There’s no denying that one of the keys to having a long and healthy life is maintaining a well-balanced and healthy diet. You could work out all you want but if you’re not eating the right food, it’s practically useless.

Our younger selves got away with it and obviously, we used to gobble up all the junk we could because it honestly tasted better than the green, leafy veggies we were forced to eat—as far as our taste buds are concerned. 

Now that we’re much older and wiser, it’s not too late for us to change our diets and feed our bodies with good food—both delicious and healthy ones. But how do we do it if we’re not experts in the field of nutrition?

The answer is finding a nutritionist to do it for you or to teach you how to do it.

There are a lot of nutritionists in Canada and it’s a lot more common than you think. Here, we’ll list down the nutritionists you can find in the country and ones who can teach you how to do it. Read on to find out more about these professionals. 

All About a Nutritionist

Before we go about giving information on nutritionists from all over the major cities in the country, let’s first find out what nutritionists actually do and see if you need to hire one or you might want to become one.

Duties of a Nutritionist

Nutritionists do more than just tell you which veggies and fruits to include in your diet. 

In fact, they can plan everything that goes into your body according to what you need. As more and more people are becoming aware and conscious about their health, the need for a nutritionist has also increased. 

Nutritionists are food and nutrition experts who help people start and maintain a healthy diet and achieve their health goals by providing direction on what they need to eat based on their dietary needs and restrictions. 

These professionals can either have their own private practice or work for public settings. In terms of private practice, these experts create meal plans for clients who have dietary restrictions or those who simply want to eat healthily. 

In public settings, you can often find a nutritionist working for hospitals, nursing homes, and even schools where they plan for meals and make sure each meal follows the dietary restrictions mandated by guidelines or by the restrictions. 

For the most part, the tasks of a nutritionist depend on where they’re working but all of these are just to make sure that the meals plans they create are fit for whoever it’s made for. 

Do You Need a Nutritionist?

Now if you’re unsure if you need the services of a nutritionist, here are some things that can help you decide. 


You Have Allergies or Intolerance to Specific Food or Food Groups

Having allergies to both uncommon and common foods can be quite the hassle, especially when you want to prepare your own meal plans for the week. However, if you want the hassle-free option, you can employ the services of a nutritionist. 

Inform your nutritionist about all the allergies and intolerances you have so that they can recommend which food groups to cut or what specific diet would be suitable for your situation and lifestyle. 


You're Unsure of What You Need in Your Diet

While everybody can do their own fair share of research for what’s healthy and what’s not, it doesn’t really compare to the knowledge that nutritionists have. 

Considering that they got their degrees because they studied for a couple of years, it’s safe to say that you can rely on what these professionals can do. They’ll craft a diet specifically for you and you won’t even have to read up countless jargons you might not be able to understand. 


You Have Underlying Conditions 

A fair share of the population have their own underlying conditions that they need to consider when switching up diets. If you’re one of these people, it might be beneficial and convenient for you to consult a nutritionist on meal plans that won’t harm you or worsen your condition.

Meal Plan Programs. Source: Pixabay

Nutritionists in Canada 

With so many opportunities for professionals in the country, it’s expected that it will have its fair share of nutritionists. In fact, finding one in your own city wouldn’t be as hard with the help of the websites like Superprof. 

Read on to find a nutritionist in your city. 

Nutritionists in Toronto

There are quite a number of nutritionists in this provincial capital of Ontario, considering that it’s the largest city in the country and the fourth largest in North America. A diverse population considers Toronto as home and with this diversity comes different dietary needs. 

That’s why it’s no surprise that nutritionists put up their own private practices or offer their services to public institutions. 

One of these institutions is JM Nutrition that houses several registered nutritionists and dietitians. The company was opened in 2006 by Julie Mancuso, a registered holistic nutritionist who has worked in the field for over 15 years. 

The company specializes in healthy weight loss meal plans, but also offer plans for disordered eating, illness or disease management, pediatric nutrition, digestive health, and personalized meal plans among others

Nutritionists in Montréal

You can also expect to find nutritionists in the French city of Montréal. With more than 180,000 people migrating and settling in the city, surely one of the many careers people choose to pursue is becoming a nutritionist. 

Vanessa Perrone of Motive Nutrition started as a blog that eventually turned into a business, offering services such as nutrition coaching for digestive health, women’s wellness, and a way for people to make peace with food. 

They offer two packages: Eat Well and Live Well. The Eat Well package is good for 1 month and is ideal for short-term diet changes wherein you’ll get an assessment session and 2 follow-up sessions. You can expect to receive a nutrition plan, snack ideas, and healthy habit guidelines from the company itself. 

On the other hand, their Live Well package is good for 3 months and includes an assessment session, 4 follow-up sessions, 3 check-ins, a nutrition plan, snack ideas, healthy habit guidelines and additional tools for personal goals.

Nutritionists in Vancouver

Considered to be one of the most livable cities in the world, Vancouver has the right mix of nature and urban elements—and of course, food. As much as there are countless options for food choices, health is still one of the topmost priorities of the residents of this city. Having said that, nutritionists are abundant within the area. 

One of the companies that you can easily look up is the Vancouver Dietitians, managed by registered dietitians Alexandra Inman and Stephanie Dang. These empowered women have partnered up to share their passion for nutrition and health.

They offer evidence-based nutrition resources and support for those who want to attain their health goals. Moreover, they also offer group sessions, workplace wellness workshops, and cooking classes for those who want to explore other methods on becoming healthy. 

Nutritionists in Calgary

The quality of life in the sunny city of Calgary is considered to be safe, clean, and healthy which is why a lot of people choose to reside in this city. 

In terms of eating and living healthy, you can easily find stores that sell natural and healthy foods to support your nutritional needs. Meal plans won’t be such a hassle with the many different stores you can choose from. 

As for creating the right meal plans for you, you can opt to avail the services of nutritionists you can find at Eatuitive Nutrition. It’s a performance nutrition and weight management centre that puts much emphasis on a healthy way to achieve personal health goals. 

You can choose from their wide selection of already-prepared meal plans depending on what you want to achieve for yourself. If you don’t see something you like, you can also build one of your own from their huge archive of healthy meals and recipes. 

Nutritionists in Ottawa

What else can we expect from the capital city ottawa other than the abundance of career and personal opportunities? This metropolitan is expectedly filled with a vast majority of professions that each contribute greatly to the city’s success. 

Of course, one of such professions are nutritionists who are responsible for making sure meal plans at public institutions are healthy and set according to guidelines. But there are nutritionists who started their own private practice.

Caven Nutrition Group is one of the companies who offer such services. They have a variety of programs which includes nutritional assessment, digestion, sports nutrition, and nutrition testing—depending on what you need at the moment.

Nutritionists in Canada. Source: Pixabay

Nutritionists in Edmonton

Edmonton is widely known as the country’s festival city. A variety of festivals is hosted all year-round and you can expect lots of parties, activities, and food. Food festivals in this city can be compared to no other and it’s expected that people indulge more often than not. 

To keep this in check, so many people avail the services of a nutritionist. 

Revive Wellness is one of the companies that allow people to access the services of registered nutritionists. From women’s health to sports nutrition, people can simply book an appointment and get geared up towards meeting their health goals. 

Find a Nutritionist through Superprof 

If you want to make life much easier for you, you can also find a nutritionist in your area through Superprof. This online platform provides a list of nutritionists you can find within a specific city as well as their rates and reviews left by former clients. 

What are you waiting for? Find the right nutritionist for you today!

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