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The piano is an instrument that has long been associated with grandeur and class which makes it common to see in lobbies of 5-star hotels and restaurants. You often hear it playing in the background of some formal party or event with people wearing gowns and tuxedos. 

But as much as piano tunes are common to hear, it’s quite rare to see one being played out in the open. Unlike other instruments, the piano doesn’t really look like an intimidating instrument. 

In fact, learning it is actually quite straightforward.

The challenging thing about playing the piano is how you make those keys sound majestic. Taking up piano lessons is just the first step towards making those black and white keys sing. 

So, in this article, we’ll list down all the places where you can learn how to play the piano in Canada

Piano Lessons in Toronto

The music scene in the most populous city in Canada is definitely thriving. Toronto has multiple music events each year and musicians from all over the country and the globe flock to this city just to perform. 

With such a thriving music scene, you can expect that this city is also filled with institutions that teach you how to read notes and play musical instruments. 

Moreover, piano lessons, in this city, are more common than you think. One of the schools that offer lessons is the Canada Music Academy. This music academy can be found in over 6 areas in the country. 

They’re committed to investing in music education because they believe it can bring about positive change and contribute to people’s social well-beings. They offer private and in-house music lessons in some of their areas and they offer lessons on various instruments and styles.

Another music school is Elite Music Academy. This one-of-a-kind music school has three locations in Toronto alone and has developed musicianship for its students to perform on stage. This school is also quite popular for producing professional musicians. 

They offer piano lessons along with guitar, drums, saxophone, and voice lessons.  You can also enrol in their group classes such as Rock Band, Rock Camp, Musical Theatre, and Little Sound Bites. Teachers are also guaranteed to be highly qualified. 

Piano Lessons in Montréal

Since the 1900s, a lot of pianists have graced various areas in Montréal and people have flocked to witness their exceptional skills. 

With all those piano concerts, you can expect that a lot of people here also want to become a famous pianist someday. That’s why there are several institutions that offer piano lessons. One of which is The Lauber Music Academy. 

The Lauber Music Academy was founded by Tristan Lauber, a pianist. He has a doctorate degree from the University of Montréal and has won several contests. As a pianist, he also has his fair share of tours in Asia. 

Students who choose to study under his care can expect a program that is tailored to their skill level and musical preferences. 

Montréal Academy of Music also offers Piano Lessons. These lessons are taught by teachers who are qualified to teach jazz, electronic, classical, and pop music. Lessons will be structured according to the students’ individual goals and skills. 

Piano Lessons in Vancouver

There are more than five live music venues in Vancouver - all packed with different kinds of music events. This only shows that residents in the area are fans of music and that it’s a thriving industry. 

Therefore, it’s only reasonable that you can find a couple of music schools here. The Vancouver Academy of Music is one of the top choices in the area. They believe in the transcendental nature of music to better the human condition. 

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They offer flexible and affordable piano lessons for adults. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student, you’ll be satisfied with quality lessons. One thing to note about this academy is that students are privileged with free admission to their concerts and classes with guest artists. 

If you’re looking for piano lessons for kids, Happy Keys Piano offers fun, engaging, and child-centered private piano lessons for kids. The faculty is composed of certified elementary teachers that have experience in teaching early childhood to adulthood. 

They also have beginner group piano lessons and play-based art and music workshops for all ages. 

Piano Lessons in Calgary

Piano lessons are also quite abundant in the sunniest city in Canada. Calgary is packed with a lot of music schools offering high-quality piano lessons for all ages. 

One of these is the Calgary Piano Expressions. At this music school, each child will be given a personalized program that will take into account their age, interest, and learning style. The approach will be individualized. 

Students will also be taught in the comforts of their own homes so that it’s convenient and accessible for them. So if you’re a parent with a busy schedule, this will definitely work for you. 

Another music school in the area is Piano Spectrum. Mila Molchanov is the main teacher at this music school. She’s a holder of both a Degree in Education and a Masters in Piano Performance. 

If you’re looking to study classical, popular, jazz, or conservatory music, you can head on over to this music school. 

Piano Lessons in Ottawa

Considered to be the second busiest city in the country, Ottawa definitely has a lot going on. A lot of tourists visit the city for a variety of reasons; one of them being the music events they host every now and then. 

Music is just one of the top sources of entertainment here that’s why a lot of people aspire to be musicians. This is also one of the reasons why there are countless music schools all over the area. 

One music school is the Ottawa Pianos. This music school employs a Yamaha Music Education System that places an emphasis on creativity and development. Students will learn how to sing, hear, and play music beautifully. 

It’s not just a school for the prodigies and geniuses, contrary to rumors going around. So, don’t be intimidated because they welcome all ages and skill levels. 

You can also check out the Ottawa Piano School. Opened in 2002, the school has since been giving the opportunity of studying music to people who want to become great musicians. 

They offer private one-on-one instruction classes with personalized education plans. You can expect that lessons are tailored to your needs and skill levels. No need to worry about keeping up with other students. 

Piano Lessons in Edmonton

Edmonton is known for being the Gateway to the North because of its large-scale oil sands projects and diamond mining operations. But more than just these projects, it’s also known to be an educational centre in the area. 

But education doesn’t just pertain to maths and sciences, it may also include the arts - specifically music. So if you’re a resident in the area and you’re looking for music schools, here are two of them. 

Edmonton Academy of Music was established in 2008 because it wanted to provide an environment where students of all ages can explore music through exceptional instruction. 

They have catered to students who have zero background, as well as students who want to pursue a career in music. They offer piano, voice, guitar, bass, violin, drums, saxophone, and flute lessons. 

Piano Centre isn’t really just a piano school but it also sells grand pianos, upright pianos, used pianos, and digital pianos. Its piano lessons, on the other hand, are designed to train the students to prepare for personal concerts and applying to music colleges. 

Piano Lessons in Surrey

Being one of the cities in Metro Vancouver, Surrey is one of the largest cities in the metro in terms of land area. It’s a progressive city with a lot of significant agricultural and rural areas that are also culturally diverse. 

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As for piano lessons in this city, the School of Music and Dance offers piano lessons for all ages and skill levels. They have three piano styles that students can learn: classical, jazz, and pop. 

Their curriculum is also great for students who want to get into the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum. 

Private Piano Teacher in Canada

You can also just simply look for your own private piano teacher in Canada. Other than just looking up, “piano lessons near me” on Google, you can also visit Superprof for a long list of profiles. 

At this website, you can find hundreds of piano teachers along with their rates and reviews made by former students. Start your piano journey today with a Superprof teacher!


It’s quite understandable that piano lessons are the most common music lessons you can get these days. That’s why it’s no surprise that there are tons of music schools all over Canada. 

It’s just a matter of where you want to study and what kind of styles you want to learn for your future career or passion. Find a school or a tutor you want to work with to start your learning journey today. 

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