If you are determined to learn Portuguese, just keep in mind that you are not alone. It means that regardless of the millions of people in the globe who speak Portuguese, there are still a lot of people that are now convinced to choose Portuguese to study.

Considering this, being fluent in Portuguese is to be excellent in many ways. 

Since there is a serious demand for Portuguese classes within different industries such as marketing, sales, and education throughout Europe.

Knowing Portuguese is an edge for those language instructors, since knowing Portuguese is knowing Romantic languages. Well, talking with tutors, the city of Calgary, Canada has tons of language instructors with excellent skills in the Portuguese language.

If you take your classes in Calgary, it will bring about many opportunities and it's easy for local trade to manage businesses in Calgary and some Canadian cities such as Ottawa since Canada has an open-door reputation.

So learning Portuguese in Calgary and some Canadian cities such as Toronto is a good decision for learners.

Interesting Facts About the Portuguese Language

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Before taking classes in Portuguese, it is good that you know about its history and origins. Here are some interesting facts about the Portuguese language.

Portuguese Is A Romance Language

Portuguese derives from Medieval Galician and Vulgar Latin. When Portugal, including Brazil, developed its colonial empire, the Portuguese language had spread around the world after it became the language of Portugal. 

The differences among Brazilian and European Portuguese appeared during the 18th century since the Brazilian Portuguese have been influenced strongly by Italian and some other non-Portuguese colons. 

Portuguese, One Of The Most Spoken Language Worldwide

The Portuguese language is spoken by people of about two hundred million around the world and it is considered as the fastest increasing language in the European language next to English.

Portuguese is also an Asian and African country's official language including São Tomé and Príncipe, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, Angola, and East Timor.

Portuguese Influences English And Some Other Language Of The Western

There are some words which originate from Portuguese and are being used in English nowadays, such as Piranha, Cobra, and Flamingo.

Popular Tongue Twisters Of Portuguese 

Some of the most famous and difficult tongue twisters in Portuguese includes :

  • The spider scratches the frog, the frog scratches the spider - A Aranha arranha a rã. An rã arranha a Aranha
  • The rat gnawed the king of Rome's clothes - O rato roeu a roupa do rei de Roma

Not so long ago, the letters w, y, and k were off from the alphabet of Portuguese, due to the English language's strong influence the letters have been added to write those foreign names.

Setting Yourself Apart From Others By Portuguese Language Learning

As you may be aware, out of the two hundred thirty (230)millions of individuals around the world who speak Portuguese, there are only two hundred twenty-two of them who's mother tongue is Portuguese.

Well, it is because Portuguese is not only spoken in Portugal but also Brazil's principal language. It is also spoken over by countless continents. Such as Macau, India, Goa, Sri Lanka, São Tomé and Príncipe, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, East Timor, Mozambique, Cape Verde, and Angola.

Portuguese is considered to be the seventh language that is studied mostly. If you are a Portuguese speaker, you can bring something special to a business.

If you are fluent in Portuguese, it is a great advantage if you are looking forward to working in a country where Portuguese is commonly used. It is also advantageous if you choose to stay in Calgary since employers might consider it a superior strength to their business. 

Moreover, acquiring Portuguese fluency can open up more personal gains.

For example, the Portuguese language brings so much joy when you visit Portugal and you can join in a conversation with the people there. Even so, you can be able to welcome some visitors from Portugal and assist them throughout their vacation. Most especially, if they aren't quite fluent in their English skills.

Finally, you might imagine yourself falling in love with a Portuguese native speaker one day, and be able to communicate with each other romantically without worrying about the language barrier.

Pursuing Your Language Goal In Calgary 

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Calgary city and some Canadian cities such as Vancouver are multicultural and diversely extensive with about fifty spoken native languages based on the census of 2010. 

One of the most well-known communities of foreigners in Calgary which is about thousands of people is claiming to be in Brazillian antecedents.

Over the past decades, the population of Brazilians and several of them who acquire permanent residency status has sustained its growth. The main reason is that many Brazilians are living in Canada and some of its cities such as Montreal to study, to enjoy a better standard of living and to find more career opportunities. 

