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Some students aspiring lawyers attend law school in Canada to change the twisted way things are being done. People who love fair justice dare to fight for those inaudible voices in the crowd. They are the people who want to see the world become a more incredible place. 

There are particular educational requirements in law school in some Canadian cities such as Ottawa, completing a law degree and starting to defend innocent people. Going through the process and completing these requirements can be beneficial for you in your future career journey. 

In Canadian cities such as Vancouver, bar exams are a day or two tests, which students take after their law school graduation. The exam requires examiners to be a law graduate since they'll be writing essay answers and creating questions that will test their knowledge of the law. If you pass the bar exam, a license to practice law is given. 

Those people who got the best bar examination results quickly get a job at the best law firm in Canada and even to some of its cities such as Edmonton.

Law is an excellent profession in Canada and Calgary. Even though starting with the degree seems new to you, the reward is gratifying and satisfying. 

Advantages of Being a Lawyer

Lawyers do great jobs for our society, such as correcting the wrong and representing someone by a pro-Bruno system for those who can't afford to hire private attorneys. Becoming a lawyer is never easy. With several years of educational requirement and passing the bar examination before landing a job, it takes a very long way and can cause a lot of stress. 

Besides, there are plenty of good things to consider about being a lawyer in Canadian cities such as Toronto, things that are beneficial and advantageous. 

Great Career Options 

One of the advantages of becoming a lawyer in some Canadian cities such as Montreal is having specialized areas where a lawyer can work. It's easy for them to land a job since they have many great career options that appeal to their interest. 

A lawyer can work in a government agency as a public defender or as a prosecutor. Some law firms concentrate on working in specific particular areas such as tax, intellectual, or family property law.

Many lawyers specialize in areas like litigation or environmental law. Being a lawyer, you have all the possibility of changing your career paths. You can always choose the career you want, be a public defender or be a private lawyer.  

High Salary

The lawyer earns a good living. Lawyers with low salaries are those working for the provincial government. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they made a yearly salary of $94,050 in 2019. Those high paying lawyers work in a subscription and cable service industry and earn $224,970 in 2019. 

The average salary depending on the type of legal work, was $145,300 yearly in 2019. 

You Can Help Others 

Lawyers can help others as a career advantage. It helps children by a juvenile court system to a nonprofit organization counselling, working for the greater good. Many lawyers work on pro bono, which means free of charge through legal aid societies or law firms. 

These lawyers help clients who have no one else to run, and those cases include domestic violence and evictions. 

Challenges You Intellectually 

A lawyer deals with different challenges every day, yet they still stay positive. Laws are ever-changing and complex. You will be investing a lot of time analyzing and researching these laws for you to represent your client effectively. 

A lawyer should enjoy investigating facts, precedents in the law, unearthing nuances, and creating new plans of action for every case and client. Practicing the law is rewarding since every case represents a new set of challenges. Mental stimulation is always present in these kinds of career paths. 

Unending Opportunities

Since there are different areas of legal presentations required, lawyers will always have many job opportunities to choose from. Lawyers can find jobs in public administration on a local, federal or regional level. 

As they continue to enhance their experience as lawyers, they can always find various fields, from financial, criminal, to social issues, which fits their preferences. Lawyers can also open their practice in their specific areas of competence. 

They can again meet high profiled people through their legal profession and become part of a massive network in political and high social circles since opinions and views matter to influence. Through these, many doors of new opportunities will open. 

The Capacity to Make a Difference

Every case a lawyer handles is essential to someone. A person won't contact a lawyer if they can address the issues by themselves or a family member or a friend's help. Lawyers can also decide how they desire to make such a difference, regardless if it's to help families and children or bring criminals to justice. Lawyers offer solutions and support in a client's challenging times. 

Job Reputation

A lot of people believe that becoming a lawyer is a noble profession. Lawyers seek justice for other people. Everyone knows that lawyers need to have advanced education to become one. It usually takes up to three years in law school and four years of undergraduate. 

Lawyers Contributions In Our Society

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The justice and legal system affect society in many ways. Lawyers have contributed to the freedom and growth of the community. 

Here are some ways on how a lawyer in Canada can contribute to society: 

  • Lawyers provide people with the sense of security to pursue their goals in life since they will always have your back
  • Lawyers have a critical role in promoting social order through the fundamental requirements of fair justice
  • Lawyers promote appropriate procedures and equitable outcomes in society
  • Lawyers are advisors and advocate for our society
  • Lawyers dedicate their lives to understand and apply the law to help their clients
  • Lawyers work to hold organizations, corporations and the government accountable
  • Lawyers ensure to provide the best quality of service
  • Consulting a lawyer helps someone to avoid future problems
  • Lawyers help to preserve justice
  • Lawyers provide responsible legislation to develop a legal framework to protect the rights and freedom of the citizens
  • Lawyers ensure eradication of inequality, ignorance and poverty

Lawyer Career Specialties

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Most of the benefits of becoming a lawyer is having a high salary, but there are also things to consider. Since a lawyer's compensation is based on their field of law, such as follows. 

Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning attorneys assist their clients in determining how to distribute their estate specifically. They also provide client counselling to those who want to set aside their assets for their future beneficiaries. 

Preparing wills, estate planning documents, and trust is their job description. Estate planning attorneys also advise on life insurance policies, retirement plans, and charitable contributions. 


Paralegal plays an essential role in the legal system since it works as a frontline of legal assistance that is affordable for both the public and employers. They assist in creating equal access to legal aid. 

Some of the paralegals work in government agencies, corporations, and nonprofits. Paralegals who work in these areas are often offered limited services based on the attorneys' responsibilities. Some paralegals work in law offices under the direct supervision of lawyers. 

Employment Lawyer

With various issues and problems in a workplace, employment benefit lawyers or employment lawyers play a vital role in assisting both employers and employees. There are state, local, and federal employment laws that need to be followed to guarantee employees' equal treatment. Because of the existence of employment lawyers, employees are lucky. 

Property/ Real Estate Attorney

Real estate lawyers have two main functions in the world of real estate; they handle legal matters to transactions of real estate and act as litigators. Real estate lawyers deal with mediate real estate and real estate transactions. 

Personal Injury Lawyer

The legal system defines personal injury as an injury in the emotions, mind, and body. Personal injury lawyers, also known as a trial or plaintiff lawyers with cases such as : 

  • Injury happens while on the premise or on the land of the party that is being accused
  • Product liability and fault
  • Defamation, libel, and slander
  • Cases for battery and assault
  • Medical harm and malpractice
  • Insurance companies who refuse to pay for the expense of medical of the party that is injured 
  • A personal injury which results in the death of a family member of severe injuries

Family Divorce Lawyer 

Many standard features are to consider in terminating a marriage. A divorce lawyer is responsible for dividing debt and assets among spouses. If children are being involved, the divorce lawyer will be the one to help the spouses set terms for child support and child custody. 


Nowadays, lawyers are needed depending on their areas of specialties. Becoming a lawyer is never easy but is fulfilling at the end, giving the benefits more than what you can imagine. The career path may be difficult, but finishing it is something you can be proud of, plus enjoying and experiencing the reward of being one. 

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