With promising careers and fat paychecks, the IT industry has attracted thousands of people who are looking for job security and financial stability in the long run. The world is headed towards digitalization and it’s definitely one of the industries that will stick around for a long time.

That’s why it’s not surprising that students opt to pursue degrees and courses related to IT. Given that the industry is bombarded with developments and innovations every day, different ways of learning have also sprouted—making it more accessible for students. 

In Edmonton, the opportunities are readily available for those interested and you can learn IT in more ways than one. So choose a method that’s more efficient for you and start your journey today!

Degree and Diploma Programs in Edmonton

Degrees and diplomas are still much common today, especially for those who are capable of becoming full-time students dedicated to 2- to 4-year programs. There are several institutions in Edmonton offering a variety of IT courses for you to choose from.

Here’s a list of them. 

Concordia University of Edmonton

When Concordia University of Edmonton opened its doors in 1921, they committed to provide their students with quality education by focusing on the needs of their students and community while still being globally aware and responsible. 

Today, they offer over 45 majors and minors in Arts, Science, and Management and various masters, graduate, and after-degree programs. Just recently, they decided to offer the course Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. 

The 4-year undergraduate program is specifically designed to equip students with combined knowledge and practical skills to become experts in computing technology problems in any company or organization.

The course itself covers computing and emerging technologies, software development, and cyber security among others. Moreover, ethical, legal, and social issues related to IT are also included in the course. 

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology was opened in 1962 and has since offered more than 80 credit programs and courses to Canadian and international students. Over 40,000 students each year learn through technology-based education and applied research. 

The courses also equip students with skills and knowledge that make them prepared for the future career paths they pursue. The institution offers a variety of certifications and programs related to information technology. 

One of their programs is the Bachelor of Applied Information Systems Technology - Information Systems. Through this 2-year program, students will learn the advanced techniques, methodologies, and tools that will be used for analyzing and designing scalable computer systems. 

Another program that students can take is Bachelor of Applied Information Systems Technology - Network Management. This 2-year program will prepare students for highly specialized planning, installation, and operations of computer networks for large enterprises. 

Both of these programs can be taken virtually or through classroom settings. Students also take up a 4-month internship to complete the program.

IT Degree Programs
IT Degree Programs

Canford Institute of Technology

Canford Institute of Technology is a post-secondary institution that focuses on business and technology. This institution focuses on giving the students the best education experience through the bridging of the gap between skills and honing leadership competencies

Their Diploma in Business Information Technology focuses on giving the students a broad range of skills that will make them in demand in IT and business industries. Students are equipped with knowledge to put together custom systems using cloud-based applications. 

Moreover, the program enables students to acquire business intelligence that will help them during decision-making processes for any organization or company they’re part of. This can either be a full-time or part-time diploma program that can be completed in 66 weeks. 

Students under the program will also get hands-on experience on business consulting projects in various industries including finance, customer development, and operations. While work experience for this program is not required, it will definitely come in handy. 

Better check out LaSalle College of Montréal if you want to find similar technology courses in the French city of Montréal.

IT Training and Certification Courses in Edmonton

For those who do not necessarily have the luxury of time to complete long programs, there are also a variety of certification courses being offered in Edmonton. In other cases, a lot of IT professionals just want to add to their current skill set or be knowledgeable in new developments. 

Moreover, these training and certification courses are often offered in flexible setups that are suitable for the lives of the working sector. 

Here’s a list of them. 

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

As mentioned in the previous section, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology offers a variety of programs and courses to students from all over the world. This includes certification courses for a variety of specialties.

They offer part-time IT training certificates and courses in various fields and specialties. These courses are taught by experienced instructors that can easily help you transition your skills from classroom setting to real-life work situations. 

They’ve also partnered with several companies such as Google, Cisco, Oracle, CompTIA, Institute Authorized Academy, and many more for these courses. They offer courses in the following fields: 

  • Business Solutions
  • Database Administrator
  • Digital Media and Web Technology
  • Office and Accounting Software
  • Network and Security
  • Programming and Application Development

Moreover, their computer labs and training facilities are readily available for usage. They have flexible study options to meet the needs of students so they don’t have to worry about their schedules and other personal and professional commitments. 

CED Solutions

Providing over 100 programs in the country, CED Solutions offers thorough IT and computer training classes that equip students with sufficient knowledge in various applications and areas in the industry. 

Their Edmonton Classroom Certification Boot Camps are inclusive of hands-on instruction, course materials, practice exams, and certification exams. Students can also re-attend the same boot camp one more time, free of charge. 

The program is also available through online training classes if your schedule doesn’t permit or you have other personal and professional commitments

Here are some of the training classes they offer: 

  • Azure 
  • Cisco 
  • CompTIA 
  • CyberSecurity
  • DoD 8570.1
  • EC-Council 
  • Exchange Server 
  • Getting Started
  • Linux/Unix
  • MCA 
  • MCE 
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Course
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Role-Based 
  • Oracle 
  • Project Management
  • SQL Server

You can check out their website for more details. 

Brighton College at Vancouver offers similar courses if ever you want to study in a different city. Check out their page for more details. 

Global Knowledge

Operating since 1995, Global Knowledge has offered their services to various organizations, technology providers, enterprises, and governments all over the world. They offer their expertise through multiple delivery formats and various fields for those who want to improve their skills and achieve higher job satisfaction. 

Their innovative and flexible learning solutions can help you manage critical technology initiatives and develop your talent to become more valuable for the market. 

They offer their ITIL 4 Foundation certification course for those who want to get certified in the global standard for IT Service Management. The course provides students the knowledge on the organization’s digital and information system functions to enable an understanding of functions, practices, and principles.

IT Virtual Classes
IT Virtual Classes

The course is inclusive of virtual sessions, blended live sessions, and a final exam on the last day. You can either choose to have a 3-day virtual classroom live format, 3-day face-to-face classroom live, or a 3-month training course that fits you can access anytime within that period

They also have a branch in Toronto, Ottawa, and Calgary

Find a Private IT Tutor in Edmonton 

Another way to learn IT in Edmonton is to find yourself your own private tutor. Regardless if you’re learning new skills or you just need supplementary knowledge and skills to what you currently have, getting a tutor might be the most feasible option for you. 

Given that there are a variety of IT professionals all over the world, these professionals can use their knowledge and experience and impart them to you. 

The easiest way to find a tutor in Edmonton is to use Superprof. It’s an online tutoring platform that allows you to see a list of tutors who are willing to offer their services to you at a price. You get to see what they offer, their rates, brief descriptions, and former reviews made by students. 

Through this website, you get to find a tutor that will tutor you on topics that you specified. Sessions will also depend on the agreed time between you and your chosen tutor. So go through the list of profiles and find a tutor that will seem like the best match for you. 


There’s no denying that there are thousands of opportunities waiting in the IT industry in Canada that’s why students are inclined to take up this course.  Moreover, there are also a variety of ways that the concepts can be learned, depending on what’s most feasible. 

Whether it’s taking and finishing a degree, certification course, training class, or getting supplementary knowledge from a tutor, it all depends on how you want to learn and what’s the easiest way for you to. 

What are you waiting for? Start your learning journey today!

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