If you are considering becoming a lawyer in Canada, start to explore law careers for the future, and there are some thoughts in your mind, such as what's the lawyer's job description? Do you fit the traits to become a lawyer? How to become a lawyer? And what are the law courses to consider? 

If you seriously want to become a lawyer in some places in Canada such as Toronto, you should know that this career is not like those movies and tv shows portray. It's not like the distorted, dramatic, and inspiring lawyer job portrayal, which focuses on grandiloquent litigation and high profile trials and heartwarming but narrow that good guys always win in the televisions and movies. 

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There are things you need to consider in the natural world and should succeed in becoming a lawyer. You also need to ensure that your personality suits the lawyer's job description.

Lawyers have the control of changing the purpose and view of things and eventually change the world for the worse or for better.  

Making different paths are some of the purposes why some students take the law; at the same time, some get the motivation to pursue because of seven-figure possible income. Things that can be bought by money, some because of a family tradition that pressures students to pursue a career in Law in Canadian cities such as Vancouver. 

Obtain a highly prestigious masters and certificates of Laws and be a qualified lawyer in Canada. It is an opportunity for you to take advanced commercial law subjects and learn in an internationally-oriented environment with access to open-minded law professionals' international network. 

Are You Capable of Becoming A Lawyer

If you want a good salary and the chance to become a lawyer, you need to consider these factors and be ready for it. You are taking three or more years of law school with expensive tuition fees, long working hours, formal work attire, regular public speaking, frequent testing, constant writing, logical reasoning and analysis, and client development. 

On the other hand, completing a law degree will make you a highest-paid professional with million dollars yearly income. It is a reputation of generations. You can have the opportunity to help others. It is the most intellectual job that is rewarding. It is a stepping stone that leads you to other related careers and lets you have a global influence. 

Can you succeed in a career in law? You need to consider these traits if you seriously want to become a lawyer in some Canadian cities such as Montreal. 

Capable of working well with others 

Being a lawyer in some Canadian cities such as Calgary means working well with other people, such as fellow judges, attorneys, clients, court clerks, etc. are all significant in the lawyer's job to succeed in the field. 

Lawyers should always capture the client's interest by heart, and to do that, you need to utilize certain effective strategies without compromising your opposing counsel. It would be best if you worked well with your client to make things go smoothly. 

Capable of persuading others 

Practising the law means having the ability to persuade others and battling with your opponent, loving to argue defines the job description of being a lawyer in Canadian cities such as Edmonton. A good lawyer can persuade others both in written or oral persuasion. A practical and persuasive writing and verbal skills of a lawyer are essential skills. 

Having Self-discipline and being independent

Regardless of what type of law you practise in Canadian cities such as Ottawa, whether you work for a law firm or choose to be a sole proprietor, these traits are essential. Successful lawyers are independent starters and have self-discipline who knows how to manage their deadlines effectively. 

Since being lawyers corresponds with a scheduling court appearance, filing deadlines, and meeting clients and tracking your time each week, doing a lot of research throughout.

Enduring Grind 

A lot of unexciting but essential tasks are involved in becoming a lawyer. It is time-consuming since you will have to research statutes and review discovery, answer the client's questions time and time again, and repeatedly fill out all kinds of forms. 

To become a lawyer, you have to endure until those moments become worthy, do the work, and put your heads down. The aspect of a Lawyer's is persevering Law school while preparing for the bar examination. It's good to know that you are willing to commit and go through all of these. It is investing miles and thousands to achieve your legal education. 

Build your network 

You need to build your network to become a lawyer, build your relationships with an attorney you know you can trust and refer you to another client. The more comfortable you are with connecting to many people and networking, the more successful you can be as a lawyer. 

Steps to Become A Lawyer 

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Before discussing the steps to become a lawyer, there are the stages you should consider in preparation for the job description of a professional degree in law. 

