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Given that Toronto is the most populous city in Canada, it’s bound to have lots of events each year - specifically, music events. 

There are hundreds of music venues all over the city and you can practically go at a music event every now and then. In this city, music is a thriving industry and a lot have heeded to its call. 

Since there are a lot of residents inclined to learning music, it’s easy to find a music school that suits one’s interests. The city is filled with them and the options are endless - you just have to find one that suits your pace and skill level. 

One of the most common lessons taken in music schools is piano lessons. It’s such a majestic instrument and people are just dying to play it. 

In this article, we’ll be listing down a few music schools where you can take up piano lessons in Toronto

Canada Music Academy

The Canada Music Academy has over 6 schools all over Canada. You’ve probably heard about this school before because they offer a wide variety of lessons to students of all ages and skill levels. 

More than just the variety of lessons, they also offer two options when it comes to how you want to learn your chosen instrument. You can opt to have private music lessons or in-home music lessons. 

If you’re preparing for college and university applications, the academy also offers lessons for that. They also have optional exams for the Royal Conservatory of Music. 

The academy’s faculty is made up of certified music teachers that have their respective experiences. Each faculty is tasked to make fun and personalized music programs so that students learn music joyfully. 

As for their piano lessons, you are prompted to choose a style you wish to learn - jazz, world, electronic, classical, pop, etc. individual goals will be accounted for and diversity is definitely welcome. 

Each year, concerts and festivals are held so that students can showcase their talent and skills.

If ever you’re in Montréal, you can also check out their branch there. They have the same piano lessons being offered here.

Elite Music Academy

Famous for having famous graduates, Elite Music Academy has always aimed to develop musicianship and professionalism on stage. They want their students to be at their best whenever they’re performing on or off stage. 

Teachers at this academy are qualified music teachers and performers who have their own set of experiences. They are flexible enough to teach jazz, pop, rock, and classical styles to their students. 

They have three locations all over Toronto and students are presented with options on how they want to learn music. They can either have private or group music lessons where opportunities to perform in public are also abundant. 

If you wish to take up piano lessons at this academy, you can expect a complete education package where you’ll be nurtured and provided with various opportunities to perfect your piano skills and create your own network of musicians. 

For those who don’t have their own piano at home, the academy allows students to rent their electronic piano for free - an issue that’s quite common with aspiring pianists. 

You can also rent pianos in Edmonton through the Piano Centre. Check them out!

Yau Piano Studio 

Andrea Yau put up her own Yau Piano Studio because she believes that playing the piano is good for the soul and that it’s a way for people to have fun even while they’re still learning. Yau also believes that everyone has the capability to play the piano well. 

As a pianist and a teacher, former students have commented that she has the patience of a saint and will bombard you with practice so that you can perfect your skill. But don’t worry, she puts in a healthy dose of music puns every now and then. 

Practicing the Piano in Toronto. Source: Stocksnap

Yau’s ultimate goal when she started as a teacher is to see her students walk out of their lessons with a big smile on their faces. 

Regardless of your age and skill level, you can sign up for her classes. The classes are conducted at her studio, located in the heart of downtown Toronto.

As a student, you’ll have access to her studio’s music library and you’ll also have the chance to play at the nearby church’s grand piano. 

If ever you’re in Vancouver, you can also check out Kelly Wong’s Piano studio. She offers similar piano lessons. 

Bravo Academy

Established in 2007, the Bravo Academy for the Performing Arts has been one of the top leaders in arts education in Toronto. 

They have recently opened up a new studio that’s more accessible to their students - most of which are scattered in the Greater Toronto Area. The studio was designed to be a great environment where students can learn and perform the arts well. 

Since 2007, the academy has produced a lot of full musical productions. Graduates from this academy were also part of thousands of music theatres. They also have recitals, galas, concerts, and workshops every year that students can take part of. 

Their faculty is made up of dedicated and professional artists who are also qualified instructors. These artists are top performers and post-secondary instructors who are more than equipped to teach their students the arts. 

Students can take up private piano lessons from this academy and be guaranteed the benefits of musicianship, ability to read and write music, knowledge of music theories and histories, muscle memory and eye coordination, etc. 

All lessons are taught at the studio and every lesson is personalized so that individual goals, strengths, and personalities are closely linked to the lesson. 

Inspire Arts Academy in Surrey also encourages students to take part in recitals to showcase their talent to the world. 

Merriam School of Music 

The Merriam School of Music is probably one of the oldest music schools in the city. Built 25 years ago, it has been one of the leading schools in the city and has been a pioneer in music education in the country. 

It boasts its partnership and association with esteemed universities in the country such as University of Western Ontario, Wilfrid Laurier, Queens, and the University of Ottawa. They also have state-of-the-art facilities that students use to learn music and practice their skills. 

Graduates from this school have high success and retention rates in the music industry. Moreover, the school has a comprehensive and holistic curriculum available for all students. 

Teachers also have doctorate degrees and are matched with students who have similar personalities for the best optimal lessons. Students can also choose between jazz, pop, blues, classical, or pop music styles. 

As of the moment, their lessons are designed for adults of all skill levels and ages. 

Allegro Music School in Ottawa is also an option you might want to recommend to someone looking for a piano school in that area - it’s quite similar to this one.

Kaos Music Centre 

Opened in 1989, Kaos Music Centre is more than just a place where you can buy your instruments. But, if there’s one thing about how they sell their instruments, it’s that you can play them now and pay for them later with their Desjardin Finance. 

Not only do they sell instruments, but they also fix them. So if your 10-year old guitar has broken down, you can take it to this store and have them repair it. Or if you actually want to sell your prized possessions, they’ll also do that for you. 

Performing the Piano. Source: Stockvault

The music centre also wanted to teach people how to make music because when you’re a musician, it’s not all about business - it’s more of music. They want to help others perform music, whether it’s in their living rooms or in front of a thousand people. 

For their music programs, they offer lessons for kids, teens, and adults. You also have the option to learn band lessons, if that’s what you wish. 

You can learn how to play the piano, guitar, violin, drums, or even sing at this music centre. Whatever your age or skill level is, you’re welcome to learn here. 

In Calgary, they also have an excellent school which has similar styles of teaching. It’s the Eden-Smith Music Studio. Check them out for more details. 

Finding a Private Piano Tutor in Toronto

While music schools are abundant in Toronto, it’s not always the best option for everybody. Some people just want to have lessons at the comfort of their own homes and have zero plans to perform during a recital. 

If you just want to directly connect with a tutor, you can either look up “piano lessons near me” or go to Superprof where you can find a hundred piano tutor profiles. Simply visit their website and check out a list of piano tutor profiles in Toronto. 

Here, you can find tutors who are willing to meet your terms. You can easily see their rates and the reviews made by students they had in the past. 


It’s so obvious that the music industry is thriving in Toronto with so many music schools around. People are interested in learning how to play various instruments, especially the piano. 

Whether it’s group lessons or private classes, learning the piano with a teacher is the best option because you get to be educated about the right techniques and skills. Find a school or tutor that you like and start your piano journey today! 

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