Start learning Portuguese in Calgary today and you will enjoy arts and cultural events, as well as being connected with Portuguese and Brazilian people who are residing in Calgary and some Canadian cities such as Edmonton, on a new level.

Set your language goals and find enrollment to any Portuguese classes in Calgary, they prepare the best courses that are suitable for your learning goals and individual needs.

Where To Learn Portuguese Around Calgary

Whether your objectives for learning the language of Portuguese are for professional or personal goals, Calgary's Portuguese native speaker tutors will provide each student with tailored courses to achieve learning needs and requirements.

Reach out to your Portuguese language tutor now and they will make all necessary arrangements, whether you want them to meet you in your office or home.

Learners can also decide to take their language lessons in an open space all over Calgary, such as in 7 Street Alforno Bakery and Cafe, 3 Street Public Library, and 1St SW Deville Coffee.

In the meantime, supposing that you are living in the surrounding areas in Calgary, and you want to take the chance to learn Portuguese, feel free to reach out to the Portuguese language tutor in Calgary. They provide lessons all around the Canadian country like Airdrie and Forest Lawn, Chestermere, Midnapore, and Balzac.

Stop hesitating now! Take the Portuguese level test in Calgary now to assess your language level, so that tutors will be able to provide you with a tailored language package to make progress in your language skills.

Here are some courses and classes Calgary offers: 

Brazilian Portuguese 1 

It is a conversational course, where you can learn useful phrases, conversation, reading, and grammar.

It is an interactive course that focuses on essential Portuguese phrases that are used daily.

learners will be introduced to Portuguese language verb conjugation (present and future), adjective-noun agreement (number and gender), and prepositions and articles, as part of Portuguese basic grammar.  

The course will emphasize building students' vocabulary in a particular manner while learning useful expressions.

The course will provide students with a good insight into the culture and language of Portuguese while developing and acquiring basic abilities in writing, reading, listening, and speaking in Brazilian Portuguese

Upon completing the course, learners will be able to : 

  • Make plans in the future ahead 
  • use expressions that are useful when going for shopping, and ordering food
  • Read the menu and order food
  • Talk about weather
  • use numbers in many situations (money, phone, date, age)
  • Give and ask directions
  • use polite expressions
  • talk about dislikes and likes
  • describe people and environment
  • ask useful questions and giving answers
  • use classroom expressions
  • Introducing yourself, using farewells and greetings.

Portuguese Tutor Selection In Calgary

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In finding your Portuguese tutor in Calgary, you can ask for tutors' profiles for free and contact a suitable tutor for you when they meet your needs such as qualifications, prices, reviews, and teaching methods.

You can also arrange your Portuguese lesson and exchange your concepts with your tutor, discuss availability and explain your needs. 

Through Calgary's language tutor you can discover new things and experiences, you will have unlimited access to your Portuguese language tutor while discovering fabulous people and new passion.

You can choose your Portuguese language tutor now and start your language learning. Be ready to make fast progress, refined accents, a better career and more efficient guidance with the Portuguese language tutor in Calgary. Well, For you to choose your best tutor you might consider the following. 


What are the tutor’s educational background, training and teaching experience, and completion completed? Special expertise, and it's capacity to teach Portuguese.The program offers, and tailored lessons suitable to your learning style. Familiarization with Portuguese textbooks and other learning materials in Portuguese. 


It’s a willingness to work and teach regardless of your location, teaching style, patience and understanding.


Can make schedule adjustments according to your availability. Is the tutor willing to take more than one session every week? And Commitment to Portuguese language tutoring 

Many learners have different reasons for why they choose to learn Portuguese as their second, third, fourth language and so on. And it's more advantageous for you to have someone help you with your language learning. 

So, you come up to that certain decision that you should hire a Portuguese language tutor in Calgary, since having a tutor can strengthen your language comprehension, build essential skills, and boost your confidence.  


Learning a new language is overwhelming, but it depends on the learner's attitude, the time they can invest to learn, and their attentiveness to learn the language. If you have a growing and reasonable attentiveness to the language you are learning, as well as a positive attitude, it won't take you too long to gain your Portuguese language skills in Calgary. 

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