Schools and classrooms across Canada teach millions of students every day, however, students learn in different ways at their own pace. When children run into learning difficulties, many parents turn to after school tutoring or additional school help to ensure their child is able to retain information and keep up with their classmates. 

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What options are available?

Find free online tutoring resources online. Source: Unsplash

When a child needs individual, one-to-one attention to better learn and retain information, many parents are turning to tutoring services and after school help. There are a variety of tutoring services available in cities across Canada, and online tutoring applications available to families in more remote areas.

Parents agree that they don’t want to break the bank to pay for additional after school tutoring and that tutoring in Canada should be affordable and accessible. Luckily, there are a number of services that offer affordable tutoring in Canada.

The Actors of Free Online Tutoring

Online tutoring helps support a child’s learning inside and outside of the classroom. Source: Unsplash

Canada offers a variety of educational support for children and their parents. Whether your child is seeking one-on-one math tutoring or additional support with their chemistry homework, there are both in-person and online resources within reach.

Children learn in different ways and require diversified types of tutoring to match their unique learning style. A few of the most common learning styles include:

  • Visual
  • Aural
  • Verbal
  • Physical
  • Logical
  • Social
  • Solitary

While verbal social learners may excel in a classroom setting, a solitary visual learner may prefer learning on an interactive online tutoring platform. Fortunately, there are a selection of actors of free online tutoring in Canada.

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Tutoring sites for primary school children

Tutoring sites that cater to younger children in primary school integrate games and fun activities to keep the children engaged. There are a number of online sites with courses designed for primary-school children, including the following:

  • Kumon Learning
  • Beyond the Classroom
  • First Tutors
  • Tutoring Academy

Tutoring sites for high school students 

High school students can use private tutoring to help them land scholarships and apply for their top post-secondary schools. Source: Unsplash

High school students can also benefit from private tutoring to supplement their daily courses. Students with learning disabilities, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), often seek additional learning support to stay up-to-date on subject matter, however, anyone at a high school learning level can benefit from after-school or online tutoring resources. 

Tutoring can boost a student’s GPA to broaden post-secondary options after graduation and help adolescents get into their university of choice. Tutoring can even open doors for scholarship opportunities. A few high school-level tutoring resources include:

  • University Tutor
  • ADHD Tutoring in Canada
  • Varsity Tutors
  • First Tutors
  • Tutoring Academy 

Online tutoring through tutoring sites

According to the Huffington Post, Ontario has seen a rapid increase in after-school private tutoring and students are reporting that they enjoy math more during their tutoring sessions than in the traditional classroom setting.

Private math tutoring remains one of the most popular after school tutoring courses for younger children and adolescents. CBC News reported that only half of Ontario's Grade 6 students met the provincial standards for math in 2016-2017. 

Although math is particularly popular for private online tutoring, tutoring is available for every subject depending on a child’s individual needs. Online tutoring sites offer convenience and flexibility that in-person meetings may not. 

Superprof is an excellent resource for online tutors in Canada because it offers a network of more than 100,000 private lessons in over 250 different subjects. Superprof’s tutors and private teachers are able to book face to face lessons within 24 hours; this makes tutoring flexible and accessible for busy students.

This service is not free, but offers affordable tutoring for Canadians hoping to support their children’s learning and development outside of the classroom. If you’re interested in private tutoring but unable to commit to paying the necessary fees, you can start by engaging in free online forums, Q&A sections on educational websites, and join chats with like-minded parents to find answers to your questions. 

Can we use tutoring applications?

Tutoring applications use game-like features to keep kids and adults engaged while learning. Source: Unsplash

Are tutoring apps helpful or effective? With the growth of after-school learning and online tutoring, new applications have emerged to help teach students in unique and interactive ways. 

Younger generations have become accustomed to learning online through games and apps. Rather than dismissing smartphones and tablets as distractions, why not use these powerful tools to support your child’s education? The following apps help educate the user in a variety of subjects from basic linguistics and spelling, to molecular building and chemistry. 

App developers have learned that you can “gamify” the learning experience to be engaging for kids. Gamification is the process by which characteristics and design elements from traditional games are applied to non-game material like spelling or mathematics. The following apps gamify educational content to make learning fun for children. 

Top 10 Educational Apps for Children

  1. ClassDojo
  2. Duolingo
  3. DragonBox
  4. IXL Learning
  5. YouTube Kids
  6. Science360
  7. Crossword Puzzles
  8. Nimbus Tutoring
  9. Spelling Stage
  10. My Molecularium

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Free online courses Canada

There are free tutoring services located across the country to help support Canadian students everywhere. Source: Unsplash

Are there any Free Tutoring Associations in Canada?

Learning happens outside of the classroom and the Canadian government aims to provide parents with the added support to help their child excel in their studies. As a result, each Canadian province offers a number of either free or affordable tutoring programs. The Ontario Ministry of Education suggests the following tutoring programs for students:

  • Homework Help: A free math tutoring program run by certified Ontario teachers. Students have access to online help with math during Grades 7 to 10. This is entirely funded by the Ministry of Education.
  • TVOKids Homework Zone: This TVO show can be watched by younger students and help children learn to read, write, and become familiar with math and science topics. Children can access these video resources online.
  • SOS Devoirs: TFO provides this tutoring resource for French-language students in Canada from Grades 1 through 12. Students have direct access to teachers for a more personalised learning experience.
  • Tutors in the Classroom: This learning initiative helps Canadian school boards hire students enrolled in Ontario colleges and universities to work as tutors in primary to Grade 6 classrooms. 
  • Ontario Focused Intervention Partnership Tutoring: OFIP Tutoring supports school boards by offering after school programs, cultural programs, homework clubs, and other resources to encourage literacy and mathematical skill development in students from primary to Grade 6.  

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Free online tutoring in Canada: Can we do without a private teacher?

Are private teachers more effective than online apps and technology? Source: Unsplash

Although applications can be fun complementary technologies and free homework help or volunteer classroom tutors can be valuable resources, these forms of tutoring are unable to match the effectiveness of a private tutor. 

If your child is struggling to keep up in school or excels outside of the classroom in a one-on-one learning model, a private teacher continues to be the best option for Canadian parents. 

Free online tutoring is an option in Canada, but free tutoring resources should be used to compliment tutoring, not replace it. A certified teacher can give your child:

  • One-on-one attention
  • Self-paced learning
  • Improved academic performance
  • Improved confidence in the classroom
  • Individual learning style 
  • Flexible and convenient booking

Private tutors in Canada are available online to help students better grasp their coursework, prepare for tests, complete homework, and increase their overall GPA. In younger students, they can lay the foundation for basic literacy and numeric skills.

Now that private tutors and teachers are available online it’s easy for kids or teenagers to balance school and extracurricular activities with after-school learning assistance. 

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