In this time being, lawyers are known to be contemptibly independent. Because lawyers are recognized to be liars and charge clients with an indecent rate per hour for providing legal services without having admirable morals. 

Parents in Canada don’t want their children to be a scumbag in their professional journey under no circumstances. 

These may be true in particular circumstances but don’t be assertive. There are still several lawyers, especially in some cities in Canada, such as Ottawa, who are very interested in the civil rights cases and welfare of the people, who provide pro bono for many individuals who cannot pay for themselves. 

Being a professional and qualified lawyer is one thing a family can be proud of. A lawyer with academic achievement and success usually gets high salaries in some Canadian cities such as Vancouver. Many lawyers face esteem negatively, but those working in the legal system are considered the most educated individuals. 

Lawyers in some Canada cities such as Toronto spend so much time in their post-secondary education and books to review to become a skilled and successful lawyer. So as per se, lawyers deserve to have high status with high salaries in society. They deserve to have a better and successful life. 

Lawyer’s Salary in Canada

How much should a lawyer be earning in some Canadian cities such as Montreal? Lawyers apply the legal system to advise clients about necessary steps based on legal responsibilities and rights and use it to a particular situation. Many lawyers are working in businesses; they provide counselling to corporate clients on their business affairs. While some work with someone in the legal system to advocate and represent them in court on their behalf. 

A lawyer’s skills worth in the market are constantly changing, when a lawyer retains the best talent, they attract clients and get excellent pay. 

Here is the list of a lawyers salary by locations based on a third-party submission:

  • Lawyer in Ottawa - $96,999 per year
  • Lawyer in Calgary - $115,159 per year
  • Lawyer in Vancouver - $110,685 per year
  • Lawyer in Toronto - $104,878 per year
  • Lawyer in Mississauga - $69,093 per year

Here is a list of a lawyer’s salary in Canada based on their career paths : 

  • Legal Counsel - C$98,999
  • Lawyer in the Law Firms - C$74,908
  • General Counsel - C$148,677

Skills Needed to Secure a Better Salary as a Lawyer

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Lawyers in Canadian cities such as Edmonton, who prove their skills, qualifications, and university diplomas can earn higher salaries rather than those who don’t have a degree in a university. If you want to be a solicitor and barrister, a university degree is one of the requirements. 

Nevertheless, those who strive to attain different skills and gain additional post-secondary education qualifications earn higher salaries working in law firms. In a job interview, a demonstration of your skills in your previous work is essential. 

To secure a better salary as a lawyer, you need to have : 

Self - Confidence and Resilience 

Don’t hesitate about taking practice or training contracts to achieve relevant work experience. It will develop your self-confidence and let you show your career commitment in law. It can make you impressive to your employer. 

Academic Potential

Recruitment agencies of law firms that are prestigious are looking for candidates who can draw conclusions that are knowledgeable and complex information. Candidates must not be surprised if, during the interview, they are to be tested. 

Employers like lawyers who possess a wide range of hobbies and talents, not just being experts but also impress essential clients. 

Time Management 

Lawyers are one of the busiest persons since they face various tasks, cases and clients all at once. They have to show their employers that they are doing their best in the job.  

Efficiency and solid work ethics are essential to succeed and gain a salary increase constantly every year. 

Communication Skills 

The ability to deliver a successful communication is essential in defending clients in the courtroom. Listening to your client’s concerns and needs will help you create a bond of confidence and trust vital for potential wage hike and further business in the future. 

The ability to speak in public without feeling shy is essential as well. With diligent effort and hard work, these skills will help you in every job interview and assure you of a high salary. 

