"A boxing match is a sporting event that usually ends with someone throwing in the towel or a referee blowing his whistle. Sometimes the referee is even overthrown when the fight degenerates."

- Marc Waster, 2003

Are you tempted to throw in the towel before you even attempt boxing? This may be because you are thinking about boxing in the wrong way, and don't know enough about it. Or perhaps you're afraid of the sport because you've heard about its "bad" reputation...

Well, either way, you are sorely mistaken. We will try to set you right in this article.

When it comes to boxing in general, whether it is Savate boxing or Thai boxing, there is a lot of finesse to be found in the sport's footwork, dodging, and utter liveliness ...

We may also add that a lot of thought is involved in this sport, too. This could be through observing your opponent, feigning a punch, the sport's tricky exhaustion tactics, or the strategies and concentration techniques, etc.

Similarly, from a physical point of view, stamina and resistance count at least as much as strength and power, not to mention the self-sacrifice involved in boxing along with the tactics to give good punches.

Brutally attempting to hurt someone will never count as a good boxing tactic.

Above all, there are an infinity of different boxing practices. Their only point in common is that a boxer can use his or her hands. Often, they are also part of a bigger family of combat sports.

You should know that most of these variants are accessible to anyone. Today, there is something called fitness boxing, which is for both women and men and suitable to whoever, regardless of age or physical condition!

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The Basics of Boxing Fitness

If you think boxing is a "basic" sport when it comes to its rules, you will perhaps think differently once you get going with the sport.

It is a highly supervised sport and boxing gyms often require certain licensing. There are also many sports federations, such as the French Federation of Savate (for French boxing) and the English Boxing Alliance (for Western boxing).

You may also have heard of "cardio boxing", "boxingfit", "fitness boxing", or even "women's boxing" (though, it is indeed an activity for the two sexes - don't think twice about that!)

Boxercise is fully up to date with the health and wellness requirements of Western sport practices. It can be practiced in tandem with another fitness activity. You can also combine music with your work-out - a great way to kill two birds with one stone and satisfy your two passions!

Everything begins with warming up, which is essential in order to avoid hurting yourself during your work out (please keep this in mind!) when you are truly moving every part of your body... All members, muscles, and joints of the human body are solicited when it comes to boxing.

A boxing lesson will help you come a long way.
Training for Boxing | It is necessary for you to prepare your body with a great personal trainer beforehand. | source: upload.wikimedia

Through various positions, when you learn to box you will gain flexibility, ease, and develop your body in a harmonious way, while learning the fundamental moves of boxing.

On average, a session will end with a muscle-building session for the abdominal and gluteal areas of the body, which will come before the stretching, which ensures your muscles get the recovery needed after your intense work-out. 

There is nothing better if you are looking to sculpt a sexy figure and strengthen your muscles as you go. Some people think boxing is the sport when it comes to getting the body you want - so why not give it a go?

According to www.fitfluential.com, here are two reasons why boxing is a sublime all-over work-out:

Boxing burns an insane amount of calories

Boxing will make your heart rate skyrocket and cause you to engage multiple muscle groups, packing a calorie-burning punch in each session (see what I did there? #puns). The effect is well worth an hour of your time. How many calories does boxing burn? According to the 2011 Compendium of Physical Activities published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, boxing burns anywhere from 700-1500 calories per hour for an adult male, depending on weight and style of boxing. Add in some cardio movements such as squat jumps and burpees (yes, burpees) and those calories don’t stand a chance.

It incorporates high intensity interval training

High Intensity Interval Training, better known as HIIT, is the fat-burning method most often used in group fitness classes and workouts today. For this type of workout, you’ll see a major spike in heart rate followed by a short rest period that allows the heart rate to recover and the body to return to a normal zone. Then, before you know it, you’re back to work and that heart rate is sky high once again. Think of sprints- going all out for 30 seconds, then recovering for 30 seconds. Boxing workouts essentially provide the same effect. These short bursts of high intensity cardio are shown to burn more fat than a steady state cardio session, and also continue to burn more calories long after the workout is over.

You'll be happy to know that boxing is fun and easy, as fitness boxing can be practiced (nearly) anywhere, including outdoors: so how about Hyde Park or Regent Park, for example, for some boxing with a view.

We understand why so many people are crazy about this kind of fitness: it is a great way to lose weight and stay healthy. And it is also very effective against back pain!

