Montréal was the largest city in Canada for a while. With a city this big, it’s bound to be filled with opportunities and career options for a lot of different fields. 

One such field is Information Technology. 

Obviously, the world is moving towards digitalization and Montréal is nowhere near being left behind. Many institutions and organizations offer programs and certification courses covering different concepts, especially the newest developments and innovations in the industry.

So for those who are interested in becoming an IT professional in the future, here are several places where you can take up an IT program or get an IT-related certificate. 

IT Programs and Certification Courses in Montréal

Considering that Montréal is a French city, several institutions teach education in the French language. But this doesn’t deter students from all over the world to flock to the city to get educated. 

Institutions offer different methods of learning to coincide with the schedules and availability of respective students. In fact, if you’re looking for IT programs, here are several institutions offering related programs and certification courses. 

Montréal College of Information Technology

The Montréal College of Information Technology was founded in 2006 and has already produced over 5,000 graduates who pursued careers paths in the IT industry. 

Even before you become a student, the institute already makes sure that you get all the help you need by assisting you when you choose a program. They make sure that you’re making the right choice and that it’s a step towards a thriving professional future. 

At this institute, you can expect to receive programs that are up-to-date with the recent developments in the field and are focused on delivering job-ready graduates. In short, they aim to make their students employable upon graduation. 

They have standard programs that are constantly updated to give students access to recent developments in the field. The courses under the standard program are: 

  • LEA.CL Networking and Technical Support
  • LEA.CK Specialization - Programmer Analyst (Full Stack Java Developer)
  • LEA.CK Specialization - Program Analyst (Web App Development)
  • LEA.CX Web Development and Digital Marketing 

However, they also have other programs such as Fast Track and International Students Program. All their programs can range between 900 to 1200 hours. 

LaSalle College Montréal

Established by Jean-Paul Morin in 1959, LaSalle College is the largest bilingual private institution that provides professional, college, and pre-university training to all students in North America. 

The institution has 5 speciality schools and 60 programs that cover the fields of business and technologies, hotel management and tourism, fashion, arts, and design, social sciences and education, and VFX and game design. 

But the institution is mostly known for being the largest fashion school in Canada. However, they still offer excellent courses, especially ones related to IT. 

Their programs are based on practical knowledge and problem-solving skills that will be useful once students are exposed to several industries during practical training. The list below shows the programs that students can choose from.

  • Computer Science Technology - Programming
  • Computer Science Technology - Network and Security Management
  • Specialization in Business Intelligence
  • Mobile and Web Application Development for Mobiles Devices in Information Technology
  • Network Management
  • Cisco Network Management
  • Information Technology Programmer-Analyst
  • Computer Science Technology - Video Game Programming
  • Multimedia Integration

What’s even more appealing about this school is that they allow you to go through an online admission. You just need to prepare your program choice, contact information, personal information, your previous school records, and admission free payment. 

If you’re looking for similar technology courses in Edmonton, better check out Canford Institute of Technology.

You can get yourself admitted in just under 10 minutes!

IT Programs in Montréa
IT Programs in Montréa

Concordia Continuing Education

Concordia Continuing Education offers tons of opportunities for students to discover their own answers to personal, professional, and organizational growth within their respective communities and society as a whole. 

They focus on imbibing their students with collaborative, genuine, immersive, innovative, and versatile skills and values that will become useful in life. In fact, they’re better known as Your Training Ground for Life. 

For those who need extra help during their studies, the school also offers additional resources that are readily available for students. These come in the forms of student services, student request forms, and cancellation & refund policies. 

For their IT programs, you can check out the list below to see their diploma programs and certification courses. 


  • Big Data
  • Cyber Resilience
  • Data Science
  • Desktop & Mobile Apps Development with Java
  • Java Applications Development
  • PHP/MySQL Applications Development
  • Server Side Apps & Services Development with Java
  • Web Development


  • Big Data Systems Management
  • Big Data for Business
  • Programming Fundamentals with Java

Vancouver Community College offers similar courses. Better check them out if you want to study in Vancouver!

