The market for private tutoring in Canada is growing at a healthy and steady pace with  more and more students getting the extra help they need with their studies. Many students struggle within the Canadian education system and seek private tutoring to help them overcome their learning difficulties. 

As a result of the increased need for extra private lessons and instruction,  more companies are popping up and taking a piece of the pie. The convenience of  online tutoring in Canada has also increased due to the increasingly busy modern lifestyle of the Canadian family. 

Private tutorial companies including online academic support companies, and websites are more readily available to help parents and students find the right tutors.

So who in Canada are the big players when it comes to academic support especially in the after school tutoring programs?

This article will examine academic support companies in Canada,  the platforms that connect students to tutors, the many different types of tutors, and lastly the issue of tutors not declaring their earnings.

Academic Support Companies

If you’re interested in getting private tutoring in Canada or academic support for your child, there are many different companies offering tutoring and private tutorials for any subject and discipline you can imagine, either with one on one lessons or even online tutorials. 

Private tutoring companies
There are a plethora of different companies and resources available for private tutoring. (Source: Jraffin)

There are hundreds of private tutoring services in Canada. With so many companies to choose from, there are a few major ones that are easily found online.  Many are well known like Oxford Learning that is a tutoring franchise Canada, and with many local offices. 

The biggest and most popular include:

  • First Tutor Canada 
  • Oxford Learning
  • Skooli
  • Preply
  • Tutor Doctor 
  • Superprof

How Do Private Tutoring Organisations Work?

There are two main types of companies.  The first type of company is one in which a tutor is found for you. They only deal with finding you a tutor and are not involved with the content of the tutorials. In this case, the family employs the tutor directly.  

The second type of company will have their own tutors who are employed under them, and the family is the customer who are sent a tutor for their specific needs. Generally, this second type of company charges more for their tutorials. This means you can see rates around the $50 or more per hour mark in some instances.

Other types of Private Tutoring

The private tutoring market has rapidly grown, with plenty of tutors choosing to act solely with their own websites to invite potential students. Instead of a general subject like English, history, geography, and mathematics, they may specialise in a given subject like french, english or for specific music instruction in guitar or piano.

Some tutors are also students, usually in university, who offer private tutorials on the side to supplement their income during their studies. Some tutors are retired teachers or coaches who wish to offer private instructions or tutorials full-time or part time in their special field of study or expertise. 

Search for the numerous private lessons available on Superprof.

Platforms that Connect Tutors to Students

There are now emerging innovative companies offering something new for those students of all ages and interests looking for private tutors! 

World Map
No matter where you are in the world, you can benefit from private tutorials. (Source: Unsplash)

Instead of  just offering online tutorials, some of these platforms help students get in touch with tutors directly and vice versa. This type of online offering is new.   Instead of getting in touch with tutoring companies who assign you a tutor, you can get in touch with the tutors directly!  With these newer companies, their platforms enable you to access to a directory of tutors who live or work near you. 

Tutors  create a profile detailing their, qualifications, skills, training, experience, methodology, pedagogy, and also their rates. The student (or parent) can get in touch with them directly via the platform, in order to discuss potential tutorials.  Platforms like Superprof also allow you to see previous and current student’s comments and ratings, for the tutors who are featured and profiled on Superprof.   

On Superprof, many of the tutors offer the first hour of tuition for free. This is an excellent opportunity to start without any commitment and allows you to meet with a tutor first. You then have the opportunity to stay with the tutor or choose another tutor that may suit you or your child better.  

Once you find the right tutor, you have the choice to either invite them to teach in your home,  or at a public place like a cafe or library, that works for both of you. Some tutor’s can also teach you online if you prefer,  or on those days perhaps you cannot meet in person.  

On Superprof, students pay when they find their tutor. You can find:

  • Private tutors for English, French, Spanish, or any language
  • Science tutors
  • Mathematics tutors
  • Guitarists, Pianists or Violinists instructors
  • Sports and Fitness Coaches 
  • Art teachers, Cooking instructors and more.

There are also specialised sites for things such as:

  • Music
  • Sports and training

The advantage is that you know exactly who you’re working with. 

Types of Tutoring 

 Tutoring services comes in all forms, you can get one on one home private tutoring services, online tutoring, or group tutoring services, and after-school tutoring.   Whether its help with exam or test prep, homework or someone to help them achieve academic excellence, there are tutors available for all the subjects on the curriculum plus home tutoring or coaching for hobbies and skills. There are coaches available for sports or music lessons, singing, or the arts such as painting and drawing, or perhaps in sculpture, and even for those looking for some cooking lessons.  

One on one private tutoring in Toronto, Vancouver or in any of Canada’s major cities and towns, can be found for subjects such as:

  • Maths (algebra, calculus, trigonometry, etc.)
  • Languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, etc.
  • Sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, etc.)
  • Writing tutors (essay, exam, overall proficiency) 
  • Academic tutoring including exam or test prep and study skills

Why Not Become a Tutor Yourself?

Interested in being a Tutor?  

If you’re interested in becoming a private coach or  tutor, it’s easy to create a profile on Superprof, our platform that helps students find a tutor (and vice versa). With the academic support market ever growing in recent years, it’s never been easier to become a home tutor and find tutoring jobs.


Calculate taxes
You can easily calculate your earnings as a private tutor. (Source: Stevepb)

The best tutors have no problem finding work. You can even set your own rates depending on your education and experience.  However, if you are just beginning you may want to entice potential students, and offer free tutoring for the first hour as an introduction.  It’s also a good opportunity for   the tutor and the student to work together and for the tutor to have an idea of what kind of instruction, goals, and specific needs of the student.  Also it is important to be see whether or not the tutor has the specific skill sets, level and knowledge the student may be needing.  

All you need is a good internet connection, for you to consider becoming an online tutor. Without the cost of travelling, you can charge your students less per hour and potentially earn more money per hour if you fill your schedule with tutorials.

It is not necessary to be a certified teacher to become a tutor. Anyone can offer supplemental instruction as long as you have the knowledge and skills to do so. The market will dictate if you’re successful. 

To become a successful tutor it is necessary to tailor your lessons on your subject matter in order to help each individual student learn in the best possible conditions. Providing a good service to your students,  will motivate them to leave glowing reviews, and you’ll start finding more and more tutor jobs.

 Whether you’re a physics tutor, English, Chemistry, French, or Biology tutor,  there are students who need academic support and help in plenty of different subjects and maybe exam prep. But tutors are not just needed in academic subjects. Many students of all ages are looking for tutoring, coaching or instruction in many other areas like sports, dance, music, the arts, or even acting or public speaking.  You could also teach yoga, painting, piano, etc. the choices are limitless and just depends on your passion, interest and field of expertise.  


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