IT for beginners and pros alike is starting to focus on a real online experience. Collaboration, teams, families, subscriptions; a lot is going on but while it may appear to be more complicated than it needs to be, a quick peek behind the scenes, and we can see that software is getting streamlined.

No longer do you have to worry about scratching the CD or losing your product key and losing access to your software. You no longer have to be disappointed when you can't put your software on all of your devices. Step-by-step instructions, introductions and support for the absolute beginner are built in.

The world is getting smarter and better connected and so is software. Who better to lead that revolution than Microsoft, the company who in 1975 started the race to build a computer which went on to be the personal computer and the software that would make it work. This was the worlds Introduction to computers and when the interest to buy a laptop began

Bill Gates and Paul Allens revolutionary ideas established their company ‘Mirco computer Software’, yes not quite as catchy as Mircosoft as it came to be known later. After developing software and computers from 1975, Microsoft finally came out with their flagship product, in 1990. Microsoft Office (MS) bundled software together that were previously sold separately. Software like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint.

After almost 45 years Microsoft is still going strong with no sign of stopping. They are modern, innovative and they stay ahead of trends to keep the software updated, relevant and hard to compete with.

It's no wonder that you have chosen to install Microsoft office on to your laptop and pc. But now that you have decided you realise that there are so many options; you can buy MS Office suite 365 (Home, student, personal and home office) not to mention MS office 2019. However, it's important to note that Mircosoft is heavily promoting their 365 subscriptions web-based service and slowly phasing out their other offerings.

So let's take a look at Microsoft 365; what it is, how to install it and how much it costs.

Free support is included which can help you
All software is suitable for absolute beginners. Photo Source: Unsplash

What Is MS Office 365?

MS office is a suite of software tools that have been bundled together to create a powerful overall product. With the office suite, you can write, create spreadsheets, presentations and take notes. MS Office ‘365’ however is the flavour that the suite has been missing.

Microsoft office 365 is an online software subscription service. That adds everything that was already in the MS office bundle. To a powerful online service that packs a punch. It takes productivity to another level as they offer a web service that has everything that the modern computer user could need. Let's take a look at what is included in the MS Office 365 package.

What Are The Features Step By Step?

I am not a big fan of web-based subscription services, but when I first saw this list, my jaw dropped just a little. It is generous and has everything you need, bundled into one package. So that you don't have to pay more for other services elsewhere. So here are the features:

  1. Programs Functionality:
  • MS Outlook - An organisational email manager, calendar, tasks, contacts and notes.
  • One Drive - A cloud drive where you can back up and save all of your files, accessible from any of your devices.
  • MS Word - Word processing program for making text documents, Word documents and PDFs
  • MS Excel - is spreadsheet software for calculations, graphs and pivot tables.
  • Mircosoft Powerpoint - Is presentation software for meetings and slideshows, when it is running on your machine you can connect your PC to a projector and using your Mouse and keyboard control the presentation or play it like animation or movie.
  • MS OneNote - Is a program that allows you to collect and store information in the format of a notebook. You can do a drawing, screen clipping, notes, audio, images etc. It has great sharing and collaborative feature also.
  • Skype - Is a VOIP program which effectively is used for online communication, calls, video chats, sharing and collaboration.
  • MS Access - This is a database management software for your File management
  • MS Publisher - Is a design software suitable for Inexperienced beginners which give templates to make things like letterheads and cards.

Some subscriptions also include (More Computer knowledge Required to set up)

  • MS Sharepoint - Computer technology to manage documents which work with MS office. It usually lives on a server.
  • MS Teams - This is a program that creates a hub for team collaboration, brings content and people together to work productively.
  • MS Yammer - this is the social networking version of an intranet. It allows companies to create an internal and professional social network.
  1. Software is always up to date, with desktop, online and apps being available to you
  2. It's on all of your devices so you can work wherever you are
  3. 1 TB of cloud storage space per person
  4. Extensive collaborative features
  5. Full support with phone, email, chat support

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The Microsoft website says MS suite 365 is “Your place to create, communicate, collaborate and get great work done.” and they certainly have created that. With this suite of computer programs, you can create all documents, files and use productivity skill for the workplace and home. Suitable for the novice with basic computer literacy or the expert with advanced IT skills. No experience required and Computer tutorials are available.

Next Step: What Are The Requirements?

This looks like jargon, but it is essential for setting up your computer. If you have a new computer it will be compatible.

