Eating five fruits and vegetables a day will guarantee you the ideal weight! If we were to take this into consideration, we would all be healthier beings. But some of us need a little help. But, if you don't enjoy endless hours in the gym then throwing punches and sparring in the ring could be the answer for you.

But if boxing seems a little difficult for you, why not start by shadowboxing? Shadowboxing is a training method as old and effective as it is easy to implement!

Before we look more into what it entails, let's have a look at being healthy. We will talk about shadowboxing in a way that is connected to "slimming down," that is to say, by presenting and demonstrating how it could help you lose weight.

Losing pounds while having fun is great, especially when we are learning to defend ourselves at the same time, which is always an asset in a society where violence on the street is more and more widespread... So let the slackers go their way, and for all you fighters out there--time to put on the boxing gloves and get going!

Can Shadow Boxing Fight Against Obesity?

Let's first look at what it means to be physically obese. There are many people who are too big on the scale.

The World Health Organization gives us a globally recognized definition: obesity is "an abnormal or excessive accumulation of fat that presents a risk to one's health".

To determine whether this is the case for an individual, we use the BMI (body mass index), which is based on the weight in kilos divided by the square of the height in meters - that is to say x kg / y m².

One is overweight when the BMI is greater than or equal to 25.

Once this threshold is crossed, it is important to react as quickly as possible so as not to go over a 30 BMI into obesity.

Working out is important to stay healthy
Western Boxing Course | Group classes where you work out your glutes, bust, abs, and  footwork are important... | source:

The number of obese people has tripled since 1975 and affects 1.9 billion adults (that's huge!). As you may know, it can lead to unfortunate consequences: increased risk of cardiovascular diseases (strokes, for example, which are never fun), diabetes, osteoarthritis, and a superior risk of cancer...

All this talk of disease is not very appetizing...In order to make sure you won't be dying any time soon, it is advisable to stay in shape. In order to do so, you'll need to follow the following advice: eat a balanced diet and maintain a regular fitness exercise routine!

You will still have to choose the sport that suits you best...There are the great classics, of course: jogging, gymnastics, swimming...However, have you ever thought to try out a fun activity like boxing? It is possible to box without someone punching at you--it's called shadowboxing and it's a great full body workout.

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What is shadowboxing?

Shadowboxing is not something out of a scary movie, despite its use of the word "shadow".

The big advantage with boxing shadows is that no one is boxing back at you and therefore cannot hit you in the face...!

Shadow boxing can be done on your own and anywhere at all. There is no need for a punching bag or even boxing gloves (or under-gloves) and a boxing helmet so it fits easily into your workout routines.

All you will need is a pair of sweat pants, a t-shirt and some socks or boxing shoes according to where you are boxing.

Of course if you are looking to become a qualified boxer, it will be better to box in a ring rather than on a gym floor...It is not so easy to replicate the slight rebounding sensation found between the ropes.

Here, it is about fighting an imaginary challenger. However, take it must really believe in your fictitious fight. You have to hit the air, which is much more tiring than you think, because the lack of a solid target quickly becomes a challenge for the biceps and triceps. The goal with shadowboxing is to perfectly assimilate basic gestures.

Whether it's in slow motion, in real time, or in an accelerated way, shadowboxing is a part of any good boxing program. There is not a single day - except maybe Sunday for the most pious - where a professional boxer does not engage in a little shadowboxing!

Here's the icing on the cake: shadowboxing is useful and practiced in all boxing techniques. From Western boxing, to Savate boxing, American boxing (full-contact), kickboxing, pro boxing, Burmese boxing, Thai boxing, and MMA (free fighting)...Only certain moves will vary from one discipline to the next, depending on which rules are admitted by sports federations.

The best possible way to learn is to have a boxing coach observe you or, alternatively, to shadowbox surrounded by mirrors in order to see yourself and check your every move with a critical eye.

A warm up skipping with the jump rope is necessary along with some stretching at the end of every session.

The Physical Virtues of Shadow Boxing Drills

Of course, everything will depend on the duration of your shadowboxing drills...are you working out hard enough to feel the burn?

Continuous footwork may replace jogging, making it a real cardio exercise.

It is a simple and versatile exercise which may enable you to lose fat and transform it into muscle little by little, especially if you can add  some muscle building sessions using weights to your routine.

Want forearms worthy of Schwarzenegger? Not all sports disciplines will allow you to have arms this size...

Take sports to the next level!
Sports bag | Boxing equipment (bag gloves, punching ball...) will be necessary to go to the next level | source:

Over the course of your cardio training, you will have the chance to reinforce your abdominals. Your abs and glutes will say goodbye to cellulite and will be wonderfully defined.

You will have perfected the art of fighting with your bare hands. You will be a strong fighter against any aggressor!

It is also perfect for practicing your concentration and allow you to have better sleep, and therefore accelerated recovery for your  body.

For a less conventional form of boxing, if you want a quick boxing style without the risk of injury, and something that will help you with your classic boxing training and keep your weight low, you can turn to fitboxing, which is a bit closer to fitness than it is to boxing, but is fun all the same!

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Boxing Fitness Workout Routines to Get Back in Shape

Fighting obesity requires healthy eating and a regular sports practice. Once you have reached your ideal weight, why not go on with real boxing...

Normally, having engaged in serious shadowboxing for weeks and months will make you want to further discover the noble art.

You will need to go through a boxing gym and find a good teacher - a free trial course is usually offered for private coaching in boxing.

This is the time to perfect your technique and fight against real opponents - not in the street - but in a boxing ring.

Anyway, if you are to thrive with shadowboxing, it is imperative for you to know the boxer's main moves before you begin. The uppercut, close combat, hand-to-hand, shield, and high kick are all important to know by heart.

Make sure you are in top physical condition for boxing
Thai Boxing | Combat sports require you to be in your best possible physical condition. | source:

If you attend a quality boxing school, you will train quickly, and you will get excited to be in the ring and face your opponents...

Are you meant to be the next best British boxer, winner of the European Championship and the occasional big fight in Las Vegas?

If this is the case, lose the necessary fat, then begin to gain weight, but muscle mass this time.

In any case, you will have gained self-confidence and self-control. So, to avoid being overweight: get moving and get boxing!

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It's been confirmed - combat sports are the best form of cardio workout out there!

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