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What Equipment Do You Need for Cardio Boxing?

Thanks to the fact that fitness-boxing is not quite boxing against another boxer, you will not have to purchase the same boxing gear as an amateur ring boxer.

Because no one will be punching you directly, you will be able to say goodbye to bandages, boxing gloves, amateur boxing helmets, mouthguards, shin guards, punching balls, punch bags, and more expensive but the other gear needed when entering the world of boxing against an opponent.

However, there are some exceptions - namely when a personal trainer wants to place you in the true conditions of the sport.

It's up to you!

In fact, you will just need similar equipment to those Sunday joggers: a tracksuit of some kind, a T-shirt, and boxing shorts (choose textile materials that are breathable, more comfortable, and pleasant to wear despite the inevitable perspiration), sneakers that fit you well (boxing shoes or tennis shoes). You should also bring clothes to change into as you will have probably sweat a great deal during your boxing session.

Make sure you have a comfortable gym bag - shoulder straps that aren't going to bog you down on the way home.

And don't forget a headband or hair tie if you are a female boxer.

You will also need a towel during your session so that you can wipe the sweat off of you and prevent it from dripping everywhere - you wouldn't want to get the gym floor wet, and then twist your ankle or something of the sort.

So, does this sound like a great way to build muscle and have some fun after work?

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The Best Way to Stay in Shape with Boxing

Fitness boxing is known for its fitness virtues: it allows you to do cardio and muscle training at the same time, while also letting off steam. In addition, you will be able to proclaim "I box" (even if it's fitness boxing).

Many big cities like London are seeing gyms incorporate boxing into their list of sports, and have seen the benefit of boxing without the fight - especially for women, who are eager to try a sport that has historically been more popular with men over the history of time.

Cardio is very helpful for boxing!
Fitness Boxing | This practice is excellent if you are looking to lose weight through cardio bodybuilding | source: pxhere.com

You can even take evening classes with a boxing trainer. Sometimes you can even take your lessons in a group with a real boxing champion to coach you to success. The only downside: the coach will not be able to focus on you individually, and his remarks may get lost among the group of people in your class.

There aren't many boxing gyms, so you will have to find a conventional boxing club, or, even better, a private trainer to help you get started with the art of boxing. You'll be able to do so easily with the internet and via Superprof for example, which is a website designed to help you find individual courses with your dream tutor(s)!  

Otherwise, there are some gyms offering boxing which you can subscribe to for a fee  (after one or more boxing classes that count as a free trial), but their rates vary greatly depending on the location and reputation of the gym itself.

Starting Boxing Training at Home

It is quite possible to partake in boxing fitness classes at home, even if that is not necessarily the ideal - but in terms of economic decisions, it could be a good one...

In any case, it seems imperative to start by taking fitness boxing classes with a tutor before trying it on your own at home. 

Then, once you've acquired some boxing skills, you can get going at your house with some loud and cheerful music to accompany you.

But not everyone makes a good self-coach, especially because statistics have proven that athletes are known to lose motivation when they have no one behind them.

Similarly, for lack of experience, you will have trouble finding new exercises to keep you motivated and you won't be able to enjoy the surprises reserved for you when a real professional is in charge of your boxing class.

If you find TV programs dedicated to boxing fitness (these are rare, however) or perhaps some free videos teaching you boxing fitness on the Internet, you will have some material to keep you enthused...but no one to correct your possibly terrible posture!

Weigh out the pros and cons and choose the best option for you and your means!

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And Now That You've Learned the Essentials of Fitness Boxing?

Let's be clear once and for all: boxercise does not include fighting against another opponent. It is closer to shadowboxing, but requires more elegance and skill.

It is an excellent springboard to discover the basics of boxing without hurting yourself.

Even if you get into fitness boxing without a second thought for the real thing, beware: a desire could arise in you to get into the ring and see what you are made of!

Kickboxing is fun and burns calories!
A punching bag | These competitors are already thinking about amateur boxing... | source: visualhunt.com

Indeed, one must be very brave and quite motivated to start directly with boxing an opponent!

If boxing grows on you during your first fitness boxing classes, you may want to join a boxing club or contact a private boxing tutor who will teach you how to get down to business between the ropes!

Once you get into fitness boxing, uppercuts, hooks, and jabs will no longer feel alien to you...On top of it, you will be in great shape!

It's up to you to decide and perhaps discover the joys of French boxing!

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