Today, almost everything in the world is going digital which makes IT an ideal course to take if you want a career that will be around for the next hundred years or so. 

Choosing this career path opens hundreds—probably thousands—of doors for those who are willing to understand different languages that create something out of nothing. More so, this field is subjected to developments everyday and it can be a little exasperating trying to catch up. 

But with the courses readily available for you to take, being up-to-date and skilled only requires dedicated learning and practice. Read on to know why you should pursue IT, what careers are within your reach, and where to study IT in Canada. 

Why Study IT

The world is moving towards an era where everything stems from technology and almost every aspect of daily life is powered by it. We have benefited from the developments in this field and life is, arguably, more productive these days—thanks to those in the IT field. 

But if you’re looking for more reasons to study IT, here are some that might just convince you to enroll as soon as possible. 

Hundreds of Job opportunities 

The course itself makes you well-versed in several subjects and programs. Pursuing a career in IT doesn’t limit the kind of jobs you can take. In fact, it provides a full spectrum of where you can work after finishing a degree or course on it. 

Moreover, with the direction the world is headed to, this job will always be in demand for as long as technology is needed. Of course, this requires you to constantly improve your skills and learn new developments along the way. But for job security, that sounds like a small price to pay, right? 

Flexible Work Setup

Compared to the 9-to-5 jobs most people have these days, this is one of the industries that allows you to work at your own pace—given that you meet deadlines and finish tasks on time. It doesn’t matter if you work during the wee hours of the night or during the brightest time of the day. 

Flexibility doesn’t end with just the working hours; you can either work with a team or work solo, depending on the project you’re working on. This is a privilege that not many people have but it’s readily available for IT graduates. 

Good Money

There’s no denying that this career can get demanding and may be a little challenging, but all that gets compensated well with good money. Not only is IT one of the biggest industries in the world, but it’s also one of the highest paying as well. 

It’s well-known that people working in this industry have the potential to earn thousands of dollars each year. With the skills and knowledge they have, it’s just right to be paid a huge amount of money, right?

Future Careers After IT Courses

We’ve mentioned that there are hundreds of job opportunities readily available for those who studied IT. if you’re not sure about what careers those are, here’s a list of some of the most popular career paths:

Web Developer

Surely this career path rings a lot of bells as it’s considered to be a jack of all trades. IT graduates can become web developers that create web pages, applications, and content within their current skill set. 

To get ahead of the game, you still need to become even more savvy in different web languages but IT provides a great foundation to pursue a career as a web developer. 

Systems Analyst

If you’re the type to get excited about improving systems, then you might just want to pursue this career after finishing your degree. Systems analysts work to provide solutions for various computer systems and business problems. 

Oftentimes, this career responds to a variety of requests from business owners to improve their productivity and efficiency. 

Technical Support

As the name suggests, this career offers support to different problems in the IT industry. You’ll mostly be tasked to monitor and maintain systems and networks within an organization and business. Those working for this department are highly valued by organizations due to the nature of their job. 

IT Courses in Canada

Now that we’ve gotten the necessary information all laid down, let’s now take a look at where you can start your journey towards becoming an IT graduate in Canada. Given the abundance of opportunities that await IT graduates, there are a lot of institutions that offer this program. 

Below is a list of institutions at different key areas in Canada.

IT Courses in Canada
IT Courses in Canada


University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies offers a program in Information Technology. This school is one of the longest running universities in Toronto and is one of the leading institutions for learning and research. 

Their IT program covers different fields such as Privacy, Access, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, User Experience Design, Artificial Intelligence, and many more. Moreover, the institution takes pride in their ability to adapt to the ever-changing market trends and shifts. 

You’ll also learn from industry subject matter experts who have valuable experience in different specialized IT areas and from content that’s currently available in the industry. 

Find IT programs in Toronto


Concordia University of Edmonton offers their newest course, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Playing an important role in the education sector of Alberta since 1921, this university offers over 45 majors and minors in various fields and industries. 

Their new IT program is crafted to prepare students to possess various combinations of practical skills and knowledge that will become useful in their future careers. Moreover, they cover various courses such as software development, cyber security, computing and emerging technologies, and many more. 

This 4-year program can propel your IT career in this city or anywhere in the world. Find more IT programs in Edmonton here. 


Founded in 2006, the Montréal College of Information Technology already has over 5,000 graduates that found their own career paths. This institution focuses on providing quality learning for their respective IT programs.

Their IT curriculum is updated on the latest technological trends and developments that are beneficial for students. Moreover, they continuously strive to achieve their goal of making sure their graduates immediately get hired by offering strong foundations on different subjects. 

Currently, they offer Diploma in Systems Network Administrator, Diploma in Java Language Programming, Analyst Programmer Diploma in Web Development, and Digital Marketing Diploma in Web Analytics. 

Each course is between 900-1200 hours and starts either in July or October. Find more IT programs in Montréal here. 


Offering quality education since 1964, the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) takes pride in teaching students to become experts, professionals, and innovators in their respective fields. They offer various practical career credentials, diplomas, certificates, bachelor degrees, and master’s degrees. 

Their two-year, full-time Computer Information Technology diploma program focuses on various emerging tools and technologies that will prepare you for a well-compensating career in the future. 

Moreover, they focus on giving hands-on work for various industry projects to equip students with practical skills used in the industry. Their state-of-the-art space for learning features small classes and a TEC hub that mimics the environment of a real tech company. 

Find the more IT programs in Vancouver here


The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) was established in 1916 and has since offered over 100 career programs, 1,300 continuing education courses, and corporate training courses to various companies. 

They offer a two-year, full-time program for those who want to get a diploma in information technology. This comprehensive program prepares students for the dynamic industry through different majors: computer systems, network systems, telecommunications, or software development. 

They also have transfer options to various universities such as Athabasca University, Griffith University, Thompson Rivers University, and many more. Find more IT programs in Calgary here


Carleton University in Ottawa is known for their innovation in research, teaching, and learning. Their programs are focused on hands-on experience inside the classroom that better equips their students for their future careers. Not to mention, their exceptional student support is one of the best in the country. 

The university offers four distinct programs under the Bachelor of Information Technology namely Information Resource Management (IRM), Interactive Multimedia and Design (IMD), Network Technology (NET), and Optical Systems and Sensors (OSS). 

Their programs are offered jointly with Algonquin College’s schools of Health and Community Studies so you get to graduate with another diploma from Algonquin College. 

Find more IT programs in Ottawa here.

IT Student Essentials
IT Student Essentials

Another Way to Learn IT

Studying in an institution is not the only way to become an IT professional. There are various platforms and ways to learn the skills and knowledge if becoming a full-time student can’t be permitted by your current workload or schedule. 

For one, Superprof offers a platform for aspiring students to learn from IT professionals as their tutors. This tutoring platform gives you the opportunity to learn from individuals who are willing to teach you everything they know at your own time and for your convenience. 

What’s even more interesting is that you get to decide how you want to learn, whether face-to-face or via video calls. Whatever it is, everything favors you and your way of learning. Just check out the list of profiles available at the website and choose a professional that meets your needs. 

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