While Canada is generally filled with exceptional IT professionals and tech talents, Ottawa definitely stands out from the rest. For several years, the nation’s capital has ranked first in terms of employment growth in the tech industry. 

Back in 2017, the city had more number of employees in the tech industry compared to Silicon Valley and Boston. And just recently, there have been whispers about startups that will put the Ottawa tech industry back on track. 

Along with these whispers, several institutions are offering updated computer and IT related programs to help the city produce graduates to meet the demand for manpower in the tech industry. 

Read on to know more about the different IT programs and courses in the city.

IT Programs and Courses in Ottawa

With the technology industry thriving in the city, the demand for IT professionals will surely skyrocket which is why institutions and organizations offering IT-related programs have been improving and increasing in number. 

As the city moves forward, courses and programs have also been updated to include recent innovations and developments that will ensure students are equipped with the necessary skills to make them effective and essential employees to any organization. 

If you’re looking for IT programs and courses in Ottawa, here’s a list of some of the best ones.

Carleton University

Known for their expertise and innovations in research, teaching, and learning, Carleton University crafted their programs to provide hands-on experience inside the classroom to equip students for industry standards. 

Since 1942, the university has since grown into an institution that caters to more than 24,000 students each year, both full-time and part-time. Moreover, they offer more than 50 disciplines, supported by various scholarships. 

What’s even more interesting about this school is that it’s recognized as an official UNESCO World Heritage Site that is situated right beside the Rideau Canal on unceded Algonquin territory. 

They offer two IT-related programs: Computer Science and Information Technology. The Computer Science program is an honors program that is organized into several diverse streams to develop certain expertise. This program is also offered as a minor, wherein students from other programs can take up units.

The Information Technology program provides students with the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to be competitive in the current IT industry. There are four distinct programs: Information Resource, Interactive Multimedia and Design, Network Technology, and Optical Systems and Sensors. 

The mentioned programs are jointly offered by Carleton’s School of Information Technology and Algonquin’s College’s of School Health and Community Studies, Advanced Technology. 

Langara College in Vancouver also offers similar courses. You might want to check their programs out, as well. 

Algonquin College

Established in 1967, Algonquin College has been committed to giving their students quality education, state-of-the-art facilities, and strategic partnerships that have enabled them to become the best in their respective fields. 

The college was named after the First Nations people who lived in the area. It was a result of the merging of Eastern Ontario Institute of Technology, established in 1957, and Ontario Vocational Centre, established in 1965

Today, there are now three campuses located in Ottawa, Pembroke, and Perth. 

They offer degree programs, advanced diplomas, diplomas, graduate certificates, apprenticeships, and continuing education. Their IT-related programs for each are as follows: 

Degree Programs:

  • Bachelor of Information Technology - Network Technology
  • Bachelor of Information Technology - Optical Systems and Sensors (BIT-OSS)
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Business Systems Development)
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Digital Health) 

Advanced Diplomas:

  • Computer Engineering Technology - Computing Science
  • Computer Systems Technology - Security


  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Systems Technician
  • Internet Applications & Web Development 
  • Mobile Application Design & Development 

Graduate Certificates:

  • Business Intelligence System Infrastructure
  • Geographic Information Systems

To know more about each program, visit their website here.

Learning Computer Courses in Ottawa
Learning Computer Courses in Ottawa

University of Ottawa

University of Ottawa is the largest bilingual university in the world, where the two major languages are English and French. It’s also the largest law school in Canada and offers more about $60 million in scholarships and bursaries

The university takes pride in their transformative learning, cutting-edge research, sustained commitment to our community, effective governance, and outstanding leadership and management. 

The university offers 450 programs in 10 different faculties. To attest to the quality of their education and experience, the university has produced more than 210,000 graduates that have an employment rate of 97%. 

They offer the following programs related to IT. 

  • Graduate Diploma Internet Technologies
  • Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Option in Business Technology Management)
  • Minor in Computer Science for Scientists
  • Minor in Computer Science
  • Master of Digital Transformation and Innovation
  • Master of Digital Transformation and Innovation with Concentration in Applied Data Science
  • Master of Digital Transformation and Innovation with Concentration in UX Design
  • Master of Systems Science

Willis College

Willis College was established in 1866 and has been consistent in providing students with high employability skills. It has also secured its reputation for being a top college in Ottawa by continuously serving the community and meeting the ever-changing demands of the market. 

