In recent years the private tutoring market has been growing at a steady pace with the after school tutoring programs and home tutoring options rising in demand as well as online academic support options also increasing steadily for secondary and university level students.   

Due to the economic crises at the end of the last decade start-ups have been creating employment and specifically flexible part time employment opportunities for those wishing to work in addition to a full-time job, this became the new age of modern employment.

At the same time growing parental concerns with lowering education standards and dropping provincial test scores , schools are somehow falling short and failing our children.  In addition parents find that coupled with busier and more demanding work schedules and commitments, parents feel the need for more academic support for their children. 

With both of these in consideration, academic support tutoring has grown in popularity and has been shown to help students improve their understanding by learning in new and interesting ways.

In this article, we’re going to look at how the academic support and private tutoring market has grown. 

The Private Tutoring Market

 Let’s have a look at the size of the academic support market.

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Students at all levels can opt for private tutoring. (Source: Stocksnap)

The Size of the Private Tutoring Market

The market is estimated at over $443 Million in Canada.  This shows that there are plenty of tutor jobs available both for academic subjects through supplemental instruction,  and for non-academic subjects like yoga, physical training, arts and music lessons, etc.

What Percentage of Students Get Private Tutorials?

When it comes to academic support,  according to the most recent survey from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto, the use of private home tutoring has risen from 25% in 2002 of families in Ontario to 35% by 2015 , so every 1 in 3 families in Ontario is getting extra tuition from tutors. 

It was usually more common among middle and upper-income class families to opt for after school tutoring or home tutoring due to the high cost of the traditional after school tutoring programs.   However, with the market growing, there are more opportunities for busy working-class families to also get academic support , often with exasperated parents  saying “I need to find tutoring near me”!.  

Useful Information for Parents Interested in Private Tutorials

More students are getting private tutorials , those wishing to improve their grades or understanding of a subject from primary to secondary school subjects,  and also for those taking exams, either end of year exams in secondary school or the GMAT or LSAT exams for entry into graduate schools. The market has been growing steadily for years. In fact, there was a significant growth in private tutoring since 2015,  35% of Ontario families are getting private tutorials. However, this highlighted an inequality in education.

Tutors are commonly contacted at the start of the academic year and also in March when students prepare for the end of year exams. There are tutors available for a every subject imaginable all over Canada. There are over 5 million tutors on Superprof from all over the world.

Commonly taught subjects include:

  • Languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, etc)
  • Maths (algebra, calculus, trigonometry, etc.)
  • Sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, etc.)
  • History, Philosophy, Literature, Music, etc. 
  • Study skills and exam and test prep (GMAT, LSAT, degree mentoring, etc.)

Tutors come from all different backgrounds, knowledge and expertise in their fields. There are students, retired teachers, and those who tutor full time. There are also tutors who offer non-academic tutorials such as yoga and arts and crafts

Key Players in The Academic Support Market 

There are several big players in the academic support market, vying for the top spot in and looking to find customers needing assistance.  

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Tutoring platforms can help connect students and tutors. (Source: Rawpixel)

There are general tutoring companies and specialist tutoring companies. The best known are:

  • Tutor Doctor 
  • Oxford Learning
  • Kuman
  • First Tutors
  • Skooli
  • Superprof

The biggest players don’t actually make up that much of the market.   There is also a shadow economy surrounding the academic support industry, with some tutors not declaring their earnings, which can make calculating its true size quite difficult.  Not declaring income can prove to be quite punitive so it has become more cost-effective for tutors to declare their earnings, pay tax, and make the necessary contributions. 

Some of these academic support businesses are purely online, they offer only online lessons and resources that can be accessed at any time. Now there are more platforms that allow users to freely choose their tutors and their mode of learning, one on one, online, group, or combination.

This is the Superprof model which allows people looking for academic support tutoring to search for a private tutor by subject and location, and then get in touch with tutors from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter where you are in Canada or what your budget is as there are plenty of tutors available all over the company.  Our goal is to provide healthy competition so that private tutoring becomes more affordable for everyone. It’s never been easier to find an affordable private tutor.

Why Are Parents Contacting Private Tutors?

Parents and students have many reasons for wanting to contact a private tutor. Whether they need help with science, or struggling with math, or wish to improve in a foreign language, tutors can definitely be of great help.

Struggling Students Needing Academic Support

Teachers and parents are often the first to realise when a student is struggling, they subsequently get in touch with an academic advisor or counsellor.   With a private tutor they can closely assess and identify why the student’s grades are dipping and provide the necessary ongoing support and strategies to help work closely with the student. The tutor then acts as a academic coach and a teacher and helping the student find effective ways to learn and improve their academic performance.

Improving Exam Results With Academic Support

Some students can excel at at certain subject but struggle in others.  Generally, we group the humanities together (English, German, French, philosophy, history, etc.) and the sciences (maths, physics, chemistry, biology, etc.).  Some may find the humanities easier while others excel in the sciences. It also depends on the students natural interest in a subject.

students in exam
Private tutoring can help students excel at exams. (Source: ken19991210)

Even students who tend to be good overall students excelling in most subjects,  may find one or two subjects that they could use some help with. It all depends on the individual students academic needs.

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In the past private tutors were an option available for only the wealthiest families in the upper income bracket,  but in the last few years we have seen the academic support market democratising.

What does this mean?

 Although the academic support market has risen steadily over the last few years, the big players from the past are seeing their growth slow. This is partly due to other companies offering their services online. With the arrival of platforms connecting tutors to students (just like ours) it has affected the growth of traditional tutoring companies.

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Private tutoring can help you overcome learning obstacles and achieve your goals! (Source: Danfador)

By putting tutors in touch with students, these platforms have completely changed the ease and availability of finding the right tutor at the right price. Students no longer need to go to a traditional company anymore if they want a private tutor. With Superprof, for example, you’ll pay only when you find the tutor you want. After that, you’ll contact the tutor directly.

Democratisation means that anyone can become an entrepreneur and offer a service, sell a product, or teach, for example. The internet has changed the offering in the academic support market,  creating a dynamic and competitive market. 

With the  ability to create a business or company and start offering private tutorials, it has helped aspiring tutors achieve success without taking too many risks.   In the future, more and more tutors can easily opt to work for themselves using these types of tutoring platforms, allowing them greater control and flexibility in their work. They need only declare their earnings for Federal Income taxes. 

If you’re wishing to become a tutor  offering online tutoring services or home tutoring, you need to make sure you offer individualised instruction to ensure your success and easily gain more tutoring jobs.

Students look for a tutor who’ll help them achieve academic success usually one on one, as the only student!   In schools teachers are tasked with providing general instruction to a number of students, tutors are expected to tailor their lessons to each individual student.

Whether you’re an online tutor, mathematics tutor, English tutor, French tutor, or general study skills tutor, and etc. it’s important to ensure that  each of your students feels their time spent with you is worthwhile. Usually the best tutors offer the first hour free, as an introduction and to see if the student is comfortable and feels confident in their ability to provide them the instruction they are looking for.   Sometimes it’s just a matter of personalities so it’s a nice way to introduce yourself while also assessing the particular needs of the student. 

Providing quality service and taking pride in your work, will make you a successful private tutor, and with Superprof you will find it easy to become a tutor. In fact, you don’t even need to be a certified teacher!

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