List of Transferable Legal Skills

The following skills are known as the life after law and are valuable in a non-traditional work for lawyers 

  • Synthesis of information
  • Teamwork
  • Time Management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Writing
  • Supervisory
  • Stress management
  • Strategizing
  • Mediation
  • Management
  • Learning
  • Interpretation of documents
  • Sales
  • Research
  • Identification of issues
  • Fact analysis
  • Ability to work independently
  • Multitasking
  • Negotiation
  • Public speaking
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Project management
  • Dissemination of information
  • Professionalism
  • Decision making
  • Problem-solving
  • Creativity
  • Prioritization
  • Counselling
  • Presentation skills
  • Communication
  • Organizational skills
  • Budgeting
  • Awareness of risk and liability
  • Analytical thinking
  • Brainstorming
  • Self-direction
  • Attention to details 

Alternative Career Fields 

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Having a law degree in Canadian cities such as Calgary allows you even to land a new career. Perhaps, the jobs may seem lousy, and you are tired of the profession and change your mind. It is usually challenging for students to graduate from a law degree since they will exit the university with much-specialized knowledge.

A law degree graduate can become a lawyer, restaurant owner, fiction writer, and open a movie theatre. Some choose to stick with law, while many use their extensive knowledge, personal qualities, and skill in their law degree and switch to another career path.

Take heart. You can choose lots of options without even throwing your legal training, practice, and knowledge. Lawyers are suitable for many alternative careers that still utilize your legal backgrounds.

Aside from being a legal research job, contract lawyering, in-house counsel positions, paralegal course instructor, corporate privacy advisor, policy analyst, compliance officer, speechwriter, employee benefits manager, or an immigration consultant. 

Here is some other job that a law degree can land besides being a professional lawyer : 

Legal Consultant and Journalist 

The skills you get from a law degree such as analyzing, writing, and researching can prepare you to land in a writing career and even become a consultant. You are using your spirit as an entrepreneur to build your recognition as a blogger whose focus is on legal issues, such as investment and finance, corporate law or health care, and patent law. Several companies hire private legal counsel for them to be on the right side of regulations and statute. 

Government and Politics

Your knowledge in the legal system makes you an asset in a policy watch organization or think tank. Advocates and lobbyists try to influence a specific organization’s legal issues or policy by monitoring a close watch of the congressional and court activities in policy areas. Some people with the degree of law run for local school board, political office, senator, mayor, or city manager. They even manage political campaigns of a party. 

Conflict Resolution 

Using your negotiation skills, communication, legal practice, and legal knowledge sharpened during your law school, you can gain a career in conflict resolution or advocacy. Law degree can provide an edge in working on issues, such as public policy, mental illness, environment, and child welfare. Corporations and courts will use arbitrators and mediators who often decide in legal binding and settlement discussions.

Human Resources

Companies and employers need professionals that are skilled and talented to recruit people and supervise their staff. You can work as a training manager, human resource administrator, hiring coordinator, law firm administrator, professional development manager, marketing director, and associate recruitment head. Even having a law degree, you can also work in a non-lawyer profession and can still use your legal knowledge, making you suitable for the job. 

Banking and Finance 

If you have experience in banking law, tax, estates and trusts, and securities, it is your chance to have a banking and finance career. Included are mutual fund administrators, commercial loan officers, risk managers, financial planners, estate planning advisors, and trust officers. 

Education and Academic Administration/ Instructor/ Professor

Students in the legal system prepare themselves during their law school for a teaching career, while some return to academia or gain working experience in teaching jobs. 

You can also have a career in academic administration and legal education. It is an opportunity to teach in continuing legal education and paralegal college societies without a master’s degree in law requirements. Having legal knowledge is useful in a position of non-teaching at a university such as a student affairs director, disability services coordinator, or student complaint officer. 

Law school welcomes a legally trained person to work in law libraries, career services, alumni relations, and admissions. 


Now that you are convinced of the field that you want to pursue in the future, you can now be ready to start searching for a job, especially when you already have a law degree. It would be best to have a plan or roadmap and prove to them why employers should hire you. Being a lawyer means enjoying a luxurious life, especially a high salary as a reward for your hard work in studying. 

Working as a Lawyer could be an exciting career. If you're looking to learn more about becoming a lawyer check out our article Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Lawyer.

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