If you find yourself worrying about your inability to treat yourself to a surprise or cook your favourite meal at will, then you should know it's time to sign up for a cooking class. Cooking and eating are two distinct activities that share a bond and should be torn apart by anyone.

Edmonton is known as the capital of beef. This should give you a clue regarding the several food choices you will find within the city. However, it's more than that. A peep at the food culture within the city will leave you speechless because you will discover potato-based delicacies and BBQ smoked sandwiches among other local dishes, all struggling to wet your taste buds.

But foodie experts, especially those who are looking g to take culinary classes in Edmonton, should expect more than the usual meat-based delicacies. The city if full of life because of its vibrant food scene. And this makes it one of the best places to strengthen your culinary skills in Canada.

Whether you are a native of Edmonton or you are a tourist, you will find so much delight in the food culture that exists in the city. As you fall in love with the local dishes, wouldn't it be nice if you knew how to prepare all of them?

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Why Take Cooking Classes in Edmonton

If you have always wanted to get dirty in the kitchen and prepare your favourite meals without any assistance from anyone, here is your chance. And even if you don't know how to get started, these Edmonton cooking classes will help you. And if you probably don't know if cooking classes are for you either. Superprof is here to tell you that cooking classes are meant for everyone.

It doesn't matter whether the only thing you can do in the kitchen is to toss a dish into the microwave. A variety of cooking classes in Edmonton are not selective regarding the type of students they train. So, even though you are a novice in the kitchen or you already have a handful of culinary skills. Learning how to cook in Edmonton is a great way to get out of your comfort zone, spice up your date nights, and meet new people.

And if you are sick of staying indoors, learning how to cook several local dishes is a great excuse to go out of the house each day to prepare instead of buying food. More so, cooking classes are a great avenue to boost your creativity and try new foods. You will also discover a plethora of new dishes that you would like to add to your meal timetable.

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Student learning from Chef
You will learn latest cooking trends from professional chefs. (Source: Unsplash)

If you want to know what Edmonton got to offer in the culinary art serene, it would be best if you know the best cookery schools in the city. Not just that, you may also be interested in how they can help you to achieve your goal of becoming a professional cook.

There are numerous places where you can learn how to cook in Edmonton , even if you have no culinary skills at the moment. And the options can be overwhelming. To save your time, Superprof is providing the information you need in this post. No matter your reason for enrolling in a cooking lesson, here are the best places you can straighten your culinary skills and learn from professionals.

Kitchen by Brad

Brad is a famous Chef of international repute who has helped hundreds of culinary art students plan their cooking classes and private kitchen events to enable them to amplify their culinary repertoire. You can learn his latest cooking techniques alone or in the company of your friends. One thing is sure; Brad knows how to make learning more fun than you imagined.

Kitchen by Brad boasts of a well-spaced dining area and private kitchen where you can learn the basics of cooking and even take your culinary skills to another level.

The kitchen studio is located in Downtown, Edmonton. You can choose between a customised course that suits your needs and a demonstration-style class where you will watch Brad and his team prepare five delicacies. You may even opt for the specific type that includes original recipes, a three-course meal, and wine tastings.

Get Cooking

If you desire a culinary school that will teach you to “cook global” yet “think local,” then you might want to see what Get Cooking got up their sleeves. The instructors are not just experts in teaching a variety of culinary lessons, but they will also show you how to leverage on the city's fresh produce and markets to prepare healthy meals from scratch.

The school is located in the heart of Edmonton's Downtown. It organises private cooking classes, corporate events, chef's table cooking classes as well as catering services. It also adopts a unique approach to cooking based on the use of local ingredients to create delicious meals.

Cooking classes are organised based on the schedule stipulated on the school's calendar. The types are a mix of demonstration and hands-on. Students will experience cooking lessons that are accompanied by wine pairings. The class is organised in a serene and relaxed atmosphere to enable students to get the best experience they envisioned.

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Atco Blue Flame Kitchen

Here is a top-rated culinary art school in Edmonton, where the students have the privilege of working alongside a team of home economists to create mouth-watering dishes and globally-inspired cuisines. If you are want to expand your culinary knowledge but have no time to sit in a group with other students and learn how to cook, you shouldn't worry. This cooking school will come to you.

They operate a customised cooking class known as the “ATCO home on the go mobile unit,” where they use a vehicle to deliver your culinary needs and offer outdoor cooking lessons throughout Edmonton.

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Sunterra Market

Sunterra Market allows students to join social classes and learn relevant culinary skills, tricks, and techniques from professional chefs. The classes are organised in a manner that makes the student feel at home right inside the kitchen.

Watch as chefs demonstrate the techniques and recipes for you to learn how to become a culinary pro in a conducive environment. After each class, students are hosted to a delicious buffet meal and a cash bar service. Classes are held in Sunterra Market in Edmonton.

The social kitchen classes are organised monthly for all students. You can also book a private class either for yourself, a team, or a group of 12 or more. Such classes are great for birthday celebrations, family get-together, and corporate team-building experience.

Metro Continuing Education

Anyone searching for the perfect evening and weekend courses to learn cooking in Edmonton is spoilt for choice in this food city. Metro Continuing Education is one of the best culinary schools in Edmonton with a variety of courses for every skill level.

A glance at their cooking classes will help you to discover the best path to take, and you can quickly sign up on their website. The school specializes in teaching a variety of home-based foods and international cuisines to tickle your taste buds. Expand your culinary knowledge and learn new skills in the kitchen with Metro Cooking School.

No matter your skill level, there is so much to learn from the various cooking lessons organised by the school. The classes are held on weekday evenings and Saturdays. They are designed to fit every lifestyle of food enthusiasts in Edmonton. Too busy to learn how to cook? Try Metro Cooking School!

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A cook slicing vegetables
Practicing what you learned from a professional is part of the fun too. (Source: Unsplash)

The Ruby Apron

Learning how to cook delicious meals is never enough. You must understand where the ingredients come from as well. This has been the philosophy of the Ruby Apron since its inception. They organise both evening and all-day classes for students in Edmonton to learn how to prepare some of the popular dishes that spice up the city's food culture.

The school admonishes the use of local, seasonal, and sustainable ingredients in all its classes. At the end of each training session, students will have the opportunity to sit and enjoy what they have created. The classes are entirely hands-on, and the instructors always encourage students to ask questions.

The Ruby Apron believes that if students know how food ingredients are sourced and produced, they will be able to make better decisions regarding their food choices and eating habits. Aside from the regular classes, a few other courses are introduced once or twice a year to spice up the school culinary calendar.

The school encourages students to follow the tips taught in each class to enable them develop healthier cooking and eating culture, which automatically translates to a better society overtime.

Among the plethora of options for learning how to cook in Edmonton, Superprof has been able to bring the top best schools that offer excellent cooking lessons to students in Edmonton. So why wait? Get on right away and develop your culinary skills!

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