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 Find the Best Bar Prep Exam Courses in Canada

A typical law school graduation day is one filled with emotions. You are happy that you have finally graduated and soon to be reunited with your friends and family. But on a second thought, the reality of an intensive bar review dawns on you.

Contrary to what you think, a bar exam can be an enjoyable experience. This is because it is devoured of the rigors of law school classes. More so, depending on the nature of the review exam, you can get yourself prepared without leaving the comfort of your bedroom. That is the flexibility many students enjoy with bar prep exam courses online.

The nature of every bar exam depends on how well you prepared for it. More so, the amount of information that one needs to assimilate from these courses might make it challenging. However, Superprof has simplified this difficult task for you so that you can have access the information you seek.


What Should You Look for?


In Canada, every bar review program has something unique and different from another. Hence, there is no single bar exam that is right for a student. For instance, some courses are suitable for students who need help with bar exam essays while others are best for those who have taken the bar exam previously.


How Far Should You Study for the Bar Exam 


Most bar exam takers often ask this question. There is no outright answer to this question because what works for you might not work for another. So, stick to the “magic” you are probably used to and see how far it goes. Studying for the bar exam requires long hours and effort. Again, this is left for you to determine.


The options you have to better your chances of passing the bar exam are quite plenty. Just like every other student, you will have to understand that the first thing is to take the bar exams seriously. 

Preparing for the exam it is not about how far one should study but about how well. The scope of study may not be broad, but it should involve a lot of repetitive reading to grasp relevant ideas and understand them. The main thing about it is that it tests your knowledge of relevant principles within the course. Therefore, it’s necessary that you are highly informed.


All courses can be studied for, and one way to gauge the scope and range of your study is to consider these tips. This will help you to determine how many weeks it will take to prepare for the exam.


  • Are you taking the exam for the first time?


The duration of preparing for the bar exam is highly dependent on whether you are a first time or a repeat taker. Law graduates who have taken the bar exam before are probably used to the concepts and materials already.


The most important thing is for repeat takes to evaluate what went wrong during the last exam they took and how they could make amends. Don’t take the same path you took previously and expect things to work out differently. If you treat the exam like a full time job this time, your success rate will be higher.


  • How was your 1L?


Many bar exam experts will agree that how well you performed in your 1L is a strong indicator of your success rate in the exam. Since most of the subjects that will be tested in the exam are what you did in your 1L. Therefore, having a strong grasp of them means less study time for you as well.


  • Will you take a part time job during your bar prep?


If you will be working while preparing for the exam, then, it’s essential that you begin preparing earlier. Since you are splitting your attention between your work and your studies, you will have lesser time each day to prepare for the exam.



Bar Prep Course in Canada

Taking a bar prep course in Canada is the right thing to do if you plan to take the bar review exam soon. However, there is no specific bar prep course for each student. Here are some of the bar prep courses you could take.

  • BarMax Bar review course which is quite very popular and used by a lot of people
  • Kaplan Bar review course is popular as well
  • Bar Prep Hero review course
  • AdaptiBar Bar review course
  • BarBri Bar review course
  • Themis Bar review course


How to Pass the Bar Exam with Ease in Canada

Even though the bar exam is not a walk in the park, you can increase your chances of passing it at first sitting if you adhere strictly to these tips.


  • Have adequate study materials

You should try with all the resources available to you to get all the study materials from books to tapes that one will need to pass the exam. Where you cannot afford to have all the materials you want, then you can find someone who is running short of some of the things that you have and offer a trade of materials. 


  • Make friends if possible

It will help if you can make friends with those who are also preparing for the exam. That way, you can exchange ideas in a group study setting.


  • Practice for the exam

You could set up mock exams for yourself to have a feel of what the real thing is like. This might help you a great deal. It will also help you learn to manage your time better and answer as many questions as possible. The best way to prepare for the exam is to take relevant bar prep courses as it will aid your study effort tremendously.


  • Have a strategy

As expected, you should have a strategy; this means a plan on how to take the test. An example of a test-taking plan is to ascertain which sections are your strengths and deciding whether you should take a shot at them first. 

Preparing for the bar review exam in Canada is not something you should attempt on your own. It’s vital to seek help when you need it. You will find several qualified coaches on Superprof that will take you by the hand and provide more tips for passing the exam.





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