The academic support market has continued to grow in recent years. Given the increase in the private tutoring services market a large percentage of undeclared work and a shadow economy, makes it difficult to accurately calculate the exact size of the market, but despite this there has been a significant and visible growth in the market.

In fact, the market is valued at around $443 million in Canada, with a  significant increase of pupils in Ontario needing after school tutoring. There are many students across Canada who need private tutoring and a lot of private tutors who are willing to offer their services.

Despite the high quality level of education provided by our provinces in Canada (Canada consistently ranks in the top 10 OECD latest Pisa ranking for education 2015), there are challenges for the often overburdened provincial school systems.  In Ontario standardised math test scores have dropped in the last 5 years for students within the public elementary school system. It is even more critical for students to obtain math literacy and numeracy skills and competences before they reach the rigorous mathematics program at the secondary school level.  Unfortunately, with so many students, a provincially set math curriculum to follow, and differing student learning styles, some students are left behind and turn to after school tutoring programs for that extra academic support.  

  This article, will highlight the biggest tutoring companies offering both home tutoring and tutoring online,  and what they may offer. So whether you’re a tutor looking for a business where you can offer private tutorials or a student looking for lessons, this article should give you some ideas of where to start and some private tutoring websites to consider. 

Students learning
Students that are engaged in their lessons will learn more effectively. (Source: Klimkin)

Tutor Doctor 

Tutor Doctor is an in home tutoring services for a multitude of subjects.  If you need to find a tutor to help you or your child with homework, exam prep, or any other kind of one on one tutoring, this is a good private tutor website  to check out.

 Tutor Doctor will send a tutor to your home and under parental supervision for children,  helps the student to structure a program and develop a personalised curriculum. Tutor Doctor has many regional offices that coordinate their tutors, which are a part of its tutoring franchise Canada. 

They offer one on one tutoring in the following subjects:

  • English
  • Maths (algebra, calculus, trigonometry, etc.)
  • Science (biology, physics, chemistry, etc.)
  • Music
  • Arts
  • Exam prep

If you are a tutor interested in working for Tutor Doctor you can apply to one of its regional offices to become a tutor. They will then match you to one of their students where you will be required to teach at the students home. 

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Oxford Learning

 If you’re a parent looking for a Science tutor, English tutor, or a Math tutor for your child,  you may want to check out the Oxford Learning website. Oxford learning Centres in your area can provide after school academic support in those core subjects but  also focuses on teaching children how to learn effectively. 

 It provides one on one assessment and objectives and gives the student the opportunity to excel in their subject area and also provides support for exam preparation. There are age appropriate programs to choose from and usually provides 2 one hour each lessons after school at one of their local Oxford Learning Centres.  The cost is usually higher than for private in home tutors or private online tutoring, in comparison. 


Preply is another option to consider when looking for private academic online instruction.   For those looking for a private online tutoring website or looking to become an online tutor. the Preply platform allows  you to search for tutors available worldwide. In terms of private online instruction, students can search by subject, level, and location. You can then choose your own tutors based on your subject and according to the profiles of the online private tutors who offer their services on the platform. Times listed are according to your local times so you can book the private online instruction accordingly.  


Learning around the world
You can learn any subject from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection! (Source: Walkerssk)

If you’re looking for private online tutors Skooli allows you to search within the 5 major categories: Mathematics, Sciences, Humanities, Business and Languages. Mostly know for it’s mathematics support speciality with tutors available for homework math questions , Skooli also has tutors in the other categories and students can learn through a digital classroom.   The platform allows you to search for an online teacher in your region, who could better understand your specific classroom needs,  


For those tutors looking for online tutoring jobs that are salaried, and through a company, Indeed is a website platform that lists online tutor jobs available in your region whether online or one on one private tuition jobs are listed from several organisations. If you are a tutor wishing to tutor in French, English , mathematics,  or any speciality that might be listed on this job listing platform, this site allows you to apply for those tutor positions listed.  

First Tutors 

First tutors has good search function that allows the student to search for a tutor  in specific subjects, such as economics, geography, history, music, french, polish, law, or psychology.    You can choose either  one on one private tutoring or online tutoring by subject level , and  also based on your location. Students have the option to have one on one private tuition in their home or their tutors home,  depending on the tutor options and availability.  

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Academic support
With a simple internet search, you can find a tutor in minutes. (Source: StartupStockPhotos)


With all the different types of private tutoring services and platforms,  we had to of course include ourselves. 

The goal of Superprof was simple, to help students and private tutors find one another, and so Superprof began in Biarritz France in 2013. 

Within just one year, the community had grown to over 200,000 tutors. This made it one of the biggest in France.

After this early success, the company expanded into neighbouring countries of Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Belgium.

By the year  2016, the community reached 1,000,000 tutors. This led to Superprof’s expansion into well over 10 countries that included Germany, the US, Italy, and Brazil.

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Today there are two types of people on Superprof:

  • Private tutors and coaches looking for students to teach.
  • Students of all ages wanting to get better at a certain subject or skill.

Tutors can create a profile on the site with information about their tutorials, rates, skills, qualifications, methodology, etc.. 

Students can search for these tutors, with many offering the first hour of tutoring for free. Once the right tutor has been chosen, the student pays Superprof to get in touch with them. That’s it! Both parties then work together without having to go through Superprof. Furthermore, they can leave feedback and comments on the site about one another. This is how you can find the ideal tutor or potential students.

 Tutors and instructors are available not just for academic subjects on Superprof,   but a myriad of offerings in private instruction for any type of interest you may have.   There are many people wanting to share their areas of expertise, knowledge, skills and passion in all areas, who sign up as tutors on Superprof.   In fact, in addition to finding tutors for help in learning good academic study skills in maths or science, you can also learn arts and crafts, how to dance salsa or tango, get career advice, public speaking,  jewelry making, kickboxing, yoga and or even acting and singing tutorials. In other words, there are many other types of private tutoring or coaching instructors that can be found on Superprof. 

Become a Tutor

If you are interested in becoming a private tutor, there are a number of ways to do so.  Firstly, think about the subject that you’re going to teach. Focusing on one single subject or speciality for potential students. 

Student motivation
Private tutoring can help students stay motivated to learn. (Source: Pezibear)

Secondly, consider what type of tutorials you will offer. One on one private tutorials are the most lucrative, but requires that you spend a lot more time planning individualised programs for each student.  The same is true for online tutorials but you may charge a lower fee which may be more interesting for your student and more convenient for both of you, with less travel and costs with not having to travel to your student. Group tutorials require less individualised program however students expect to pay less for the group lessons. However, you may still be earning more per hour with a group lesson if you can find students with the same level and instruction needs.  

If you work for a tutoring company, you probably don’t get to make these decisions and must work within the guidelines and curriculum of the company. However, if you’re working for yourself, you’ll enjoy a lot more flexibility in how you plan your classes, how much you can charge for them, and the types of classes you offer. On the other hand, you’ll need to manage your finances and taxes  which you will be responsible for declaring your income as your own business.

Tutors that offer a good service will get good reviews and, in turn, will lure in more potential students to their classes.

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