with a private teacher rather than online video conferencing.

3. First Tutors

First Tutors is a database that allows parents and students to find a well-suited private teacher. Their website finds Canadian teachers in a variety of subjects. You simply search their database for the subject, level, tuition type, and postal code that matches your child and it will scan a network of Canadian teachers to create a list.

Every tutor is screened by First Tutors and have a detailed profile that parents and students can review to find their teacher. This service primarily focuses on in-home teachers but there are teachers available for online tutoring in some capacity. 

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Tutoring sites for High school students 

Tutoring can help you complete homework and score better grades. Source: Unsplash

Getting into a desirable post-secondary school has become increasingly competitive in Canada, as high school students juggle their grades, volunteering, and extracurricular activities to build the perfect resume. High school students that struggle with maintaining adequate grades are at a disadvantage when it comes to future-planning.

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Private tutoring can benefit struggling high school students, students with learning disabilities, and students interested in applying for prestigious universities. Tutoring can even open doors for scholarship opportunities. A few high school-level tutoring resources include:

1. University Tutor

University Tutor is an excellent resource for high school students that want to cultivate academic excellence and prepare for tests ahead of time. Their tutors can help students review the exam’s structure, master test content, and even run pre-tests to help students nail their timing. 

This online network provides tutors for people of all ages but it is especially useful for high school students because it features applied complex subjects like AP Computer Science, Algebra, and even essay editing. University Tutor provides:

    • Search tutors and filter through subject and education-level
    • Meet tutors in-home or online
    • Pay directly through the website


2. Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors is an easy platform that offers in-person, online and instant tutoring to everyone. The platform makes finding a tutor extremely easy by matching parents and students with an Educational Consultant that provides a quote and a learning plan before getting started. Varsity Tutors also offers high school students:

    • Test prep for high school and graduate school-level exams
    • Access to over 40k professional teachers
    • Selection of more than 2500 subjects to choose from

3. Tutoring Academy 

The Tutoring Academy has 40 tutoring centres across Canada that help students of all ages reach their highest academic potential. They offer programs for gifted students, summer school options, and subject-specific tutoring that have promising results for their students. They mainly focus on math, English and chemistry and physics. The Tutoring Academy can provide Canadian students with:

  • Free math or English evaluation to determine a student’s needs
  • Exam preparation packages that include worksheets, study plans, and exam tips
  • A customised learning strategy and tracking of results over time 

Private tutoring through tutoring sites

You can access private tutoring sites anywhere with your laptop or smartphone. Source: Unsplash

Private tutoring sites are starting to replace in-home private teachers in Canada. Engaging in sessions online allow students to:

  • Connect with a wider selection of experts from around the world remotely
  • Instant message and communicate easily with their teacher
  • Book unconventional times that may not fit an in-home teacher’s office hours
  • Access coursework and teachings easily online

Online tutoring sites offer convenience and flexibility that in-person meetings may not. Some of the top sites available for Canadian students right now include:

  • Superprof
  • Chegg Tutors
  • Club Z!

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Private tutoring through Superprof

Superprof is a resource that connects Canadians with experts in over 250 different subjects, from basic literacy to mechanical engineering. Canadian students are busier than ever balancing their studies with extracurricular activities, family, volunteering, and networking, which is why SuperProf allows students to access one-to-one tutoring lessons through simple video conferencing.

Kids are comfortable using technology to aid their learning experience. Computers are already widely used in classrooms and educational apps are gaining traction. Although automated technology has advanced, it still isn’t capable of replacing the value of a private teacher, that’s why SuperProf connects students to real experts from around the world.

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