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Docteure en littérature française (France), donne des leçons de langue et littérature françaises

Les cours sont organisés soit en fonction du niveau de l'étudiant, soit en fonction de ses requêtes, si le besoin est précis et ponctuel. La durée du cours est de 1h minimum. Les cours sont ouverts aux élèves de l'école secondaire et aux étudiants à l'université.

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Passionate enthusiastic french teacher. Ready to help all learners succeed and learn to love everything about french.

I use visuals to help expalin a concept as well as games and songs if age appropriate to ensure mastery.

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University Graduate with BA in French Language and Literature Tutors in Edmonton

Working with individual students, I am very flexible with teaching styles and can easily adapt to how each student best learns.

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Cours privés de français au Saguenay ; niveaux primaire, secondaire, collégial, universitaire.

Je propose des cours personnalisés élaborés selon vos besoins personnels. L'exercice régulier de rédaction et d'autocorrection sont deux aspects centraux de la méthode d'enseignement que je valorise. Je propose une approche méthodique de la grammaire du français en suivant votre rythme d'apprentissage.

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PhD student gives french languages lessons for all level students in London ON

My teaching methods are based on exercises that involves communication with language fluency practice which can be used and directly relates to real life and is meaningful. Such activities are normally enjoyable as they are flexible and allow the students to decide what to do/say for themselves.

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Litterature student gives you the chance to improve your creating writting in french in Montreal

We can only learn how to write by writing. At each session, I will offer different exercises of writing to awaken creativity. In the same way, I will advise my student on how to bring his text to a higher level with mostly simple changes.

1st lesson is free!
1st lesson is free!

Child Psychology Honours Student tutor for K-grade 6 in French and English

I use a strength-based approach to learning in order for children to gain intrinsic motivation. I also teach children self-regulatory tactics through goal setting and organization.

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Fluently bi-lingual Social Worker and tutor, available to help those seeking assistance in French Studies.

I base my lessons and style on where a person is at to begin with. You cant learn unless you're comfortable and have a good foundation.

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J'offre des cours de français pour les élèves de la 1e année à la 8e année

Je suis très flexible dans mon enseignement et j'enseigne selon le rythme et les besoins de l'apprenant. L'élève lit, parle et écrit. Il y aura des activités enrichissantes qui va permettre à l'élève d'apprendre efficacement.

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High school student available for tutoring in French and other school subjects.

My teaching methods are focused primarily on the students understanding and then furthering the knowledge. Whatever teaching method works best for the student is the approach I take.

Conception Bay South
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A highly experienced teacher provides business english language (written/spoken) support to students across Camada

I use a constructive approach to teaching that builds upon what the learner already knows and formulates the lessons to foster active as opposed to passive learning.

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I am a Social Science student. Give tutoring in french, english and dutch.

I imminenty try to find the difficulties of the student and develop methods aiming to help him/her improve. Additionally, I believe that mastering the basic is crucial in order to acquire new knowledge.

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I am an experienced french tutor located in Durham Region with a passion for teaching and helping others.

I like to start by helping students with their homework where needed then diving in with extra practice sheets and reading if need be.

New Maryland
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Masters holder gives English and Litterature tutoring to students needing help.

My teaching methodology are highly personalized. I bring structure and logic into the classroom to ensure all topics are covered and alter my plans according to specific learning strategies.

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High school student who is fluent in both French and English and would enjoy helping out in learning of the language

I like to see how the child in question enjoys learning and adapt my style to them, for example with games or various learning environments.

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Étudiante en Études littéraires à la maîtrise donne des cours de français, d'écriture, de compréhension de texte et de scénario à domicile en Montérégie

Je crois que chaque individu est unique et apprend de façon différente. J'adapte donc mes cours selon les préférences de l'étudiant et ce qui fonctionne le mieux pour lui, par exemple s'il est plus visuel qu'auditif ou encore s'il est plus du genre logique ou instinctif. J'aime beaucoup mettre en pratique ce que l'on apprend et insère donc beaucoup de rédaction de texte.

