The gym should be a safe place for everyone. Everyone should feel welcomed and be able to get a good workout in, but this isn’t the case sometimes. Sometimes people can feel uncomfortable in a traditional gym setting. You can feel out of place like your being watched, or you’re getting unwanted attention from other members. This is why gyms like Planet Fitness the judgement-free zone have become popular in Canada and other gyms like women’s only gyms are popping up. These gyms provide options besides working out in a traditional setting.

It feels like only recently ladies only gyms have started coming about, but this isn’t the case at all. Ladies only fitness gyms have been around since the 50s. Ladies only gyms provide many benefits for women. For instance, you’re not getting unwanted attention and you have machines that are tailored towards women. There are many reasons to join a ladies-only gym.

Why Do We Have Ladies Only Gym?

The fitness industry has been very male dominant for decades. Looking at old school gym magazines or videos it always showed men working out. There was rarely any woman. This isn’t the case as much anymore but women can still feel uncomfortable in a traditional gym because it’s so male dominant. Ladies needed a space that was designed for them and would feel comfortable working out.

Women Lifting
Women Lifting. Source: John Arano, Pexels

Reasons to Switch From Traditional Gyms To Women’s Only

1. Focus on Your Workout

You can receive unwanted attention from traditional gyms. It’s hard to focus on your workout when you feel like others are watching. You can also be rudely interrupted by men during the workout which again can cause your workouts to suffer. You can feel comfortable working out a women’s only gym and just focus on your workout.

2. Environment

The environment can play a huge role in your fitness journey. It makes your journey easier if you’re around the same people. They call it tribe mentality when you’re in the same environment. You start to make friends and build relationships. This means when you miss a workout or fall off track your workout group will ask questions. It keeps you committed to staying in the gym. You’ll also be around like-minded people. It's motivating being around people that think the same.

3. Equipment for You

Equipment at most gyms is for the general population, but the equipment seems to tailor towards men. The equipment can be too big for women, which makes it uncomfortable to use. This also means you can be working out incorrectly because you can’t use the equipment properly. I’ve worked as a personal trainer in the past and I’ve seen this first hand. For instance, if the average women were to bench at a traditional bench their feet wouldn’t be able to touch the ground. This causes you to get into an unnatural position, which again can cause injury.

The gym you train at will affect your progress in the gym. You need to be able to focus on your workout, be in a good environment and workout safely. Traditional gyms can still be effective but working out in a women’s only gym has its advantages.

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Should Men and Women Train Differently?

Everyone should train differently. It’s not only men and women that should train differently, everyone should. No two bodies are the same. If you too take 2 women that we’re relatively the same height, weight and age and gave them the same program they would each react differently. In the end, we’re all unique. Everyone has their own goals and desires they want to achieve in the gym, so again the same style of training wouldn’t do justice for everyone. A difference is women hold most of their weight in their thighs, mid-section and glutes. This means more women typically focus on that area more so compared to men. Again, everyone has their own needs and desires in the gym.

Fitness Environment
Fitness Environment. Source: Hipcravo, Unsplash

Ladies Only Fitness Gyms

Canada provides lots of ladies only style gyms. They’ve become increasingly popular over the years and are starting to pop up more frequently. In fact, in my home town, I’ve seen numerous women’s gym open up. Whether you're located in Vancouver or Ottawa there should be a women’s gym around you.

Barre Fitness

This is a group training facility that only trains women. Barre is rapidly growing all over Canada. They have a location in Vancouver and are expanding. They have created a great environment for all women to work out safely. They have a team of certified trainers that want to help women reach their fitness goals. Check out if there is a Barre Fitness class in your area.

Women’s Only Goodlife

Goodlife has recently started to build women’s only fitness clubs. They have 1 club in Alberta, Manitoba, Nova scotia and 7 clubs in Ontario. I’m positive this number will continue to grow over the next couple of years. Goodlife is dedicated to keeping Canadians to live a good life. Their team of staff wants to help everyone succeed. Check out their women’s only facility.


Crunch doesn’t have a full facility dedicated to women, but most of their gyms do provide a women’s only fitness area. It still creates the same benefits that a women’s facility offers. Crunch wants to help everyone succeed. They created the women’s only area to meet the needs of all their members, especially for the women that don’t feel comfortable working out in a traditional gym.

All 3 of these gyms provide an exceptional women’s fitness area. Any of these would be a great place to make the switch from traditional gyms to a women’s only or if it’s your first time in a gym. They also all provide a welcoming experience that makes the workout more enjoyable.

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Ladies Personal Training

There are tons of personal trainers that work exclusively with women. This means they would have experience in helping other women reach their fitness goals and be able to meet your needs in the gym. Personal trainers can even have a dedicated certification for women. For example, the National Academy of Sports Medicine offers a Women’s Fitness Specialist Certification for Trainers. The certification covers physiological and anatomical considerations your trainer should know when training you.  Your trainer will be more capable to serve you if they have the experience and education to help you.

Here are some good examples of Women's Only Personal Training.

Move Fitness Club

Move is a great example of personal training for women. Move is located in the Toronto area. Their goal is to help all women achieve their personal best. They have created an enjoyable experience where all like-minded women can get a great workout in with one of their trainers. They have a full team dedicated to helping all women succeed

Women doing pull ups
Women doing pull-ups. Source: Charlotte Karlsen, Unsplash

Women Rock Center

This place is another great example of personal training for women. They're located in Calgary. Their facility is dedicated to helping all women reach their goals in a women’s only fitness space. They design all their fitness program to benefit women. They have a committed team of trainers that want to help you reach your goals.

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We offer 100s of different trainers that want to help you get results in the gym. All our trainers have spent the time and effort helping other people succeed and now they want to help you. They have years of experience perfecting their craft. Our trainers offer online coaching giving you the freedom and flexibility to train with them anywhere in Canada.

Start Today at a Women only Gym

Women's only gyms create a great environment for all women to work out in. You’ll be able to focus on your workout, be in a like-minded area and use equipment that’s meant for you. Check out a women's only gym in your area to experience the benefits for yourself. You can also hire a personal trainer that’s dedicated to helping women get results in the gym.

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