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How to Become an English Professor in Canada

Roadmap for Success for Aspiring English Professors English professors teach students writing, literature, and English at the university or community college level. Additionally, they produce scholarly articles and books and might speak at events or seminars. Despite some classes occurring on weekends and evenings, these professionals typically have flexible teaching schedules. A rewarding aspect of […]

29 July 20227 minutes reading time

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A Guide to English Literature in Canada

Find a Tutor for English Grammar Lessons in Canada Canada is an ideal study destination for English literature, including that English is its official language. In addition, there are several language schools in Canada and prestigious colleges offering English courses. Therefore, students are looking to get Canadian education in English literature to have a wide […]

30 May 20226 minutes reading time

English Major

Should You Have an English Degree

Everything You Need to Know About Being an English Major Getting your degree or finishing your postsecondary education is a major event in your adult life: it is a rite of passage, the foundation of your career, and a sign that you have achieved a higher level of education. Whatever you choose to study in […]

12 January 202213 minutes reading time

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British Columbia Grade 10 Literacy Test

Everything You Need to Know About Taking the BC Literacy Assessment Provincial literacy testing has become a typical part of high school life for Canadian students. Literacy tests assess the reading and writing skills of students, which have become life skills in a society that relies heavily on digital platforms and media to do everything […]

24 November 202114 minutes reading time

Find English Language and Literature Support

Our Tutors leave no stone unturned when it comes to the language of Shakespeare. Whether you’re studying English at school, looking for Language or Literature support, or need an online English tutor to help your children with reading and writing, you’ll find everything you need here.

Superprof is the platform of choice for English tutors of all levels. Check out their profiles on Superprof.

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Studying for the OSSLT

Everything You Need to Know About Studying for the OSSLT When students think of what happens in high school, they probably never think of taking a literacy test. They often think of the excitement of new relationships, joining clubs, getting a driver’s license, trying out for sports teams, taking more specialized courses, getting ready for […]

23 November 202112 minutes reading time

Follow our tips for studying in English.

Everything About English Literature

Introduction to English Literature One common theme everyone learns in school is English. It's a fundamental class that everyone has to take throughout high school, at least in Canada. English teaches us so much from analyzing English literature, writing essays and even basic communication skills. There is a lot we learn in English class that […]

30 July 20216 minutes reading time

Reading is a fundamental skill that everyone can benefit from.

Becoming A Better Reader

How to Become a Better Reader? Reading affects us all, from kids learning to read at a young age to the rest of us going throughout our day reading everything from emails to road signs. It's a fundamental skill that we need to have learned; but yet there are still some Canadians that struggle with […]

17 April 20217 minutes reading time

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A Guide to Elocution Lessons in Canada

Everything You Need To Know About Elocution Lessons in Canada Improving Your English skills, being a better speaker, increasing confidence while speaking is some of the many skills you can benefit from elocution lessons. Elocution isn't a popular word, but elocution has been around for a long time. It's the study of formal speaking. Everyone […]

15 March 20216 minutes reading time

Where Creativity Comes From The Pen Of Imagination: Creative Writing Courses In Canada 

Creativity Never Goes Out Style In Canada  Have you heard about creative writing? Do you know that you can get a professional degree in creative writing? Do you consider writing exercises and workshops to enhance your skills in creative writing? Maybe you have tried writing some blogs in your past time, but do you consider […]

10 November 20207 minutes reading time

Private lessons are about so much more than extra school. Children learn valuable life skills.

Why Take Private School English Lessons?

How English Tuition Can Help You and Your Child Although English is a major part of the school curriculum, many pupils find it difficult, and at a young age, this can majorly affect their levels of self-esteem when it comes to their academic performance. This is just part of the reason why English tuition is […]

31 March 20188 minutes reading time

Reading is a basic skill.

How to Become a Better Reader

English Learning Isn't Just for Kids and Foreigners, Everyone can Benefit Reading in any language is very important to improving your overall ability to communicate in that language. However, it is especially important to read in your native language to help you to improve in key areas such as vocabulary, spelling, grammar and writing. A […]

31 March 201812 minutes reading time

When enrolled on a writing course, you should ensure you practice in your spare time.

How to Improve Writing Skills

Learn How to Improve your Writing with Our Complete Guide Reading and writing are basic skills that are necessary to get you by in most workplaces, regardless of your field of expertise. It is not enough to be able to talk to others in your native language, it only seems right that as a fluent […]

31 March 201813 minutes reading time

Find The Right Tutor for Private English Lessons

English is a big part of the school curriculum, yet many students find it difficult, and at a young age, this can majorly affect a child’s self-esteem and academic performance.

It is for this reason that English tutoring has become popular amongst children and young adults.

For every native English speaker, getting to grips with the grammar rules, tricky spelling and even handwriting are all significant hurdles that must be overcome to achieve true mastery of the language.

Why Find an English Tutor?

Have you noticed your child struggling with their English homework?

For some, understanding the complex aspects of the English language as well as practising reading and writing is just too much to do with a school teacher alone.

This is why many parents reach out to English tutors or tutoring companies to give their child the boost in confidence they need to achieve academic success.

Having that personal, one on one attention when it comes to learning can help children reach their potential quickly and efficiently.

How to Choose the Right English Tutor?

Whether you choose English lessons from a qualified English tutor or from someone English university student, their teaching approach is very important.

Teaching private classes, especially English classes requires patience and a well-rounded teaching approach, especially for children who are struggling or have lost their confidence in the subject.

The English exercises offered can cover topics like reading comprehension, writing and spelling, including creative writing, as well as small presentations to develop public speaking.

In-home, private lessons can help students improve their confidence, study for exams with revision materials, or even act as an intensive English course to boost grades.

Private lessons can, therefore, be more than just helping children with their homework but it is important for the tutor to have a rapport with their student if they want them to progress quickly.

English help needs to be comprehensive. The private tutors on our platform offer personalised lessons based on their students’ needs.