Christophe yannick
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French journalist & French Degree holder, gives french and literature classes in Hamilton, Ontario

My classes are meant for beginners from Grade 1 to 6 and Grade 7 to 12. Techniques and teaching methods for these two categories of students are different. For the first category creative teaching methods are used. For the second one interactive techniques are used.

Mount Albert
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Looking for inspiration and motivation to learn? As an entrepreneur of 15 years, I love to teach, tutor and mentor.

My teaching is customized based on my students’ needs. Teaching organization, structure and preparation is imperative for success in future.

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Health sciences student gives English classes to Montreal and Longueuil students.

My teaching methods are simple I take something that the students likes, For example his passion, and I use it to make my student understand my class

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Experienced tutor can help students overcome their difficulties in the French language.

My approach is to engage the student using material she/he relates to or is interested in exploring. We spend the first 10 minutes chatting to get to know each other. I encourage them to ask me questions also. This is also the time to hear from them what they think is the problem. As I listen to them and answer their questions, I also start to assess their level of mastery of the language.

(1 review)
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Étudiante niveau Master, avec formation solide, propose cours de philosophie, français et anglais sur Rouen

J'enseigne aux élèves de niveau collège ou lycée, jusqu'à la Terminale. Je suis pour un type d'enseignement et un échange qui correspondent à l'élève et à ses difficultés, et non pour un enseignement trop scolaire et rigide. J'adapte les cours et les exercices au niveau, aux besoins et à l'objectif de l'élève.

Paris 18e

More than 10 years of experience teaching French or French as a Foreign Language (FLE)

Hello ! I am of Indian origin. I am multilingual (English, French, Spanish and 3 Indian languages). I have more than 10 years of experience in teaching. I offer English courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced, speaking and writing. I adapt to your needs.

Paris 20e
(11 reviews)

PhD in literature gives French and General Culture lessons

I give private lessons for seven years now. I got my first job in the upper five years ago, as a teaching assistant of French (langage and literature) at Upenn (University of Pennsylvania). Coming back in Paris, I began to teach general culture in a buisness school, BTS and workplace (methodology and professional writing, training contests).

(12 reviews)
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(On Skype) French course by CAPES Professor Lettres Modernes (highschool, college, university)

Teaching teacher of national education in availability, I offer private lessons of French for students with very varied profiles: Accompaniment CNED college and high school, preparation for the baccalaureate, general culture in BTS, preparation for post-baccalaureate examinations, professional reorientation to University level...).

(9 reviews)

Professor of college / high school passion gives private French lessons for all ages ...

I prepare my students for their audits or examinations, make spelling / grammatical level, assistance to homework ... I also pay attention to students who think they are in a situation of failure in this school subject, I love awake the taste of literature.

Paris 10e
(5 reviews)

Normalienne, French CAPES holder gives specific French courses, philosophy and history in Paris

Former student of the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (ENS LSH), former pupil of the Lycee Henri IV and Lycée Fénelon (hypokhâgne-khâgne), currently in the final year of doctoral studies, I propose courses from college in humanities (French, history and geography, philosophy).

(10 reviews)
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Winning learning in learning french, english language, the philo, history / geo editor's memory and staff development

French education, general knowledge, English, philosophy and the history and geography from primary to Master II with psycho-pedagogical approach motivation + confidence + methodology ... When learning becomes a game and know a skill ... Featured boost exam! Boostetudes see on the internet ...

(33 reviews)
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French as a Foreign Language classes by experienced and graduated teacher (From Paris with love)

Hello, I've got a Master of Science in Teaching of French as a foreign language and I offer French as a Foreign Language classes. I have worked in recent years as a professor in Spain to various audiences (elementary schools, universities, companies and individuals) and I specialize in teaching pronunciation.

Paris 17e
(14 reviews)

Sos urgency francais any level oral and written -skype or course on paris

Hello to you, It is the return, the good resolutions are to go: have good results and amaze everyone and yourself first. This is the moment you are in second or first. You have difficulties in French. Do not worry, it's not too late, but now it's time to act. Methodology, spelling, writing and note taking are not your forte.

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Perfect! Merci Delphine pour avoir me donnè de l'aide a milliorè mon Française. Je sais que je dois etudier encore, mais tu ma donner beaucoup de l'aide.

Enrico, Student
2 years ago

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