Thinking of sharpening your culinary skills abroad, Canada might be the perfect destination for you. Whether you want to learn how to cook in Canada to enable start a hot new career or develop a hobby, you will find a plethora of options to choose from in this country with its patchwork of cuisine and cooking lessons.

No doubt, the majority of the citizens of Canada are not just passionate about food, but they go the extra mile to learn whatever it takes to prepare great dishes and popular Canadian cuisines. This explains why there are hundreds of cooking classes in Canada as more people want to learn how to cook by the passing of each day.

Cooking classes are a great way to perfect your culinary skills and discover the hundreds of cooking techniques that you wouldn't want to do away with as you cook.

How to Find Cooking Classes in Canada

No matter your level of culinary skills, you will never embark on a fruitless search in your quest to find the best cooking classes in Canada. There are a lot of cooking courses and schools that have sprung up over the years in the country. Even if you don't know about them yet, you shouldn't worry. Superprof has provided all the information you need to enable you to choose the right cooking course and school near you in Canada.

See these cooking lessons in Toronto

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Find The Best Cooking Classes in Toronto

Do you love to perfect your cooking skills in Canada's state capital, learning to make homemade dishes, or you want to grab a feel of the “cook and the city?” You will love Toronto for the many options it offers.

The majority of the cooking schools in Toronto provide both hands-on and demonstration methods of learning. This includes learning the fundamentals of region-based foods and cooking healthier meals that help to fight cancer.

Fortunately, there are a variety of cooking lessons in Toronto for you to hone your skills. Whether you want to improve your culinary skills as part of your career or you want to learn how to create dishes that may not come out of a packet.

There are a lot of places you can take cooking classes in Toronto. Here are some of them.

Dish Cooking Studio

Right at the heart of Little Italy, is Dish Cooking Studio. It allows the student to learn several cooking courses, eat and shop altogether. There are four types of classes in this school: Own the Kitchen, Hands-on, the Dish Underground, and Skills. Each class type has a different price tag and duration.

With each class, students can prepare a variety of dishes under the guidance of the chefs. More so, all classes allow them to enjoy what they have created during the course. They also offer private cooking events in case you want to organize a food-focused party in the future.

Cutrara's kitchen

If you are not looking at taking up cooking lessons as a career but to learn the basics of hosting a corporate event or cooking party, then you might consider Cutrara's kitchen. Hosted by the famous Chef Frank Cutrara, you will learn simple hands-on cooking techniques and dishes that will enable you to create mouthwatering appetizers, desserts, and other foods in his home kitchen.

Aphrodite Cooks

No matter your present culinary skill, Aphrodite Cooks got the perfect cooking course for you. It offers several cooking lessons in Toronto through hands-on and interactive demonstrations across a plethora of local dishes and cuisines. The price per cooking class depends on its duration.

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Discover The Best Cooking Classes in Ottawa

Ottawa can be your go-to place for culinary delights if you are looking to find some of the best cooking classes in Canada with affordable rates and flexible durations. Before you know it, you too could be saying “al dente,” like many Canadians.

It might come as a surprise that Ottawa houses some of the best affordable cooking classes in Canada. If you are going to learn this significant skill on a budget, you should consider here as your second home. Here are some of the best cooking schools in Ottawa.


The Urban Element

THE Urban Element is located in Parkdale avenue and one of the cooking schools in the region. If you desire a unique atmosphere characterized by an old fire station where you can get your hands dirty in the kitchen, then you would find this cooking school a perfect match. From food workshops to feast, you will find several hands-on classes to practice with during each class. They also offer master classes for foodie experts, as well as Brunch, desserts, and Radical Risotto.


It's good cooking

This prestigious cooking school is a renowned sight in Ottawa's culinary hot spots during food tours. The school is located in the Byward Market, where you will find a handful of food vendors, restaurants, and fresh produce to provide you with enough food inspiration.

There are different cooking classes provided, depending on your culinary taste. Also, they have couple-based classes (cook like a chef) and a variety of cooking classes for amateurs and pros alike.

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Learn How to Cook With These Classes in Montreal

There are lots of cooking classes that cement Montreal's reputation as one of the best places in Canada to strengthen your cooking skills. Whether you are looking to impress your loved one at a dinner party or you want to hone your cooking skills uniquely, you will find these cooking classes in Montreal a treasure to behold.


Workshops & Flavors

If you are searching for the best cooking class in Montreal to learn a variety of French cuisines and cocktails, then you will find several reasons to enroll in this school. The range of cocktail classes present will ensure that you always have something in your hand to soak your appetite as you brush up your cooking skills.

Their cooking classes range between an hour to three hours. You can choose any that meet your schedules and budget.


Culinary Academy

If not for any other reason, the state of the magnificent kitchen where this school stages its cooking classes is something to drool over. Your culinary skills will surely experience a boost with the various counter-top spaces to chop and dice quickly.

Classes span from a day, two days to several days. They also have several parent and child cooling lessons to encourage younger ones to help out in the kitchen.

Learn how to cook your favourite dish in Edmonton.

Find The Best Cooking Classes in Edmonton

If you want to master how to prepare some regional cuisines and searching for the best cooking classes in Edmonton that will help you to “think local,” then you will find a plethora of options to choose from in Edmonton.

More so, these cooking schools will help you build your confidence in the kitchen for less. Here are some of them.


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Learning how to cook these dishes in Edmonton can be fun (Source: Unsplash)


Get Cooking

Get Cooking is one of the few cooking classes in Edmonton to find plenty of roster of classes. From Farm to Table Cooking, Mother's Day Brunch to Sweet and Savory dinners, you can easily find a cooking class that you envisioned. The school focuses on teaching students the best ways to make a variety of local dishes from scratch. So if you are planning to take a break from learning how to cook intercontinental cuisines to local meals, then you should be here.

Kitchen by Brad

Here is one of the best places to learn how to cook in a family-style and fun way. So get your crew of 10 or less ready for family-style learning of great culinary tips, boozy BEVs, and other learning tips that will transform you from a stranger in the kitchen to a professional cook.

You can choose between different types of classes that range from in-person, express, and demonstration style. The best part is that Chef Brad Smoliak and his team can organise cooking classes that are 100% customised to your cooking interests and needs.

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Learn Culinary Skills With These Classes in Calgary

The majority of cooking schools in Calgary are located in the heart of several culinary shops with the best gourmet ingredients that you can hardly find elsewhere.

Undoubtedly, Calgary is one of those destinations to plan your next culinary escape and learn a variety of dishes from locals in these cooking classes.


The Cookbooks Co. Cooks

This school boast of the best interactive culinary learning centre in Calgary. It is characterised by several hands-on and hands-off classes designed to make you become a professional cook within a short time. They also organise culinary workshops such as pastries or fermentation.


Kitchen and Chateau

If you want to learn how to cook in this culinary school, you should be ready to meet local instructors who enjoy sharing their passion and demonstrating their love for Canadian cuisines.

You can either watch a chef preparing a gourmet meal or get your hands dirty in making a variety of local dishes such as cheese making, and gluten-free baking. Also, you will learn how to pair international wines with matching cuisines.

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