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Your interest in piano must have been sparked when you heard classical music being played by someone you know or a piano cover made by a YouTuber. 

Whatever made you want to learn and play it should definitely motivate you until the end. Learning something new may start off as fun and interesting but only the diligent and persevering ones make it to the end. 

As easy as it may look, playing the piano requires a lot of practice and patience since not all notes can be executed as beautifully as you hear in your mind. But don’t worry! The right piano teacher will make sure you’ll achieve all of that in no time. 

That’s why, in this article, we’ll be listing down all the piano lessons in Edmonton

Edmonton Academy of Music

Opened in 2008, the Edmonton Academy of Music wanted to provide an environment for students of all ages to explore music through exceptional music education. 

They accept both students who just started their musical journey and those who have already been pursuing this hobby for a while. Regardless if it’s for a musical exam or just simply a pursuit of interest, they have a wide range of classes for students to choose from. 

Each year, the academy gives opportunities for its students to shine and showcase their talents. These opportunities come in the form of concerts and musical events that explore their skills and creativity. 

Piano lessons at this academy will teach students classical, pop, rock, and jazz piano styles. They’ll also have the opportunity to take the Royal Conservatory of Music and Conservatory Canada exams. 

For beginners, lessons on note reading, rhythm, playing with both hands, ear training, and basic theories will be taught. Simple songs and chords will also be learned as you progress. 

Intermediate and advanced students are given the opportunity to prepare exams but they can also opt to learn just for fun. Scales, intervals, sight reading, chords, and improvisation are just some of the lessons that will be discussed. 

A similar academy of music in Vancouver also offers excellent piano lessons. Check out the Vancouver Academy of Music. 

Resonate Music School and Studio 

The Resonate Music School and Studio is actually the first music school in Edmonton to use a membership program. Their comprehensive membership program offers flexibility to students with stricter schedules. 

The main purpose of the program is to allow continuous learning and avoid constant re-familiarization for longer breaks in between lessons. Members are given unlimited make-up lessons to ensure continuity between classes. 

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The school has constantly identified the different ways that music students could learn and avoided being confined in the traditional industry practices. Instead of waiting in long queues, students are offered quick and easy registrations so that it doesn’t hassle their schedule.

Moreover, the school has a rewards points system to motivate their students to do better during each lesson. 

Piano lessons are available for kids ages 5 and older - including adults. These lessons are taught by certified instructors who will tailor each program to the interest, skill level, and goals of the student. 

If you don’t have a piano at home, you can rent high-quality pianos at affordable prices. Each lesson runs between 30 and 60 minutes. 

At Surrey, there’s a similar music school that you should check out - the Heritage Music School. 

Piano Centre 

The Piano Centre is a place where you can find everything from grand pianos to digital pianos. Other than that, they also have different services that cater to piano owners. 

If you’re a piano owner in Edmonton, you’d definitely want to know about this place. Their services include tuning, regulation, voicing, action rebuilding, interior cleaning, polishing, restorations, and appraisals. 

You can also rent a piano for special events like weddings or piano lessons. Their prices are reasonable and they offer flexible payments schemes. Not to mention, you get to enjoy playing beautiful Steinway & Sons or Steinway-Designed Boston pianos. 

Their piano lessons are available for beginners - no matter what your age is. They can also train you for your personal concerts or college applications. And of course, for those who want to pass the RCM examination, you can also opt to study here. 

They can guarantee that their faculty is composed of teachers who have studied playing the piano and have their own set of exceptional experiences. 

You can also rent pianos in Toronto at the Elite Music Academy. Check them out!

Key Mobile Music 

Key Mobile Music has the mission of teaching music lessons in a fun and nurturing environment. They want to inspire and instill in students the love for music. 

Teachers at this music school are trained to be child-friendly and are dedicated to teaching the style that’s most comfortable to each and every student. Music goals are taken into account and teachers plan on how to best achieve them. 

Moreover, these teachers have attained the highest achievement with the Royal Conservatory of Music. Each one of them either holds a degree in music or have years of experience as professional musicians. They’re also trained in music theory. 

Piano lessons at this music school are conducted in-home, every day of the week - depending on the student’s availability. Those with busier schedules can definitely benefit from this kind of setup. 

Payment plans are set up monthly and there are no contracts or agreements to avoid fuss. There are also no hidden fees or travel time charges. 

Students can also opt to take live interactive online lessons via Skype or Facetime. Just make sure that you have a functional tablet, computer or laptop and stable internet access. 

Calgary also has a piano school with similar classes. You might want to check them out. 

Dominelli School of Music

Opened in 2012, Brandy and Sandro Dominelli opened this school of music after they had their first daughter. Both have excellent backgrounds in music in terms of teaching and education. 

The music school receives over 850 enrollments between its two locations in the area. Students from this school also receive nominations like the Edmonton Music Awards and frequently perform in more than 20 local music venues

Former students also attend university and pursue a degree in music. 

Last year, they also opened their first Music and Wellness Centre that offers programs for special needs, yoga, and meditation classes, musical childminding, and other creative programming. 

This music school offers two types of classes for piano. They have private lessons via Skype and online group classes. Skype lessons are done one-on-one and are about half-hour in length. 

Their online group classes, Piano Maestros Online, are designed to provide beginners a positive start to musical education. The students are also assured that the environment, despite being online, is fun and community-centered. 

If you’re looking for a piano school in Montréal, check out Natalia Tchernycheva’s piano studio. 

Alberta Music Academy Inc. 

The Alberta Music Academy Inc.’s main goal is to offer piano lessons through various means - whether it’s through online classes or group music lessons. 

The school’s faculty is composed of teachers who have masters degrees in music, with their own specialties. These teachers have their own sets of experiences in terms of performing in concerts and teaching as well. 

Piano Practice. Source: Stockvault

As of the moment, they have five teachers available to teach piano lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. 

You can also meet up with a teacher prior to enrolling their lessons. This allows you to get a feel of what the lessons will be like and if you’ll be comfortable in taking up classes with your chosen teacher. The initial meeting will be for 15 to 20 minutes - totally free of charge. 

Their Discover Music Program is open for children ages 4 to 7, where they can start their journey into making memorable and enjoyable music. Kids will learn the fundamentals of music such as note reading and development of musical ear and rhythmical sense.

Through this program, they won’t just learn how to play the piano, but they’ll also be introduced to a variety of musical instruments. 

You can also check out the Ottawa Piano School if ever you’re in Ottawa. They also offer free 30-minute trial lessons. 

Find a Private Piano Tutor in Edmonton

Instead of looking up “piano lessons near me” in Edmonton, you can easily find a private piano tutor in Edmonton through Superprof. 

This website lists down all the private tutors in the area willing to teach piano lessons. Most probably, these tutors are willing to meet your needs and are flexible in terms of their schedule. 

You can find on the website their rates and the reviews made by their former students. These pieces of information are useful in your discernment on who’s the best fit as your piano tutor. 


Indeed, learning how to play the piano is one way to satisfy your interest. Canada is filled with tons of music schools, especially Edmonton. 

Just look up what type of piano lesson you want to take up and which school you want to enrol in to start your journey. What are you waiting for? Inquire from these schools now!

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