At a point in our lives, we feel that we have mastered a language to an extent where we can teach others without fear. The Arabic language is one of the few languages where there are many speakers yet, very few of these are ready to teach others this useful language skill.

If you are a fluent Arabic speaker, you already have an asset before you. But speaking and teaching are two different things that call for various levels of expertise. How fluent can you be before you should decide to teach the Arabic language either for fun or as an occupation?

 Can You Teach Arabic?

Learning Arabic is a step toward acquiring a great skill. But if you can teach this unique language, you have a unique skill that may be easily overlooked. What is required to teach Arabic? And how can you know if you are qualified enough?

It’s vital to evaluate your skill level before deciding to teach Arabic in Canada. Arabic is a particular language. This means that being fluent in Arabic does not mean you can communicate in all versions of the language. You have only learnt a specific version which could be the standard modern Arabic (the one commonly learnt and spoken in Canada).

Hence, the first step you should take towards teaching Arabic is to identify the specific version that you know. Then you can take further steps and become a certified Arabic tutor. There are many online platforms where you can test your level of proficiency with the Arabic language before venturing into tutoring, whether offline at a university or college or online using a tutoring website like Superprof.

Why Teach Arabic in Canada?

When it comes to teaching a second language, many easily think of the English language or at most, Spanish. But very few will give thought to Arabic. Why are fewer people interested in teaching this language? And why should you teach the language if you had a chance?

  • Canadian schools need more Arabic teachers

Despite its growing importance in the Middle East and many Muslim communities in Canada, there are still very few qualified Arabic tutors compared to the demand for them. Schools rely heavily on teachers to enable them admit more students for Arabic lessons. At the elementary level, many schools have a hard time retaining and recruiting professional Arabic teachers.

Many schools in Canada need more Arabic teachers to fill the growing demand for its lessons. Source: Unsplash

This explains the reason why many of them discontinued Arabic lessons in the school when the current teacher left or resigned. The K-12 category needs more qualified Arabic tutors to fill the gap between demand and supply. Sadly, Arabic teachers who are passionate about kids at this level are hard to find.

  • A difficult subject to teach

Many language enthusiasts get discouraged from advancing their career in Arabic studies because it has a complex system of learning. This also explains why many schools focus on experience when hiring a qualified tutor. However, deciding to pursue a career in Arabic studies could open more channels of opportunities for you.

  • A rich historical background

Arabic is one of the few languages that have existed for more than 2,000 years. The language was established as the official language of the Islamic religion in the 7th century AD. It represents the only recognised language of the religion and weighs its power in the Middle East region. Although the language is older than many modern languages we have today, it remains modern and relentless with the passing of each century.

A mosque
The Arabic language has its roots far deep in Islamic religion. Source: Unsplash
















Little wonder why it attracts scholars from many countries of the world as many universities see the need to establish centers for Arabic or Islamic studies, especially in the Middle East. If you see the need to learn or teach Arabic in your location, you are not alone. Many have expressed interest in this modern yet unwavering language that has remained indented having adapted to all times.

What Does An Arabic Teacher Do?

Arabic teachers use their language skills to train others in speaking, writing and reading the Arabic language. As a tutor, you may be responsible for organising lessons in Arabic, and helping students progress from one stage to another. You will also be expected to develop lessons plans that could ensure all critical areas of Arabic learning are covered as much as possible. Most Arabic tutors are well trained to understand the core needs of their students and use an approach that appeals to them to teach them the basics of the language.

As a qualified tutor, you may teach Arabic in elementary school, college or even at the university. Most tutors complement their income by offering at-home lessons for kids and adults that are interested in learning the language of the Quran.

Teaching the Arabic Language in Canada

If you are interested in teaching the Arabic language in any of the provinces in Canada, you will most likely need an advance degree. At the university and college level, many institutions require their teachers to possess a minimum of a Masters degree and a PhD for more roles in the profession.

However, if you want to teach Arabic at elementary school, you should inquire to know the school’s requirement because these they vary from one school to the other. Some of them focus on teaching experience than qualification while others do not consider it as a critical factor.

Suppose you want to teach Arabic in any public school in Canada. In that case, you should inquire to know about Arabic teaching certification in the province you are interested in rendering your teaching service. However, it’s compulsory to obtain a relevant teaching license before you can teach Arabic in any province. Most schools organise tests for their candidates. And you are expected to score high enough to be considered for the position.

Find out more about how to set your prices as an Arabic tutor.

Where to Find Teaching Jobs as an Arabic Tutor

Arabic teaching is a lucrative career path to pursue. All across Canada, there are different paths to follow if you want to enjoy streams of teaching jobs in the profession.

  • Teach Arabic at the university or college

Each province in Canada has its own requirement for teacher certification. If you want to teach Arabic at university or college, you should find out the general conditions from your province’s website on education. In most cases, you may have to pass a certification exam or undergo an advance training of some sort. However, these requirements are more or less the same if you already have enough experience teaching Arabic in another province

  • Find teaching jobs in Arabic language schools

These schools are open to both children and adults who want to become fluent in the Arabic language. Arabic teachers in language schools usually have the flexibility to teach outside traditional language curriculums. Therefore, you will need to bring your creative mind to work to engage the minds of your students with the right teaching approach and exercises.

If you can motivate the students enough, they will become passionate about learning Arabic, and you will also discover many ways to gain teaching experience as you teach the language.

  • Teach Arabic as a private tutor

If you have a higher education diploma in Arabic studies, you will be able to offer Arabic lessons via private tutoring sessions and get paid per hour for your service. For the most part, you will have the flexibility to teach with your tools and resources if you work with learning platforms like Superprof and advertise your skills as a private Arabic teacher in Canada.

Online teaching
You can fix your rate and teach Arabic as a private tutor. Source: Unsplash

Many of your students will hire you based on your location, skills and method of teaching the Arabic language. Teaching Arabic as a private tutor is a good way to start if you are entering the profession and searching for viable means to build on your skills and teaching experience.

  • Teach Arabic online

Getting paid to teach Arabic online is the newest way many Arabic speakers are getting hired to do what they love doing. If you have a passion for teaching, and you can speak Arabic fluently, you may decide to explore this unique option and build a career path as an online Arabic teacher in Canada.

The biggest benefit of teaching Arabic online is the ability to offer your services whenever you want, fix your rate and teaching approach as well. Students can only hire you to teach them whenever you are available and if they can also afford your rate.

  • Teach Arabic on Superprof

Superprof has made online tutoring easy for anyone that wants to teach Arabic on its robust and user-friendly platform. You can teach online from any location in Canada and fix your rates as well. It’s easy to sign up as a teacher and fill your profile. Once it is approved, your tutoring profile will be visible for anyone to view, and if you are seen as qualified enough, you may be hired to teach Arabic according to your teaching level.

Once you start your online tutoring journey on Superprof, your profile will become visible to students searching for Arabic tutors for hire in Canada. You will offer these lessons online through the platform and take advantage of the many teaching tools provided on the platform too. Being able to offer your skills as a freelancer and teach online is the most lucrative career paths every Arabic teacher envisions.

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