  • Academic - can be obtained by completing a graduate diploma in law or an undergraduate bachelor's in law. 
  • Vocational - it is the time to choose if you want to become a solicitor or barrister
  • Professional - it is for those aspiring barristers, this training course is the final stage. 

In becoming a lawyer, there are steps you need to complete for you to be ready in your chosen path of career and profession. These steps are : 

Getting an undergraduate pre lawyer major in Canada

Law schools in Canada require you to have a 90 credit hour or a bachelor's degree to enrol in law schools. 

Since Canada's educational system is set on a provincial level, there is no national accreditation for Canadian colleges and universities. Government institutions recognize some universities and colleges amidst their jurisdiction. Some national organizations regulate colleges and universities and establish quality standards. 

Canada's Law School Admission Test  

Before you get accepted into a Canadian law school, you need to pass Canada's law school admission test. It is a standard entrance exam that is given four times per annum. 

Exam content includes: 

  • Logical Reasoning - test your ability to draw conclusions and see relationships.
  • Analytical Reasoning - test on how you identify weaknesses and strengths in a given arguments 
  • Reading Comprehension - complex and long passages with information you will encounter in law and law school. It will test your ability to make inferences, understand and draw conclusions from the given passages. 

The LSAT can be taken online, and the results will be given to the law school in Canada you will enrol for their assessment. 

Enroll to Canadian Law School 

It is the next step to become a Canadian lawyer after passing the LSAT. Canada has 24 law schools that offer both Canada's law system and a professional law degree. There are two legal traditions in Canada, the French civil law and the English common law jurisdiction. 

Completing a Provinces Bar Admission Articling and Course

To become a Canadian lawyer in all provinces, you need to complete the province bar admission course. 

Work with a Law Degree 

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In preparing for a law career, there are some undergraduate and diploma courses you can consider enrolling to pursue your professional career in law that Canadian law school offers. Such as :

  • Graduate Certificate in Advanced Police Studies
  • Graduate Certificate in Paralegal 
  • Master of Law (Research)
  • Master of Laws Concentration in Global Sustainability and Environment
  • Master of Laws Concentration in International Humanitarian and Security
  • Master of Laws Concentration in Law and Technology 
  • Master of Laws Specialization in Feminist and Gender Studies
  • Master of Laws Concentration in Law and Social Justice
  • Master of Laws Concentration in Legislative Studies
  • Master of Laws Concentration in Notarial Law
  • Master of Studies in Law
  • Master of Law in Comparative Law (Thesis)
  • Master of Law in Air and Space Law (Thesis and Non-Thesis)
  • Master of Law in Environment (Thesis)
  • Master of Arts in Philosophy (Political and Legal Thought)
  • Paralegal Graduate Certificate
  • Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Legal Studies
  • Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Police Studies
  • Master of Arts in Leadership Studies-Adult Education and Community Engagement
  • Masters of Laws in Common Law
  • Juris Doctor/Master of Arts in Economics
  • Certificate in Natural Resources, Energy and Environmental Law
  • Graduate Certificate in Crime Analytics

After you graduate from a law school in Canada, you will receive a Bachelor of Law diploma. There are lots of law jobs offers in a law degree, and here are some of the available jobs: 

  • Barrister's Clerk - responsible for conducting business activities and running the administration in the chambers of barristers. 
  • Paralegal - writing detailed reports about a case and conducting several legal research.
  • Activism - its best for those who are interested in Environmental law, having the revolutionary spirit with legal knowledge
  • Politicians - to those who have charisma in public speaking can become a politician with a law degree, making sure that there are no laws discouraged during the campaign.
  • Journalism - journalists possessing a law degree have excellent skills in research, writing, and reading. It is essential in journalism; having knowledge in legal matters is a significant factor. 


Law school will teach you something, showing how different two situations are typically the same. Canada's law school systems start on an online platform and let you continue in the colleges and universities later. Choosing Canada to pursue a Law degree will be beneficial for you in many ways. 

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