Vancouver is one of the music hot-spots in western Canada. It is an ultimate destination for many bands on tour and a good number of music lovers who attend the annual festivals in their thousands. With metal bands like the 'Strapping Young Lad' to notable punk bands like the 'DOA', Vancouver continues to contribute immensely to the music culture in Canada. Thus, it remains of the best places to take singing lessons in Canada.

Benefits of Taking Voice Lessons Vancouver

Singing goes way beyond rattling off a few lines of Drake in the shower. As a singer, your voice is much more than just a means to express yourself. It is your primary instrument, and as such, it must be effectively trained to yield its best dividends. Learn how to sing like a pro in Toronto.

Taking a voice lesson is an excellent way to do this. While voice lessons will sure help with the technical aspects of singing, there are also many other benefits that you can derive from voice lessons. The first being a better posture.

A concert
Learning how to sing can open the door to many opportunities. Source: Unsplash

One of the fundamental things a good voice coach will do is help you correct your posture. Slouching or hunching during singing obstructs the vocal cords and limits the capacity of your breath. Learn more about the Canadian music scene.

After adjusting to the proper posture during voice lessons, you'll find yourself doing the same in your workplace, standing spine straight on the stage, and avoiding hunching either on the bus or train. All these will help you minimize the risks of back-aches and pains.

Voice lessons will also help you build your confidence, especially if you are scared of singing in front of a large audience. It will take you past that point where you are afraid of people or the stage. You will also learn how to connect with your audience better, control your voice, and flow much more naturally without subconsciously worrying about the specifics. You'll be able to sing with deeper breaths, lesser stress and an increased state of mental alertness. Learn how to hire the best voice coach on a budget in Ottawa.

As you continue taking voice lessons, you will begin to notice the considerable improvement in the quality of your voice and your self-confidence; as a result, you will worry lesser about singing in public.

Who knows? You might even decide to entertain your friends and friends on your next birthday with a beautiful solo!

Learn How to Sing with a Choir

Singing with a choir can be a great way to improve your voice, strengthen your understanding of some important music concepts and even make new friends!

Unlike Solo singing, the goal is not necessarily to stand out. It is to deliver a flawless rendition through teamwork. In a choir, it the sum of the parts rather than a single voice that determines the overall performance. Getting into a choir can help you enjoy a group dynamic, improve your self-confidence, and allow you to learn how to synchronize with other singers and parts under different scenarios.

A choir
Most choirs are not too strict with their requirements. Source: Unsplash

Getting into a choir should not be too difficult, there are different kinds of choirs out there singing using both the classical and modern genres that are willing to take in new singers. You can look up choirs online in your location, or approach a local choir group to join. Even if you don't have any experience with singing, don't panic. There are many choirs with no requirements for joining except, of course, your willingness to learn and become part of a team.

See how you can get the most from your singing lessons in Montreal.

Although many choirs require that you audition before joining, often this is more to decide the part you sing rather than passing a judgement on your eligibility to join.

Listening and watching other singers in action can help you improve your act and you can readily approach them for help with your singing too. Joining a choir also allows you to learn how to read sheet music for free! You can ask your fellow members to point you in the right direction as you sing along or spare a few extra hours now and then to learn at your own pace.

And just in case, you imagine all singing groups as a typical church choir; you are entirely wrong. There are a ton of choirs out there into contemporary and modern music. X-Factor and Britain's got talent are testaments to this. All you need to do is identify the kind of music you want to go into, and then find choirs around you that are into that genre of music. Read this if you want to hire the perfect voice coach in Edmonton.

Where to Find a Voice-Coach in Vancouver

To take voice lessons in Vancouver, you must first of all, find a voice-coach. A voice-coach would be responsible for your singing lessons, providing mentor-ship and directions on how to become a better singer. There are several voice coaches in Vancouver with some better than the others. You can readily look up voice-coaches in your location by performing a quick online search or asking around for the best voice coaches.

Taron Hall

Taron Hall has a music studio on oak street, Vancouver where he takes voice classes on how to improve your pitch and tone so you can sing better without straining your vocal cords and a lot more. He also takes Skype and Zoom classes so you can plan the voice lessons to fit right into your schedule. Taron hall advocates a training technique called Speech Level Singing which helps singers to develop a strong, melodious voice without breaking or straining their voice. You will learn how to sing from your chest voice up to higher notes without breaking off into a weak, shaky tone.

Frederick Roberts

You can also check out Frederick Robert who is a renowned vocal coach Canada. Frederick has a reputation for being one of the best vocal coaches in Vancouver and even Canada. He has coached many artists and singers across performance polishing, voice work techniques, and vocal techniques.

Frederick is the program coordinator for VAM Musical Theater training program and serves on the faculty board of Vancouver music academy. He also takes voice lessons at his studio in Vancouver and can be consulted for online sessions.


You can also check out Superprof for information on exceptional voice coaches you can hire around you in Vancouver. You can readily find voice coaches on Superprof by searching the platform using different criteria like work experience or qualifications.

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You can hire a music instructor to help you boost your confidence level. Source: Unsplash

The majority of Superprof tutors also take their first class entirely free of charge, so you can bond with your tutor and together map out a learning strategy that will be effective for you. From private lessons in the comfort of your home to online sessions using Skype or Zoom, Superprof makes it possible for you to have voice lessons entirely at your convenience.

Should You Take Singing Lessons Online?

Online lessons allow you to take private singing lessons anywhere in the world as long as you have a good internet connection. But what is the difference between one-on-one singing lessons and taking singing lessons online? Should you even consider taking singing classes online at all?

Taking online singing lessons allows you to learn music and improve your singing ability without having to leave the comfort of your home. No bus to take, no traffic congestion to avoid. This reduces the risks involved in travelling, saves you more time, and also allows you to plan your daily schedule more effectively. As a result, you will have more time to practice singing and also get other things done. This convenience is one of the significant benefits of taking singing lessons online.

However, taking singing lessons online and at home can come with its drawbacks — the most significant being the lack of a focused learning environment. Having an environment solely dedicated to learning improves your focus and concentration, which is why most people go to the library to read. When you are at home, you might get distracted by other things and be unable to focus solely on learning how to sing.

The best way around this is to create your learning environment right at home. You can use an office, a study, or even just a corner in your house. The most important thing is that where you choose is clean, uncluttered, and free from distractions.

By setting up your learning environment right at home, you'll be providing yourself with a focused environment that allows you to concentrate on your instructor and the classes you are taking. Your voice-coach will also be able to give you recommendations that will further help you maximize this learning environment. By frequently learning in a specific place, you'll be able to learn faster and easier.

You should also invest in an electronic device with a screen wide enough for your comfort, a good microphone, and earphones and of course, a reliable internet connection. With all these in place, you'll be able to learn quite efficiently from home.

You can take your music and singing lessons to a whole new level by enrolling in singing lessons in Vancouver. By making use of Superprof or other online tutoring platforms, you can achieve your singing dreams faster than you can imagine.

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