Learning a new language is a good thing, considering your reasons to study another language like Portuguese. The positive rewards of learning Portuguese seem so obvious, such as having extra skills on your resume, being able to converse with Portuguese speakers and become more intelligent. And yet it's hard to think of some disadvantage.

There's a common mistake, normally If you can only speak one language or you are monolingual, who desires to be multilingual, or bilingual you can be confused with a mix up of some other dialects.

You might have a self-observation like blending the same languages at the beginning of your learning journey. But soon after, you will be an expert of the language to an extent that you are able to switch it from another language comfortably.

You can make it with the guidance of the language teachers in Canada. Previous language learners in Canada can tell you why.

Why Learn Portuguese In Canada? 

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Learning in Canada and some Canadian cities such as Ottawa is advantageous when you migrate to another country. For a reason that you can immerse yourself  in the language completely. 

It means that you are able to speak Portuguese, as your target language. Studying your desired language in Canada and some of its cities such as Montreal is an experience that will give you a glimpse of Portugal and Brazil. 

During class, you will learn some essential lessons in the Portuguese culture that will allow you to make use of what you have learned recently in the Portuguese language with confidence.

The Best Of Language Learning 

Each and everyone has the capacity of speaking other languages apart from our mother tongue. Usually, the most suitable way of learning is to migrate and engage yourself with a new culture and language, but it's not an affordable and practical way for many. 

What else? You can be fluent and be skillful of the Portuguese language by taking lessons, classes or even private lectures with Canada's instructors of the language, without having to move abroad.

Canada and some Canadian languages such as Edmonton provide you with the most effective ways to learn your new language and will let you have an immersive experience using the most effective teaching method given to you by Canada's professionals.

Every lesson is guided by your target language which is right from the beginning. Each of the activities will always give focus on your particular goal and lesson to cater to your needs.

The Portuguese language will be presented to you in an actual situation context, rather than grammar rules or academic translations. 

Fast And Efficient Progress 

Canada's language teachers focus on Portuguese language skills, you need to be trained with daily interactions. It will allow you to acquire the confidence to use the language in a real-life situation, rather than just by focusing on nonverbal skills.

Your Portuguese language tutor in Canada and some Canadian cities such as Calgary will guide you through a presentation or help you practice to easily and rapidly absorb some progress and make it to the next level of the Portuguese language.

Tutors in Canada and some Canadian cities such as Edmonton will evaluate your language proficiency levels as well as your language goals so that they can provide you with the most suitable learning program.

Throughout your language program, you can always have time to track your progress. You will also have easy access to your tutor and get all the support that you might need through the learning process.

You can measure your skills and understanding regularly to see your improvement and examine if you are ready to move to the next level. Upon completion, you can obtain a certification for your accomplishment.

Teachers Approach

Canada's language teachers approach assures you to improve continuously without being stuck along with your learning process.

It means, you can only spend a short time learning Portuguese and you can have more time doing other stuff that is important to you. Regardless if it is spending some time with your family, running some errands or business, and even travelling.

Cultural Understanding Lessons

The best way to make the most of your new language is to have a cultural understanding of Portuguese.

Canada and some Canadian cities such as Toronto, provides you with learning activities and essential cultural training, for you to practice your Portuguese language skills in any circumstances. It includes history, traditions, and nonverbal communication. 

This lesson is as important as learning and understanding the Portuguese language itself.

From social gatherings to business meetings, Portuguese tutors in Canada and some Canadian cities such as Vancouver will keep you away from those uncomfortable situations that might occur among cultures.

Canada's cultural guide and tools will assist you to acquire cultural understanding and its impact on your conversation with other cultures.

Learn Your Own Way

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Canada consists of dedicated and passionate language tutors to help you gain improvement of your language skills.

You can learn anywhere, anytime through Canada's online Portuguese language learning platform. You can also practice all by yourself with Canada's online self-study as another option.

There are plenty of ways to learn Portuguese, it only depends on your choices and some factors that may vary. 

Language Center In Canada 

Canada also offers in-person classes of the Portuguese language in their language centers. It includes a face to face Portuguese lesson with a native speaker's instructor. The language center instructor will encourage you to build natural conversational skills. 

If you prefer to learn Portuguese in person, you can always schedule your language lessons at any language center in Canada which also offers to learn in flexible spaces in any language center in Canada near you.

Online Portuguese Classes

Learning different languages is challenging, but with Canada's online classes you are free to only focus on the Portuguese language lessons. You have some options, whether you want to study at work, in a coffeehouse, parking lot, and especially at home. It has enhanced flexibility, it allows learners to choose their own schedules and classes and let them focus on a specific topic and skills they want to develop.

The best thing about taking online classes in Canada's various online platforms is that it also delivers the same language learning that is proven effective, It means you can learn Portuguese with a native speaker and directly interact with them.

During your classes, you will strictly speak Portuguese only, to allow you to make a fast improvement of the language.

Corporate Language Training

In Canada, you can avail of a complete program of corporate language training which enables employees to be more effective and productive. 

Canada's cultural and language training courses are being customized to cater to the needs of busy professionals. They provide plans and packages for group courses or individual lessons for top executives. 

Portuguese Classes At Canadian Universities 

Another option to learn Portuguese, it's basics, such as the alphabet or serious fundamentals of Portuguese is through Portuguese courses in Canadian universities.

If you want to take a short course in the Portuguese language, you may consider taking Portuguese courses in some of the universities in Canada. They offer Portuguese classes for adults, for those having an elementary knowledge of Portuguese and even for beginners.

However, If you desire to take advanced lessons in the Portuguese language, you can get a formal qualification in Portuguese languages or an undergraduate degree in Portuguese.

Make Your Choice Now! 

Now, it's your time to make a choice. Whether you choose to study Portuguese in some Canadian centres, with an online tutor, or to complete an undergraduate degree at some universities, then it's up to you to decide. 

All of Canada's language programs will bring your amazing opportunities to make an improvement in your Portuguese language skills. It will help you in your travels to Brazil or Portugal or some Portuguese speaking country, you will surely appreciate their culture after taking some Portuguese language classes in Canada.

You can have all the chances and options to study and practice your listening and speaking skills of the Portuguese language and surely you will improve with your overall Portuguese language fluency.

Choosing to learn Portuguese whether it is Brazilian or European, learning it in Canada is one of the best options that will surely work for you and gain advantages in the future.

No matter what learning options you choose, all programs are fully customized to achieve your learning styles, situations, and goals of the Portuguese language. Canada's goal is to make sure that everyone can have accessible language learning.


Find some time every day to make a recap and review of your Portuguese lesson in Canada. It is about learning using your intuition to move forward and not look back with your mistakes from the previous learning. And soon after you will find happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment in your Portuguese language learning journey together with Canada, which wishes to give you the best learning experience that you will remember all the days of your lives. 

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