The demands of the social environment and other daily commitments can make most of us spend less time in the kitchen each day. As a result, we might find it tasking to prepare a plate of pasta, bake a simple cake or put a meal in the microwave. 

Nowadays, when speed and convenience seem to be the only things that matter, how many of us bother to cook? If you are a local in the Montreal area and looking to take up the recipe repertoire, learning how to cook can give you the confidence you crave in the kitchen. 

Finding the best cooking classes in Montreal and taking the relevant courses can be the best way to learn more about the local cuisine prepare healthy meals, kick-start your journey to becoming a professional cook and partake in several culinary activities in a new place. 

The majority of local cuisines in Montreal are distinctively French. Therefore, it would be best if you know how to speak French because most of the instructions dished out in these cooking classes may be in the French language. 

Although several English speaking schools teach novices and professionals how to cook, understanding French will ensure you are not limited when searching for  learning opportunities .

Montreal is popularly called the food lovers paradise, and this is not for vanity's sake. Whether you are a local here or a tourist, you will find some of the best opportunities for latching on to the rich Canadian food culture and trends. If you desire a chef's education in one of the best culinary schools in the city, a handful of options are waiting for you to grab them. Discover more of Canada's cooking classes .

The local culinary scene in Montreal has so much to offer Canadian culinary arts students who want to learn more about regional cuisines and advance their culinary education. Learning how to cook in Montreal will not only help you to discover the many French Cuisines and other traditional foods but teach you how to make the most of Montreal's food markets to prepare mouthwatering local dishes.

Fortunately, many resources will help you achieve this in no time. Superprof is one of them. This guide will help you discover the best cooking school in Montreal, where you can take your cooking skills to the next level. So grab your apron and enrol for the best cooking course that you envisioned.

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Learn How to Cook With Ateliers & Saveurs


Canadian food
You can learn how to prepare a variety of local foods (Source: Unsplash)

Culinary students who wish to learn how to prepare the majority of French cuisines and know a lot about vodka cocktails will discover that this cooking school is a goldmine to be cherished.

With the various courses that will teach you how to prepare local cuisines and the fun-filled wine tasting sessions, you are always guaranteed to have a glass in hand as you learn cooking. Ateliers & Saveurs is the first North American cooking school to offer cooking lessons, wine tasting, and cocktail classes in one location.

The school boasts of passionate professionals from the Montreal area who are eager to help you learn all the how-to's in cooking. More so, the classes are participatory and fun-filled even for a novice who may not know his way around the kitchen.

However, you should know that that school offers public cooking classes in French while English classes are offered only in a private setting to students. Cooking courses take place either in Montreal, or in any location specified by the school.

Course duration:

The school organises short cooking courses (1-3 hours) regularly to teach students how to prepare a particular meal. Full details about cooking courses can be found on the school's website.


The price of cooking courses varies and mostly depends on the duration of each class. You will find cookery courses within the range of $ 24 to $ 115 per person.

Prepare Great Meals With Appetite For Books

If you have never been to this school, a glance at the entrance will portray it as a charming little bookshop to read about the works of popular scholars. But, it's far from it. Just take a few steps into this magnificent place, and you will find a professional chef preparing one of the popular meals for another culinary art class.

The school prides itself in its professionally furnished kitchen, where it performs a variety of food tastings, demonstrations, and dinners. Signing up in this cooking school will help you to discover the trending culinary styles and techniques that exist in Montreal.

The school organises private cooking classes where you can enjoy an evening with guests of 10 or less in a fantastic dinner setting. Watch with all excitement as a professional chef demonstrates the preparation of your favourite dishes in a four-course dinner arrangement. 

Appetite for Books is one of the few cooking classes in Montreal that offer scheduled lessons based on a selection of cookbooks. The classes are infused with a variety of fun activities in a dinner arrangement to satisfy your food curiosities. The cookbooks are available in a wide collection in both French and English language for all students. Chef Jonathan teaches all courses.

Course Duration:

Classes are varied, and the flavours change according to the theme of the course. All classes are held in the school's location at Westmount, Quebec.


The cost of each cooking lesson range from $ 95 to $ 131 per person, including cookbooks. 

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Become a Culinary Pro with Academie Culinaire

This school is one of the best schools where you will find the state-of-the-art kitchen with plenty of space and modern utensils to serve your leaning needs. The school offers cooking courses in a modernised kitchen space with plenty of counter-tops to dice and shop. And this makes it every student's dream place of learning.

Popular menus taught in each class are majorly gourmet that includes puff pastries, paella, and lobster. Students take delight in the variety of cooking classes they offer in the Quebec area, which include a variety of local desserts, grills, seafood, fish sauces, and pastry base dishes.

And if you are a parent, you may find their parent and child cooking classes so much fun. Such classes offer family-oriented cooking sessions for kids and their parents to teach younger ones how to be useful in the kitchen and strengthen the family bond as well. 

Course Duration:

Academie Culinaire offers short cooking courses, and students can either enrol in their single day, two days, or multi-day cooking lessons in Montreal. 


The cost of each course range from $ 150 to $ 475 per person.

Take Fun Cooking Classes With Chef Garnier in La Guilde Culinaire


Learn latest cooking trends from professionals (Source: Unsplash)

If you desire the best cooking course in Montreal, where everyone helps out to prepare delicious meals and cherish fun moments together, then you will love La Guilde Culinaire. 

The school's activities are mostly group based. The word "Guilde" literally means a group of people who share a common passion. Without mincing words, students who take cooking lessons with Chef Garnier and his team can attest that they will make you feel at home as they help you to explore the preparation of local cuisines in the region. 

The school employs an environmentally friendly approach to teach students trending culinary skills and cooking techniques they should to know. More so, the instructors use only fresh, organic, and local ingredients as well as reusable containers to teach students useful culinary skills.

Aside from local dishes, La Guilde Culinaire also teaches students a variety of global flavors such as Indonesian, Greek, and Latin, as well as a handful of extra classes that range from mastering caramel sauce to molecular cooking.

Course Duration:

Classes are varied and the duration is based on the cooking course.


The cost of each cooking course range from $ 65 to $ 129 per person.

Learn How to Mingle and Cook with Cook and Date

Here is a one-of-a-kind cooking school in the heart of Montreal. If you are not just looking for a place to learn how to cook but also a great place to meet like minds, network, make friends and cook, then this cooking school is all you need. 

Cook and Date aim to bring professionals together to mingle, have a great time and cook. The cooking classes are strategically mixed to include an equal ratio of males and females. There is a little pairing up after the class, and tips are offered on how best to keep the group in close connection after the event. 

The events and social gatherings organised by the school are not meant to whack you over your singleness or make you see reasons to pair up quickly. But they are a fun and relaxed way of learning new things, getting stuff down the right way and meeting new people in the locality.

Course Duration:

Enjoy the best of whatever the city of Montreal got to offer. Week after week, Cook and Date organises events where many successful men and women are present to experience fun, meet new people, and cook together.


This varies based on the cooking lesson and duration.

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