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Have you heard about creative writing? Do you know that you can get a professional degree in creative writing? Do you consider writing exercises and workshops to enhance your skills in creative writing?

Maybe you have tried writing some blogs in your past time, but do you consider it creative writing? screenwriting, novel writing, or poetry writing does it count as creative writing too? Then, what about memoir writing, copywriting, and nonfiction writing? Does it belong to creative writing?

It's funny to think the lines among other forms of writing and creative writing aren't so clear cut. But if you learn creative writing in Canada, those unclear thoughts will be answered in no time.

If you are interested in creative writing, continue reading and this article will help you figure out what you can learn and some creative writing programs in Canada and some Canadian cities such as Ottawa that might catch your attention.

Canada and some Canadian cities such as Calgary, offer creative writing courses that will help you hone your skills in writing, and let you engage in creative writing basics to advanced techniques.

Forms Of Creative Writing

To define creative writing you need to look at its forms which are usually considered as creative. Here are some creative writing forms.

Creative Nonfiction

To distinguish if it's nonfiction, it should take real-life situations as a subject. This includes memoir writing, essays and other forms.


Screenwriting is a form of writing that is commonly used in films or television.


Playwriting, dramatic, or scriptwriting is a form of writing that is used for performing on stage as well as dialogue in various aspects.


Poetry is a form of writing which deliberates lines and is remarkable for its density and language uncertainty. It can be read or performed on the page.


Fiction form of writing is creative writing that is considered as continuous riming. It usually includes some character development when following narratives.

The Difference of Creative Writing to the Other Forms of Writing

The Difference of Creative Writing to the Other Forms of Writing. Source: Pexels

Sending a text, writing poetry, writing meeting minutes, writing fiction, writing a copy of marketing for a web and writing a play. 

To make things clearer and avoid confusion, here are some things you should know about creative writing. 

Features of Creative Writing

Creative writing is different from technical writing, academia, and journalism. if it is compared to any newspaper article or any English literature piece, you will immediately see its difference. 

Since the purpose of journalism is to share information through the use of language while creative writing appreciates the language itself, the written word, the writing process, and how language can play its role on the book page.

Creative writing is not limited to poetics, prose fiction, or literary magazines. Since journalism can become creative too, as well as copywriting and academic writing.

These writing forms can adapt to some of the creative writing features. So you need to clarify the difference between these forms so that you might as well produce genres like travel writing and literary journalism using the features of creative writing.

Creative Writing Purpose 

The differences in some writing forms to creative writing rely on its written text purpose. 

For instance, an email or a text has a specific purpose that does not apply to poems, such as giving information.

Creative writing's purpose is to enlighten or inspire, to entertain and to give pleasure. Probably, the difference between creative writing to other forms of writing such as academic writing and journalism is its purpose. 

Creative Writing Courses in Canada

There are many opportunities for people who desire to study and learn creative writing in any form. There are a lot of creative writing programs in Canada and some Canadian cities such as Montreal, whether you take it in a university or with a tutor and experience writing retreat and casual writing workshops. Your choice defines what specific learning style you desire. 

Short Courses in Creative Writing

Well, you don’t need to enrol at a university in Canada for creative writing courses, since there are available classes in Canadian cities such as  Edmonton where you can find professional writers to help you improve your creative writing skills. 

Creative Writing at University

Canadian universities also offer creative writing programs, it is one way to take creative courses seriously. Studying in a university would make you spend at least three years at a degree level in creative writing MA and another three years for a Ph.D. level. 

In Canada and some of its cities such as Toronto, you can make the most of your time learning the creative writing process, including fine arts, English literature and cinema. 

Ways To Improve Your Creative Writing Skills

Ways to Improve Your Creative Writing Skills. Source: Unsplash

Creative writing is using a distinctive voice to tell unique stories. However, fiction written stories are all over the world, so some readers might feel confused about whether your writing is creation or fiction, and it becomes a competition of both writing forms. 

If you are a beginner in the field who has completed a creative writing course during secondary school in Canada or some of its cities such as Vancouver, or a pro writer who wants to write better, or an amateur writer who is trying to create your first novel ever. Whatever your writing status is, or whatever types of writing you prefer to do, you can get all the benefits if you decide to hone your skills for future purposes. 

Here are some ways to enhance your creative writing ability : 

Learning From The Best, While Creating Your Branding As A Writer 

It is essential to read some works of famous authors to get inspiration on how to be an effective writer. Regardless of your writing style, you should identify your genre, if you want to write about young adult literature you should read the works of YA touchstones, such as J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps universe, or Judy Blume's poignant coming of age novels.  

If you want to write science fiction, you can study the works of Neil Gaiman or Isaac Asimov. For fantasy novels, you can read the works of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy. For Horror genres, try Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft.  

To be creative, you must enhance your styles, point of view, and ideas, that’s what makes you unique from all the other creative writers, you should use your voice and build your branding as a writer.  

Create A Character Based On Your Acquaintances

Some authors are being reminded by their best friend, co-worker, family members, when writing their books and make them part of the book's characters. So, when you're around them, observe their behaviour and write it down in your notes. 

It might be useful in times, your instinct may give you ideas to make someone you know as the main character or supporting character.

Using Snowflake Technique For Brainstorming 

Snowflake's technique for brainstorming was established by a writing instructor and author Randy Ingermanson. It is a method used for drafting a novel from scratch by summarizing it to a basic story and its separation. It's great to use in all kinds of creative writing.

When using a snowflakes technique, you should think of a whole picture of a story and make a one-sentence summary to describe it. 

This method will require you to create a sentence until it becomes a paragraph, and through that paragraph, you can create different kinds of character descriptions.

You use those character descriptions to make the plot of the story.   

Finding An Environment That Encourages Creative Flow

In regards to creative flow, the writer’s presence is followed by bust and boom. When you hit the stage where you boom, let it flow and don't let it go. Writer retreats and workshops will build up creative bursts in your writing career.   

It is done by providing the writer’s space to be surrounded by their peers, and share writing exercises created to boost the creativity of the writer. If you haven’t participated yet in any of these, consider trying it.  

You can also try creative writing courses online with a professional instructor in writing. The writing instructor will provide you with essential writing techniques, including nonfiction narratives, character development, and writing poetry. 


This technique in creative writing will allow you to practice your writing skills without a recommended structure, it means no editorial oversight, notes, cards, and no outlines. This freewriting technique follows an 

The writer explores the desires of his imagination in freewriting, enabling concepts and creativity to come to them without premeditation. In freewriting, the writer follows the impulses of their mind, allowing thoughts and inspiration to appear to them without premeditation. 

Allow your stream of consciousness, so that your words become an inspiration. The first time you attempt to free write, you may end up with mostly unusable material. But with writing practice, you can use freewriting to practice how to refine your technique and ultimately unleash your creativity.


By writing, students can find encouragement and community in sharing their stories. Sharing their story of courage, persistence and dedication places these traits at the forefront of their minds for students and helps to reinforce the confidence that underlies a development of mindset. 

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