English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and is considered an international language. It is also the language of finance and diplomacy worldwide,  so the need for English teachers remains in high demand and salaries reflect this trend.

When you qualify as an English tutor a world of opportunities are open to you. There are a myriad of ways for you to earn good money as an English tutor.  With various career paths possible, you can provide your tutoring services in many different ways and places:

  • Academic tutoring for schools of all levels, from Primary to Secondary Schools, or even college and university.
  • Online tutoring jobs.  There are many ways to teach online, whether you choose to freelance or create course material to upload on teaching websites.  You may even private tutor students from around the world online.
  • Private tutoring. Find those students who are being home schooled. You can tutor after school, weekends, or summer.
  • Create your own tutoring business too. If a 9-5 office job is not you, then having your own business may be your calling.
  • Work for a tutoring centre, they are aways in need of qualified and enthusiastic English tutors and you can mentor these students in a conducive learning space.

Earnings as an English tutor will depend on your qualifications and work experience. Teachers in Canada  are paid a competitive salary and with more experience and qualifications English tutors can potentially earn more.

You can be an online teacher or a private tutor
English tutors can also earn a lot by tutoring online ( Image Source: Unsplash).

How Much Can an English Teacher Earn in Canada 

On average, English teachers  (English as a Second Language ESL) can earn $22,85 hourly. According to some reports, English (ESL) teachers often start their tutoring services with a salary that is competitive depending on the province. With more experience comes more money, that is the reason that the average salary of English (ESL) Teacher’s increase from the entry level of  $30,000 to $77.000 potentially with more years of experience, but it also varies between provinces.

In Canada since English is taught as a core subject in Secondary School,  the average salary of an English Secondary School teacher is $42,250 and also varies depending on which province you are teaching in.  In British Columbia the average salary is around $50,875 and for the province of Ontario it is $41, 438 on average. Teachers in Canada, in general are paid well on average but salaries and conditions may vary according to Provinces, and Education is under each Provincial jurisdiction and not Federal jurisdiction.

Some important other skills which may be helpful to  English teacher are,  skills of training, management, classroom planning, organisational, and early childhood education and special needs teaching skills, depending on your area of instruction.

Earnings of a Private Tutor

Although private tutoring is fairly new, it is increasingly a thriving industry in Canada. Especially in the major cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and with increasing trends across the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta.  Private tutoring is gaining in popularity for elementary school levels as well, where traditionally tutoring was more common for Secondary School students.   It is quite  lucrative to become a tutor in Canada with the rising demand and trend for private tutoring.   Increasingly, parents turn to tutors to help their children succeed at school with a more competitive school curriculum to learn and ever increasing pressure to succeed, students and parents are demanding the services of private tutors .

Earnings of tutors in England is one of the highest
English Tutors have good earning  potential . ( Image Source: Unsplash)

This rise in private tutoring,  has seen many businesses emerge with the hope of taking an advantage of this global trend in private tutoring. It has enabled tutoring to become a career for some people, or a secondary job for others.  It has even provided others the opportunity for a second career choice.  More and more university students and retirees have found an opportunity to earn extra money with their skills and knowledge base, by becoming part time tutors.

Private tutoring can be appealing for most of the English tutors out there, because of the lucrative hourly pay of $16 to $35 depending on your experience.  More English tutors are likely to stick to private tutoring because it promises a better source of income than writing jobs or supply teaching jobs in schools or colleges, which are becoming increasingly harder to obtain with recent cuts to the education system in some provinces, like Ontario and Alberta.  Conceivably this is why parents are turning to private tutoring to help their children maintain a level of education, that is critical in a more competitive global marketplace.

Being a  private tutor can be challenging and rewarding,  for those who enjoy seeing their students improve from lesson to lesson, it can be rewarding to play a greater mentoring role for the tutor.    Some tutors like the autonomy and flexibility of giving private lessons, and prefer the ability to be able to tailor their lessons to their individual student's particular needs and learning style.   Private tutoring can easily become a long-term means of income and career for those who prefer this way of teaching.

Private Tutoring Benefits

Some teachers can find teaching at a school or college tiring and monotonous. And with recent cuts in education funding by the provincial governments, it's more and more difficult for teachers. These budget cuts lead to larger and larger class sizes, making teaching more challenging.  Classroom teaching also does not provide tutors with any degree of flexibility. But it is possible to keep earning as a teacher, while also gaining more flexibility by opting to become a  private tutor. 

Before considering jumping into private tutoring, it is necessary and important that you build-up a good teaching portfolio,  ensuring you have the necessary certification and skills for the level you wish to teach, be ready to make a commitment to tutoring your potential students and consider the ways and methods to best help them succeed.

Volunteering in schools and teaching online are also ways you can get experience in private tutoring. Once you are confident that you are ready for private tutoring, get out there and set your tutoring rates according to the level of your qualifications and experience and decide what grade level and age of students you wish to tutor.

If you are teaching young kids from age 4 to 8 years, you will be teaching them beginner’s English,  and that wouldn’t require you to go into the depth of the English language, rather with these young students the primary focus is early reading skills and phonetics. You can’t charge these students the same that you’d charge while teaching English to students in High School English studying English Literature for instance.

As a private tutor, you get to teach students at any age, children or adults!

Whatever age you wish to teach, there are advantages to Private Tutoring:

  • You are paid at an hourly rate.
  • You have the opportunity to be your own boss and choose your schedule
  • The independence of being a home tutor,
  • The flexibility with your student family, to find the best time for lessons
  • You can be a teacher in an institution or school, but also offer private tutoring.
  • If you are a certified teacher with the right portfolio and experience, you have many options
  • Opportunity to travel and teach English as a private tutor anywhere in the world.

Learn to to manage teaching students with dyslexia here.

Provide Your Tutoring Services Online From Anywhere

Imagine being on vacation and earning from your laptop at the same time. The convenience of earning your living from your laptop, be it in the comfort of your home or on vacation somewhere in Europe or Asia perhaps,  is truly intriguing!!

English is in demand all over the world so English tutors can benefit from this demand and teach online from anywhere in the world!!

There are different ways to earn online via English tutoring. Most common ones are:

  • Become a tutor on Superprof
  • Offer your tutoring services along with your reading writing skills on freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr etc.
  • Create English language course material and sell them on platforms like Udemy
  • ESL is growing in demand and so is TEFL, so teaching these students online is  also growing
  • GMAT, , LSAT, SAT's are standardised tests that create huge demand for tutors, whether online or in centres.
  • Teaching via skype to students all over the world who are looking for native english speaking tutors
Make big bucks online
Laptop lifestyle can help you earn from the comfort of your home. ( Image Source: Unsplash)

If you are teaching one-to-one via any online service, you would be charging online rates. Your rates can start from as low as $15  and as high as $40 plus per hour. You need to build your reputation as an online tutor and potentially earn more.

Teaching online has the greatest advantage because there are no geographical restrictions. You can teach at the time that is convenient to you from any location as long as there is an internet connection,  whether you are travelling,  on vacation or at home.   Remember to ask your existing clients for testimonials and referrals, as a way to attract more students online.

To become the best tutor, think of starting your career as a school teacher. You can be a writing tutor and a reading tutor to begin with.  Be passionate about what you do. Help students with their weaknesses, ensure that they succeed academically.

A Physics tutor, science tutor, chemistry tutor, or a tutor that teaches algebra, calculus, math and science, elementary math or any other such subject can also earn competitively online , but not as much as an English Language tutor would make.   Thanks to the widespread use of English around the globe and especially as the language of business and diplomacy, being an English language tutor has great potential with tutoring opportunities available to you worldwide!

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