Canadians value their education and in response to this demand, the Canadian government continues to provide and recommend learning resources and educational tools that can enable a student’s development outside of the traditional classroom. Technology is making it even easier for students and certified teachers to connect online through tutoring services and private tutoring and create specially tailored lesson plans that accelerate growth. 

Many Canadian parents are also curious about free tutoring  in their areas. Are there high-quality free tutoring apps available? Or is private tutoring expensive and inaccessible? Fortunately, there are a variety of affordable private tutors available online and even free tutoring associations in Canada that parents can turn to when their child is falling behind in school or simply seeking additional resources. 

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Free tutoring associations in Ontario

There are a number of associations recommended by the Ministry of Education that can support students in their learning process. Source: Unsplash

The Ministry of Education is the Government of Ontario ministry that is responsible for government policy, funding, curriculum planning and direction in all levels of public education, including elementary and secondary schools. The Ministry of Education recognizes that private tutoring and tutoring services are important pieces of the larger puzzle that make up a child’s education. The Ontario Ministry of Education suggests the following tutoring programs for students in Ontario:


  • Homework Help
  • TVOKids Homework Zone
  • SOS Devoirs
  • Tutors in the Classroom
  • Ontario Focused Intervention Partnership Tutoring


1. Homework Help

Homework Help is a free math tutoring program run by certified Ontario teachers. Students have access to online help with math during Grades 7 to 10. This is entirely funded by the Ministry of Education. This program also goes by the name Mathify and includes the following features for students:


  • Live online math tutoring
  • Connects students with Ontario certified math teachers
  • Shares report cards and stores progress in online database


2. TVOKids Homework Zone

The Canadian government also endorses TVOKids Homework Zone, a TVO show that can be watched by younger students and help children learn to read, write, and become familiar with math and science topics. TVOKids Homework Zone is accessible for students across the country and offers the following:


  • Free educational games based on the Ontario curriculum
  • Learning tools available both on-air and online for students
  • Live Q&A where kids can call in and have their questions answered


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3. SOS Devoirs

SOS Devoirs is a unique resource for Ontario French language schools and has been successfully providing after school help and tutoring services to French schools for over 20 years. SOS Devoirs is run by Eurêka, a French language learning support program to help students in French language schools from grades 1 to 12 with their school work and their learning. This service offers the following:


  • Free Homework Help funded by the Ministry of Education
  • Access to qualified and certified Ontario teachers
  • Extra help for students learning a variety of subjects in French


4. Tutors in the Classroom

Tutors in the Classroom is an intuitive partnership between the Ministry of Education and students enrolled in Ontario colleges and university seeking volunteer opportunities that will contribute to furthering the education of Canadian children. These students are given the opportunity to work as tutors in primary to Grade 6 classrooms to support learning and offer homework help. Tutors in the Classroom can help students and instructors by:


  • Facilitate group work in the classroom
  • Facilitate the students’ understanding of work sheets, assignments and homework
  • Manage classroom activity when the instructor is communicating one-on-one with students


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5. Ontario Focused Intervention Partnership Tutoring

Ontario launched the OFIP Tutoring to help support school boards by offering after school programs, cultural programs, homework clubs, and other resources to encourage literacy and mathematical skill development in students. The EQAO achievement tests help the Ontario government identify schools that are in need of these additional support systems. OFTIP is designed to do the following: 


  • Provide additional support for low performing Ontario schools
  • Strengthen instructional leadership in classrooms
  • Implement a strategy to increase performance in Ontario students’ scores

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Free Tutoring Resources across Canada

There are in-person and online educational aids available to students across the country. Source: Unsplash

Are you looking for free tutoring associations outside of Ontario? There are a variety of resources available for parents and students seeking after school tutoring across the Canadian provinces and territories. 

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Online Tutoring Associations in Canada 

Canadians are turning to high-quality tutors and private teachers to enhance their education. Source: Unsplash

In addition to the variety of volunteers, non-profit organizations, and government-funded support available to Canadian students, there are additional private online tutors that make learning fun, engaging, and accessible outside the classroom. SuperProf gives students access to a hub of experts in subjects like math, science, English literature, French as a second language, and more. More Canadian parents are turning to high-quality private tutors to support their child’s education. 

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