Whether it’s creating a database, updating a web page, developing an app, or coding, thanks to the digital economy, IT and computers are everywhere nowadays.

Even your grandma probably needs no introduction to computers as she already has her own Facebook account and regularly likes your photos!

Whether you want to take general personal computer classes, become a programmer, a graphic designer using Illustration, learn the fundamentals of 3D progarmmes like Catia (CAD), Final Cut Pro (video editing), or just learn a new digital literacy skill for your personal or professional life, you’ll be able to find a tutor that works for you.

  • How much do these tutorials cost?

  • What kinds of teachers are available?

  • Which programming languages are taught?

Superprof has the answers...

Important Figures About Private IT Classes

Academic Support in the UK is estimated to be worth around £2bn a year and the number of children getting private instruction is growing. While it's more common in some areas than others, the number of students in every single region in the country is increasing.

Whether the tutor goes to the student’s house, provides their tutorials over webcam, or has a classroom in their own house, the average cost of private tutorials (which varies wildly depending on the course, tutor, geographical area, etc.) is around the £20 per hour mark.

Using Superprof’s own data from the last couple of years, we can see that IT tutorials are in the top 25 most popular type of tutorials (out of 516 different courses!).

Why not look now for IT courses that are right for you?

There are currently over 2 million different tutors on the platform and, as we mentioned, learning about computers makes up some of the most common tutorials. This means there's a lot of IT tutors!

How can you save money on private tutorials?
There's no shame is working to a budget. However, saving money on tutorials themselves might be a false economy! (Source: pixabay.com)

The average cost of IT tutorials in London is £24. Of course, as you would expect, the cost of tutorials in London is higher than tutorials elsewhere in the country (Edinburgh and Cardiff’s averages are £18 per hour).

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The Cost of Computer Tuition: Everything Depends on the Subject!

Are you interested in private IT tutorials?

After a quick search on Superprof, you'll see that the more basic the computer courses, the cheaper each computer class will be.

And Superprof's online computer courses are the best value for the money!

A basic lesson generally covers things like:

  • Fundamental computer housekeeping tasks for those new to computers

  • An introduction to computer science

  • Learning to use an operating system and basic skills like using the mouse and keyboard, opening a file,

  • Computer training for Office Suites, typing, using copy and paste, word processing in Microsoft Word, making a spreadsheet in Excel, presentations in PowerPoint, etc.

  • Using the internet, how to navigate web pages.

Which are the most important programming languages?
You'd be surprised at just how important programming can be in every aspect of our modern lives. (Source: Markus Spiske)

The prices go up when you start looking at intermediate and more advanced computer tutorials on programming, learning to code, algorithms, 3D animation, cryptography, Java, etc.

The Most Common IT Training Courses

For those who'd like to build a web site for search engines, the courses on natural and paid indexing are sought after and going up in price.

Good IT developers are also in demand and are found all over the world. If you are learning how to code, you've made a good choice. For students still looking to specialise, keep in mind that specialising in computer programming could lead to a lucrative career. Here are some of the most important facts about becoming a developer.

  • The starting salary for a developer is around £21k.

  • The average salary is £30,651.

  • A lot of startups struggle to find good developers.

  • Location will affect your salary.

IT engineers need several key skills like mastering a programming language, a knowledge of several IT systems (Unix, Oracle, software engineering), as well as IT networks, which can be a hugely important for both massive businesses and promising startups.

If they also know a thing or two about cybersecurity, they’ll be in demand.

IT maintenance technicians are also having a good time since all businesses need somebody to keep their IT systems running who has a knowledge of computer architecture, too.

They can also be called in to install new equipment or train employees in using the new hardware and software.

So why not get started on your IT courses today?

What is the average salary for an IT technician?
There's a good future for those who've mastered IT networks and network administration. (Source: Field Engineer)

Remember that a lot of people weren’t born in the digital age and are looking for IT tutorials to learn how to use:

  • Their tablets

  • Computers

  • And their smartphones on a daily basis

Becoming an IT professional or instructor, installing IT hardware, or updating IT systems, as well as training people in basic IT skills (creating websites, graphic design, office suites) is a great idea if you’re already an IT expert and you have the patience and skills of a good educator. You could become self-employed and work for yourself, too.

The Cost of Programming Courses

The main programmes used by businesses only require a few hours to use basically and several months to fully master. On Superprof, you’ll find a tutor who’s a master of the type of computer technology you’re wanting to learn.

Generally speaking, the cost of IT tutorials can vary wildly depending on the programme you’re learning to use. The rates we've mentioned are averages and the tutors you choose might charge more or less depending on certain specifics you need.

The more specialised the language you want to learn, the fewer tutors you’ll find. As you’ve probably understood, the hourly rate will also increase. The rarer something is, the more you can expect to pay for it.

Don't forget that certain programmes can be very expensive and your tutor has already paid for it. A single app in the Adobe Creative Cloud can cost nearly £20 per month and the full package of apps is nearly £50 per month. Your tutor needs to factor in these expenses when deciding upon their rates, too.

In addition to these programmes, a lot of tutors will also need the necessary hardware to run them. If you're learning to edit videos, then you'll probably need a fairly powerful system just to render them. Again, this is another expense your tutor will have to factor into the cost of their lessons.

So why don't I just buy my own copy of the software?

Or, better yet: take computer programming courses?

Keep in mind that while the added cost of your tutor's hardware and software will affect the price of your tutorials, it's shared amongst all their students. So while you do pay more for a specialised tutor than you would a general computer tutor, you're only paying a fraction of their added costs. Additionally, their specialisation has required extra study and experience which is also reflected in their price.

How do you edit digital videos and movies?
You can get tutorials in video editing and production for around £20 per hour on Superprof. (Source: Donald Tong)

2 Examples of Programmes

If you want to make professional videos or graphic design, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Indesign are powerful programmes that will help you do so in a professional way. Learning how to use these programmes through private tutorials is a good idea for anyone who needs to add these skills to their CV.

If you decide to take an evening class, for example, you can expect to pay hundreds of pounds. If you decide to do a degree, then you’ll end up paying thousands. (The extra your tutor might charge you doesn't look so bad now, does it?)

  1. Of course, if you want to learn how to code, need an introduction to programming, or want to learn more about web development, there are webcam tutorials for as little as £20 per hour. You can find 5-star tutors who’ve mastered HTML and CSS, JS, Ruby on Rails, Python, etc.

  2. There are also tutors with a 5-star rating who are masters of office suites and offer introductory classes to common programmes. They can teach Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint to primary school children, secondary school students, those at university, or adults looking to improve their CVs. You can find tutors with years of experience giving private tutorials in person or over webcam.

Should you get IT tutorials with Superprof or from a physical training centre? If you’re concerned about the costs, you’ll always be able to find a tutor that matches your budget.

However, be careful when choosing your private tutor and make sure that they have the level required and that they have the teaching skills in order to effectively teach you. Don’t forget to study between your tutorials, too. Paying a low amount for a tutor whose level is far too low is a false economy and won't benefit you in the long term.

Additionally, if you're a younger learner doing a GCSE or A Level, you can find a tutor who teaches the national curriculum and can help you with your homework, your coursework, or just learn programming for fun. Since IT moves quickly, make sure they're up to date with all the latest developments in the field and the skills you'll need to pass your exams!

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