Windows Requirements

  1. Processor: 1.6GHz or faster
  2. Operating system: Windows 7 and higher
  3. Memory: 2RAM (32bit) 4RAM (64bit)
  4. 4GB of free space

Mac Requirements

  1. Processor: Intel processors
  2. Operating system: the 3 most recent versions of the OS
  3. Memory: 4RAM
  4. 10GB HFS + hard disk format

Android Requirements

  1. Processor: Intel x86 processor
  2. Operating system: supported android versions
  3. Memory: 1GB

iPhone Requirements

  1. Operating system: the 2 most recent versions of the OS
There are so many options for software
After almost 45 years Microsoft is still going strong with no sign of stopping. Photo Source: Unsplash

Getting Started: What Plans Are Available And How Much Are They?

Microsoft offers 3 main plans which are Easy to understand,

  1. For home
  2. For business
  3. For education

*All software is suitable for new beginners / absolute beginners, as free support is included which can help you with step-by-step instructions and beginners tutorials/video tutorials for the newbie can be found online.

Let's take a look at the home plan.

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The Home Subscription Plans Has 3 Flavours

  1. Office 365 home ($99.99 per year or $9.99 per mth)
    1. Free 1-month trial
    2. Can be used by the entire family on all devices
    3. Programs: word, excel, powerpoint, outlook, publisher, access, one drive, OneNote and Skype are included. (Web apps and local apps)
    4. Up to  1 TB of one drive cloud storage per person for up to 6 users
    5. Up to 60 mins per mth of Skype call for up to 6 users
    6. Cancel any time
  2. Office 365 personal ($69.99 per year or $6.99 per mth)
    1. Can be used on all devices, premium applications are for 1 pc or mac
    2. Programs: word, excel, powerpoint, outlook, publisher, access, one drive, OneNote and Skype are included.
    3. Up to  1 TB of one drive cloud storage per person for 1 user
    4. Up to 60 mins per mth of Skype call for up to 6 users
    5. Cancel any time
  3. Office 365 home and student ($149.99 one of payment)
    1. Can be used on 1 pc or mac
    2. Programs: word, excel, powerpoint, and  OneNote.
IT for beginners and pros alike
The world is getting smarter and better connected and so is software. Photo Source: Unsplash

How To Guide To Install The Software?

Once you have purchased the software programs or decided to take a trail. Create a Microsoft account. This is important because it is through this account that the software will be provided. Once you have done this you will be able to install the software to your PC and Computer.

How To Set Up And Install For Windows

  1. Go to and sign in to your account
  2. Go to the office home page and select install office
  3. The 64-bit version of the software is installed automatically, although if you have a 32-bit machine, it will detect his and download the right version of the software
  4. This completes the download of office, you now need to activate an install using the file that has been downloaded.
  5. Select Run, save file or set up.
  6. When asked if you want to allow the app to make changes to your device click yes
  7. You should see a dialogue box pop up showing that the installation is beginning.
  8. Wait for the install to finish, do not power off your PC or disrupt the dialogue window.
  9. The window will tell you when the install is complete, and it will confirm where your programs can be found on your PC.
  10. The last step you need to take to be free to use the software is to activate it
  11. To do this open a piece of MS office software as if you were going to use it.
  12. When the program opens to accept the license agreement
  13. Your software is ready to use.

Install For Mac

  1. Go to and sign in to your account
  2. Go to the office home page and select install office
  3. This completes the download of office, you now need to activate an install using the file that has been downloaded.
  4. Select Finder and go to downloads,
  5. Double click the Microsoft office download.
  6. On the first dialogue box, click continue when this option is made available
  7. Review the software license and again click continue
  8. Agree to the terms of the software
  9. Choose how you want to install and select continue
  10. Review the disk space requirements and click install
  11. Enter your Mac login info
  12. Click install software
  13. Let the software install and close the dialogue window when it confirms that the software has been installed correctly.
  14. To activate the product, you should click launch pad
  15. Click MS word or any MS office software
  16. Once the software opens click Get started to activate the software. Follow the prompts.
  17. Your software is ready to use.

Install For Phones

Go to the store where you usually download apps


  1. Outlook app
  2. Office app

Open The App

Allow the app to access the areas of your phone it asks for when you get the pop-ups

Sign in with your Microsoft account, bear in mind that to us a subscription on your phone you should sign in using the account where you have the subscription. Note you can use the apps free without signing up

No matter which Microsoft product you decide to choose you can be sure that you have an excellent product that is going to allow you to Succeed with everything that you need to for your personal projects. With almost 45 years of experience, Microsoft makes excellent software that is suitable for the novice and the expert, the student or the CEO. Not to mention that because Microsoft software is so established, you can also do a course in computers for beginners.

IT is genuinely universal, and you can make yours sincerely with a whole host of add ons.

Even though some of the Microsoft products are my personal go-to products. Don’t be fooled into thinking that Microsoft is the best or only fantastic product in the software space. They are not. However, they are one of the most established. For future reference, if you don't find yourself immediately drawn to using the software. Why not try some other software and compare them side by side, no matter what you pick it will be better than a Typewriter. Good luck

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