They have several post-secondary diploma programs with co-op placements for many other programs, industry-recognized certifications, on-campus career fairs, career management seminars and exclusive partnerships with successful companies

The college, itself, is career-focused and has curated their curriculums to ensure students are equipped with the necessary skills that will make them stand out from the rest. 

IT-related programs offered by the college are listed down below:

  • Network Security Professional diploma
  • Cybersecurity Analyst Program
  • Mobile Software Developer - Mobile Applications Program

Herzing College

Herzing College was opened in 1965 with the intent to provide computer technology training. But over the years, the college expanded its offerings to various fields including design, healthcare, legal studies, technology, and professional development. 

The school has been highly committed to giving quality training to students through instructors who bring academic and industry experiences to classrooms. These instructors also help students hone their skills according to industry standards

Moreover, curriculums and course contents are frequently assessed and reviewed by advisory boards and industry associations to ensure that students are learning essential knowledge and skills relevant to their respective industries

Currently, the college is a Computer Networking Technology program where students learn how to establish, operate, maintain, and coordinate the use of networks, software, hardware, and other related equipment. 

The necessary knowledge and skills they learn will get them employed in positions covering technical support, computer maintenance and repair, hardware and software installation, and network administration. 

Global Knowledge 

Global Knowledge has been offering IT training courses since 1995 to established organizations, technology providers, enterprises, and governments all over the world. Their courses often come in multiple delivery formats that are suitable for their target market: busy IT professionals who want to add to their list of skills. 

The company offers training courses that will help seeking organizations and individuals provide innovative and flexible learning solutions to develop talent and skills to become even more competitive. 

If you’re looking for short training courses in relation to Cisco, you can find several offerings from this company. Their training courses can also be conducted in their Ottawa Training Centre. Here are some of the training courses they offer:

  • DCCOR - Implementing and Operating Cisco Data Centre Core Technologies v1.0
  • SSNFGW - Securing Networks with Cisco Firepower Next Generation Firewall v1.0
  • ENWLSI - Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Network v1.0
  • DCIUCS - Introducing Cisco United Computing System v1.0
  • SCOR - Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies v1.0
  • Project Management Overview
  • DCFNDU - Understanding Cisco Data Center Foundations v1.0

They also have branches in Edmonton, Toronto, and Calgary

Academy of Learning Career College 

Academy of Learning Career College was founded as a franchise system in 1987 and initially specialized in computer and business skills training for adults. As they progressed, they expanded their offerings to students.

Their classroom setting is a vibrant, interactive community where the instructor engages the class and provides individual coaching to enable the students to gain all the knowledge they need. Individual progress is also closely monitored. 

What sets this institution apart is that they have an exclusive Integrated Learning System that ensures student success and allows them to complete over one million training courses. 

Currently, the institution offers the following programs:

  • Software and Web Developer
  • Blockchain Technology
  • CompTIA A+ Certification Preparation
  • Computer Aided Drafting and Design
  • Computer Service Technician
  • IT Security Specialist
  • MCSA Windows Server
  • Network Administrator
  • PC Support Specialist

Finding a Private IT in Ottawa

You can also learn IT concepts and skills by employing the services of a tutor. Through tutoring, you can have an individualized program that will ensure you learn through the best methods and cover your weak areas. 

Private IT Instructor in Ottawa
Private IT Instructor in Ottawa

One of the easiest ways to find an IT tutor is through Superprof, an online tutoring platform that connects you to IT professionals who are willing to impart the knowledge and skills you’re seeking. 

Moreover, you also get to see the tutors near you if you input your location. So whether you’re in Ottawa, Montréal, or any other Canadian city, you can easily find an IT tutor for yourself. 

Just browse through the list of profiles and you’ll see their names, brief descriptions of themselves, their rates, specialties, and reviews made by their former students. Through these pieces of information, you’ll surely find the right tutor for you. 


As Ottawa once again marks its place in the tech world, more and more students are opting to pursue careers in the tech industry. This means that they’ll seek courses and various methods of learning to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills. 

As shown above, there are plenty of institutions and organizations offering quality IT education to students in Ottawa. You can even find your own private tutor. 

What are you waiting for? Start your IT journey today!

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