McGill School of Continuing Studies 

With an established reputation for being a leader in continuing education, the McGill School of Continuing Studies offers various programs that are innovative and designed to respond to the needs of students. 

Moreover, instructors are trained to engage and make sure that students get a wide range of experience that will be essential once they continue with their careers. At this school, you get to choose between daytime, evening, and weekend courses—whichever suits your schedule best.

If you’re looking to learn new IT-related skills, create a valuable network, and elevate your personal and professional goals, here is a list of programs and certificate courses being offered at McGill. 

  • Certificate of Computers and Information Technology
  • Professional Development Certificate of Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Diploma in Digital Analytics and Business Intelligence

Seneca College in Toronto also offers similar tech courses and more! Check out their page if you want to study in the biggest city in Canada

John Abbott College

Established in 1971, John Abbott College is a public college that has served over 6,500 full-time day students and 2,000 continuing education students. ‘

With their mission to provide excellent education to students, they create stimulating learning environments to enhance development and potential for success in society. They also foster their students’ abilities to make articulate decisions that are beneficial for society. 

They provide well-rounded and balanced pre-university and career programs and also promote lifelong learning through continuous improvement. 

They have IT career-oriented programs, offered on a full-time or part-time basis, that provide the necessary tools needed for job success. Their IT programs are listed down below.

  • Internet Programming and Development - Evening or Day full-time
  • Graphic and Web Design - Day full-time
  • Mobile Application Development - Day full-time
  • Network Administration - Day full-time
  • Cisco Networking - Evening part-time

They also have a specialized IT course that is funded by the Government of Quebec. It’s just $2/hour and it’s for those who are currently working in IT or have a background in the industry. They also have a course on Cisco within their Cisco Network Academy. 

Find similar courses in Calgary, specifically in CDI College.

HEC Montréal

If you’re fluent in French and are looking to study in a French-language university, HEC Montréal is the place for you. It’s a world-renowned institution that offers management education and research. It was established in 1907 and has since grown to train students who eventually become relevant to society. 

The institution’s main mission is to build excellence through research and teaching to enable students to make responsible contributions to the success of organizations and social development. 

They also make sure their learning approach is human-centered, responsible, and collaborative. Their certificate programs can be adapted to daytime, evening, or weekend classes and can be alternated between online instruction and classroom settings. Some courses are, in fact, online.

Their IT programs, offered in French, are listed below.

  • Certificat en analyse d'affaires – technologies de l’information
  • Certificat en analyse de la sécurité de l'information et des systèmes

Students who choose to study at this institution also gain lifetime access to HEC’s Career Management Service. They also have the opportunity to network with a lot of alumni during and after their studies.

Continuing Education in IT
Continuing Education in IT

Finding Private IT Tutors in Montréal

Aside from full-time, or even part-time, learning methods, learners can also opt to choose employing their own private IT tutor. Having your own tutor also offers a lot of freedom in terms of schedule and areas of learning.

With a tutor, you get to have a personalized program or teaching method that will best meet your needs. Moreover, you also get to express which areas you still need polishing or more supplementary knowledge. 

Regardless if it’s for additional learning or assistance for challenging academic loads, getting a tutor might be the most suitable option for you. And the easiest way to find a tutor is through Superprof. 

At this website, you get to see a list of profiles, their respective descriptions, rates, and reviews left by former students. This online tutoring platform helps you connect to a tutor that might just be the answer to your prayers. 

Just simply input your location, whether in Montréal, Ottawa, or any other Canadian city, then browse through the list of profiles, and find the best one for you today!


Montréal is indeed filled with learning and career opportunities for both working IT professionals and eager students. With so many institutions and programs to choose from, it all boils down to preference and interests. 

Check out these institutions or find the right tutor for you through Superprof. What are you waiting for? Kickstart your learning now!

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