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Here and now

Portuguese tutor

Claudia is open, friendly, welcoming and so easy to learn with ! I felt so comfortable practicing Portugese with her. She is a natural and makes lessons fun and well structured. Grateful for my learning with her !

Here and now

Portuguese tutor

Claudia is very welcoming and immediately put me at ease while encouraging my enthusiasm. She was very thorough in determining my goals and assessing my level of proficiency.

Timothy, 3 weeks ago


Portuguese tutor

Jose est un professeur passionné, patient et toujours très sympathique. Il s'adapte à nos besoins et à notre niveau pour trouver les meilleurs lessons pour nous. Après quelques cours, je vois déjà une belle amélioration dans mon niveau de...

Benjamin, 2 months ago

Here and now

Portuguese tutor

My experience with Claudia is 10/10. As I needed to learn Brazilian Portuguese for work and, at an age well beyond optimal to learn a completely new language, I was thoroughly benefited by Claudia’s intuitive way of teaching and able to have basic...

Josh, 2 months ago


Portuguese tutor

I had a trip on short notice and needed serious help fast and I enjoy Caroline's high energy as it helps keeps you engaged into a topic that may not be super interesting for a beginner at first!

Jonathan, 4 months ago

Here and now

Portuguese tutor

Je recommande chaudement Claudia à d'autres étudiants. J'ai beaucoup apprécié son professionnalisme et son premier contact où elle met en place avec sérieux (non sans humour) un contrat didactique en prenant en compte nos attentes, nos envies...

Jean, 5 months ago


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The average price of Portuguese  lessons is $23.

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Mastering Portuguese in Canada

Portuguese is a language spoken by over 200 million people in Europe. The language is the seventh most widely spoken language in the world. Speaking Portuguese makes traveling more fun in countries where it is spoken, such as Brazil. There are no less than ten countries where Portuguese is spoken worldwide. Out of these ten, about seven countries use Portuguese as their official language.

Whichever language you speak in Canada, learning Portuguese is easier than you think. Canadians learn new languages for various reasons. You can learn Portuguese for fun, for career advancement, to get employment, for vacation, to study, to immigrate, and many more.

How Can I Teach Myself Portuguese in Canada?

In Canada, there are various ways of learning new languages, including Portuguese, and some of them include:

Online courses and classes

Many online courses and classes; some are free, and some are at a cost, but the best you can take in Canada is with Superprof. All you need to enroll in the online classes offered by Superprof are your phone or a PC with an internet connection. SuperProf is a top-rated platform to learn Portuguese with dedicated and experienced tutors.

The use of applications

You can download many applications on your phone to learn Portuguese in Canada. These applications include Babble, Preply, Pimsleur, UTalk, Mondly, MOSAlingua, GoStudent, SKILLSHare, Busuu, etc. However, most of these apps are not free.

These applications have built-in relevant themes and registers that are interactive and user-friendly to help you improve fast in your learning. They are also programmed with vocabulary and phonics trainers to help your writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills.

Read children's Portuguese storybooks

One effective way of learning any language is reading literature in that language. The same is the case for learning Portuguese in Canada. Reading children's literature in Portuguese will help you understand basic vocabulary in Portuguese, which can easily use in your daily conversation.

Flashcards with Portuguese words

Flashcards are a pictorial representation of words. Having flashcards in any language will help you relate words with their pictures, and you can easily learn the spelling.

Portuguese TV, music, and videos to tune your ears

Hearing others speak and converse in a language you are interested in could help you learn the language faster. You can learn the pronunciation, intonation, and other intricacies of the language. TV shows simulate real-life conversation and help you learn a language better. Music and videos in Portuguese will also help you understand the vocabulary faster.

Converse with others in Portuguese

What is the essence of learning a language without speaking it? If you do not have anyone to communicate with using Portuguese, get involved with online communities in Canada that have Portuguese speakers.

Visit a Portuguese-speaking country

When you visit a country where the language spoken by the majority is your language of interest, you will learn faster. However, knowing you cannot communicate using any other language, you will have no other option but to rely on your shaky language skills. 

The good part is that the Portuguese people are always willing to help those interested in learning their language. If you make mistakes, the natives will be glad to correct you.

Is Portuguese an Easy Language to Learn?

Learning Portuguese in Canada will not be too difficult if you already speak French, Spanish, or English. This is because these languages are romantic, just like Portuguese. In addition, there are similarities between these three languages and Portuguese that make learning the language easy for anyone that understands them.

Even though learning Portuguese is not difficult for a Spanish, French or English speaker, learning a new language in Canada demands determination and devotion. Therefore, your ability to be fluent in a short time will be dependent on the time devoted to learning, the determination to learn, and your practice time.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Portuguese in Canada?

Portuguese is rated Category 1 by the Foreign Service Institute. This means a Canadian can learn the language within a concise time and be fluent in it. Information by Visual Capitalist reveals that you can become very articulate in Portuguese with 575-600 hours in about 24 weeks.

Can a SuperProf Tutor in Canada Help Me Learn Portuguese?

Superprof is an online and web-based platform that allows you to learn at your pace. The platform has a lot of professional Portuguese tutors. You will help a lot from their Portuguese language class too.

All you need to get started is to choose a Portuguese tutor based on your location in Canada.

Trying something new can be scary, but once you begin, you will discover it is not as difficult as it seems. Learning Portuguese in Canada is quite easy with the right tutoring, which you will get with Superprof. So take the plunge, and hire a private Portuguese tutor from Superprof.

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