Learning to cook takes a lot of hard work. Great chefs have spent years studying, practicing and learning from other great chefs. An aspiring chef or home cook can learn a lot from cooking shows. Cooking shows can be filled with drama and some exaggeration but you can learn a lot. Cooking shows highlight the skills a chef has in the kitchen. You can see how they prepare ingredients as well as cook the food. You can also learn tips and tricks in the kitchen. The chef will usually talk to the camera when there cooking. They'll fill the viewers in on their secrets in the kitchen. Another good tip you can learn from watching cooking shows is adaptability. In a lot of these cooking shows the chefs are forced to use ingredients they wouldn't normally use or they may even be missing a key ingredient. This can teach the viewers different ways to adapt to the kitchen. You can still find a way to create a great dish even if your missing something.

Of course, cooking shows are not going to teach you everything you need to become a chef, but they're a great way to learn a few things you can use in the kitchen. Regardless, if you're an aspiring chef or home cook, cooking shows are a great way to relax and unwind. Above all else, cooking shows provide you with a good source of entertainment. We'll list a few great cooking shows in Canada that you need to check out.

Learn a few tips and trick from cooking shows.
Learn a few tips and tricks from cooking shows. Source: Cottonbro, Pexels

Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table aired on Netflix in 2015. It’s a been popular t.v show that now is in its 6th season. Chef’s Table showcases the lives of 6 chefs. The show focuses on their lives, talents and passions. Each chef is a world-renowned chef. The show isn't like most documentary shows. The show has fantastic film quality and cinematic shots. It keeps it interesting throughout each episode. It’s a good show to watch to relax and it's also good for aspiring chefs to see inside the lives of famous chefs.

MasterChef Canada

The show is a remake of the original Masterchef that aires in the UK. Just like the UK MasterChef, Canada has been a huge success. Thousands of cooks apply each season with the hopes of being asked to audition for the show. If a person makes it to the audition they’ll have to get approved by the MasterChef Canada judges. The competition starts when the judges have 20 chefs. Each week the chefs encounter new cooking challenges where they have to prove they have what it takes to be a MasterChef. Each week someone gets chosen to go home until there is one chef remaining.

The show is filled with great cooks, but also drama to keep you entertained. It’s perfect for aspiring chefs to see if they have what it takes to be on the show. It’s also great to sit back and enjoy.

Chefs hard at work on MasterChef
Chefs hard at work on MasterChef. Photo credit: rtppt on Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Top Chef

Top Chef is a fierce culinary competition. The show has had an amazing rating with each of its seasons. The show starts with 12-19 professional chefs. They first have to audition for a spot to be on the show. After 12-19 chefs get approved by the judges they can finally start the competition. Each week a top chef is eliminated and their dreams of becoming a top chef are gone. The show continues until one top chef is remaining. The show is great for chefs that want to see what it takes to become a great chef in the kitchen.

Chopped Canada

It’s a high stake cooking competition were 4 chefs have to compete against each other to win the chopped chef title. The chefs on the show have to use mystery ingredients to try to create an amazing 3-course meal. The 3-course meal then gets examined by a judge to determine who had the best and worst meal. They try each course eliminating a contestant until they get through the final dish. The show is filled with anticipation which keeps you on the edge of your seat. The show can bring out the creativity in chefs that are watching the show. They can imagine what they would do on the show.

Cutthroat Kitchen

The show is unlike any other cooking show in Canada. It’s a cooking competition with 4 chefs. Each chef gets $25,000 to spend that money on themselves or sabotaging the other chefs. The chefs are timed throughout the competition. After the clock hit’s zero, they will be judged to see who has the best dish. You’ll get to keep your remaining  $25,000 or at least what’s left it. The show teaches people the creativity you can have as a chef. It’s entraining to see them improvise on their dishes to still have something amazing. You’ll get to see just far each chef is willing to go to see themselves on top.

Wall of Chefs

Wall of Chefs is new to television. It started airing on February 3, 2020.  The show is a cooking competition where home cooks get the chance to win $10,000. Each episode has 4 home cooks that face-off challenges. Wall of Chefs has 3 rounds where each home cook will have to test their own culinary skills to beat out the other competitors and win by earning the respect of the wall of chefs. It's a great show to see just how talented these Canadian home cooks are in the kitchen.

Do you have what it takes to be on one of these shows?
Do you have what it takes to be on one of these shows? Source: Rene Asmussen, Pexels

Fridge Wars

Fridge Wars is unlike any other cooking show in Canada. Everyone has leftovers in the fridge and they usually end up tossing them out. Fridge Wars challenges 2 Canadian chefs to see what they can create with families' leftovers. The show first enters the homes of 2 Canadian families and raids their fridge. After gathering the leftovers the host heads back to the studio and shares the leftovers with the 2 chefs. The chefs then have 45 minutes to create something amazing, but this isn't everything. The families have left clues to the food they like around the fridge. The chef has to be able to create a dish that the whole family will enjoy. It's a good show to see the creativity these chefs have in the kitchen. It may even inspire you to finally use your leftovers.

Start Cooking Today!

Cooking shows can strike the passion you may have for cooking. Seeing a chef in their element is amazing. The way the move in the kitchen is a form of art. You can also see the passion of these chefs on the shows.  You could be the next great chef on any of these shows, but first, you need to have the skills. Your cooking skills are going to be able to set you apart from the competition. It's also going to be fundamental for your culinary career.

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