As one of the leading countries in the world, you will be sure to find a myriad of IT courses in Canada. The country is packed with all sorts of opportunities to learn and develop IT skills and techniques—whether you’re a beginner or a master in this field. 

However, before we dive into the courses you have at your fingertips, let’s first look into the most common IT courses you can find in the world. These courses are probably easy to find due to their necessity in a variety of fields, or they’re the basic knowledge you need to have. 

Learn more about these readily available courses and the ones you can find in your area as you go through this article. 

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With the number of IT courses available, both online or physical, not everything gains popularity like the crowd favorites. A few may become staples and forever remain popular while others just simply pass by, not given much second thought by former patrons. 

So, for the IT courses that have defended their spot and remained crowd favorites, let’s discuss what they are and why they seem to hold their ground.

Microsoft Technologies

There’s a reason why Microsoft Technologies have been around for a few years now. Most companies trust this language and are not really open to exploring more other than what this already has to offer. 

So if you’re looking into becoming a web developer, this might be a course you should prioritize.

It starts with the basics. The HyperText Markup Language, or HTML, basically makes up the entire internet and is usually partnered with Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS. These two can be learned with Microsoft Technologies which makes it such a useful course. 

Moreover, there are now more beginner-friendly technologies from the same course—one is the Model-View-Controller or MVC. It’s been gaining popularity, as well, so better try this one out.

Java or J2EE 

Another highly trusted technology is the Java or J2EE, widely used by huge companies all over the world in different fields—banking. Telecom, retail, etc. 

But compared to Microsoft Technologies, this may come off as a little bit challenging to learn. There’s a lot of things to absorb and it’s one of the best yet most complicated applications available today. 

Lucky for you, it’s a common course that’s simplified to let newbies catch up. Once you get through the initial stages, you can advance to more complex levels step-by-step. This course serves as a stepping stone for other in-demand skills in the current software market


Python is a popular course because this language is basically great for all types of programming and software development. It has a general-purpose coding language that doesn’t limit itself to HTML nor CSS. 

The language it employs is dynamic and it’s quite easy to learn despite it being an all-around language. Moreover, there is a growing preference for this language mainly because of its readability and low program maintenance costs. 

Developers also find it helpful that it uses code modules which are interchangeable rather than just a long list of instructions. If you’re not a fan of long lists, this language is the best option for you. 

Artificial Intelligence

Before IT became as complex as it is today, IT professionals were content with languages to create websites and programs. But as the world progressed, there was a need to automate and make things much easier for a variety of industries.

This is when artificial intelligence gained much traction. 

It’s quickly changing the workplace and even how the IT industry progresses. Moreover, it’s an exciting field where professionals who decide to specialize in this have so much career potential in the future. 

Data analysis is becoming more and more important and it’s only about time that companies use artificial intelligence to enhance customer experience. 

Learning Artificial Intelligence in Canada. Source: Pixabay

IT Courses and Programs You Can Find in Canada

Canada is a huge country and there’s no doubt that you can find the right course for you. There are tons of options whether you want to study in a different city or you want to stay right where you are. 

Learn more about these IT programs and courses below.


University of Toronto - School of Continuing Studies

With more than 50 programs and 110 certificate courses, the University of Toronto - School of Continuing Studies guarantees a broad range of options should you decide to study in this institution. 

In 1872, the university introduced nighttime classe to close in on the gap for practical competency and skill learning. Learners are constantly equipped with different skills that are highly useful in any workplace. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re adding more skills to your resume or starting anew with a completely different skill set, this school ensures that you’ll have all the learning options you need. This school has a complementary English Language Program for international learners. 

Their Information Technology Program is ideally used to support businesses and companies. Big Data mining, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence are just some of the key courses you’ll learn in this program. 

If you’re looking for more IT courses in Toronto, read this article.


McGill University - School of Continuing Studies

Consistently earning its reputation as an international leader in continuing education, McGill University - School of Continuing Studies in Montréal offers innovative education and engaging learning experiences for students. 

All learners are welcome, whether day learners, professionals, employers, or lifelong learners. These learners have the option to study during daytime, evening, or weekend courses. 

Currently, they offer Information Technology that teaches students to emerge with hands-on experiences and practical insights from courses. The skill a learner gains from this course makes them an employable asset right after graduation. 

Find out more about IT courses in Montréal here.


Vancouver Community College

Right in the heart of Vancouver, Vancouver Community College is a great place to learn new skills and knowledge in an urban center. The college swears by giving students all they need to make a difference in the world. 

In-house facilities are some of the best in the world and the social environments encourage more than just learning—real-world training is at students’ reach. 

Currently, the college offers a variety of technology courses to help students be up-to-date with the latest design software, accounting tools, and networking technology systems. These courses include:

  • CAD and BIM
  • Information Technology
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Repair Technology


Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

As one of the leading institutions in the country, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology is filled with makers and shapers who continuously lead the change and reimagination of the workforce in the area. 

Graduates have a 90% employment rate and it’s recommended by over 95% of its graduates to future learners. It gained its reputation due to the hands-on learning and solution-focused research continuously conducted by the students. 

Currently, it has an Information Technology 2-year full-time diploma program. It’s open for both international and local students and has openings for winter and fall. The program prepares students for the generation, storage, retrieval, and transmission of information. 

To know more about IT programs in Calgary, follow through this link.


University of Ottawa

As the largest bilingual university in the world, speaking both French and English, the University of Ottawa is located at the center of the country’s capital city. It is known for its social sciences, health, engineering, and humanities programs.

The university itself provides an environment where students can learn and excel through their own means and abilities. With a 97% employment rate, it’s a wonderful option for aspiring IT professionals. 

Currently, it has honours and regular programs for computer science, data science, and computer science with a management and entrepreneurship option. 

Learn more about various Ottawa IT programs here


Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Driven to give students relevant skills to become employable and valuable assets in the future, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology is led by experienced instructors that use their personal experience to help students learn better. 

The institution has also partnered up with various companies for specific training. Some of these companies include CompTIA, Cisco, Oracle, Google, and IIBA. Moreover, students have flexible studying options to maneuver around current commitments and work. 

They currently offer certificate course for business solutions such as Data Science and Business Intelligence and Data Management. 

Learn more about Edmonton IT courses here

Consider Online Classes as an Option

While physical classes are great and traditional, not everybody has the luxury of time to attend all these classe. That’s why there’s a unique option that IT aspirants can take if they’re left with no choice. 

This is taking up online tutoring classes. 

Learning IT Through a Tutor. Source: Stocksnap

It may not sound as appealing as getting certificates or diplomas but in a field where skill becomes your most powerful weapon, learning as much as you can during your free time should be maximized. 

Online tutoring is a great option, especially if you want to focus on specific languages or skills. You can select a tutor based on their experience and learning from these experts does have its advantages. 

To easily find a tutor for you, check out Superprof. It’s an online tutoring platform that connects  you to IT professionals and education. 

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