Once you qualify as an English tutor,  then deciding where and how you want to tutor and finding your  students is your next step.   The most common way to look for tutoring english students is in a school, institute or learning centre, or even after school support centres.   But there are also english classes you may want to offer privately, or even tutor english online.

Teaching at a school or college is convenient, you don't have to try to find students yourself. Since you will already be assigned a classroom,  all you have to do is plan your lectures and deliver it to the students.

Some prefer to teach an English class by private tutoring, either in person or through Skype, or why not both :

  1. Online Students, may prefer to be taught via internet or Skype, for ease or convenience, or perhaps a reduced rate.
  2. Students who prefer a face to face private english class may choose so at their home, library or even a cafe.

Let us look at some practical methods you can use to find students outside of school.

Finding Students to Tutor during Summer, or Anytime!

Many English tutors wish to provide their tutoring services within the school or college they work for.  However,  they are also free for tutoring English during the school holidays, and even through the long break during the summer months. It's sometimes the best opportunity for students who may be weak in English to catch up,  or even advance before the next school year.

If you are one of those tutors  looking to make some extra money over the holidays, then you may want to consider summer tutoring.   How do you find students to tutor English over the summer months you may ask? :

  • Family and Friends: Letting your family members, friends and acquaintances know of your summer plans  to tutor may prove to be fruitful.  Sometimes you may not realise that someone you know, or their friends may be in search of a tutor for their child or even for themselves.  It will be easier to have confidence in a tutor they already know, and they can contact you immediately. Always  have your teaching portfolio ready, to show to parents and future students.
  • Advertise at School and with your Students: Probably the best and easiest way to find students for the summer is to ask your existing students. Let your students know, before the end of the school year,  that you would be available to tutor English over the summer holidays.   Some students wants to take extra classes to improve their confidence or to begin the next year's syllabus for advanced preparation.   Don't forget to ask your students to spread the word too!
  • Advertise on the Internet:  Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin, can provide invaluable opportunities to advertise your tutoring services.   By providing descriptive posts and brochures that describe your qualifications and tutoring services,  you can reach many potential parents and students quickly and easily. Ask your friends and contacts to Share it on social media to reach the maximum number of people.  Include your contact information and email address so they can contact you directly for any questions or queries they may have.
  • Advertise in your Community: The same brochures you create for your social media platforms can also be printed and distributed throughout your local neighbourhood,  place them in schools, local  libraries and recreational centres,  malls, cafes or any nearby shops.
  • Advertise with your fellow tutors: Let your fellow teachers and faculty members know that you are planning to tutor during the summer, so they can advise their students or they may already know someone who is struggling and can use the extra help during the summer months.  Many teachers prefer and choose not to teach during those months so it's a good opportunity for you to offer your tutoring services.
Online tutors should promote themselves everywhere online
One of the best and quickest way to promote yourself is through Social Media . ( Image Source: Unsplash)

As a qualified English tutor you may also want to broaden your circle. Why not look for ESL students?  Canada is known for our rich multicultural communities and many new immigrant's first language is not English.  These students, whether they are adults or children,  are especially motivated to learn english and improve their proficiency.  They are always looking for opportunities to better their English language skills in reading, writing and speaking.

Teach at a Tutoring Centre

If self marketing is not your strength, then you may wish to join a tutoring Centre instead,  if having your own tutoring business is not your strength, you may find it preferable to teach at a Centre. These Centres are always in need of qualified English tutors, and for that matter,  tutors for every subject.  So it may also be an opportunity for you to tutor in other subjects of knowledge and expertise, for example you may also choose to tutor in, Biology, Mathematics, or Sciences, etc.    Nevertheless, your English tutoring skills are always in high demand and you can become a dedicated tutor for writing, reading, grammar or overall English proficiency.

Tutoring Students In Preparation For Standardised Tests

Every year many students take standardised tests such as  the GMAT, SAT's, TEFL, LSAT etc.   If you are a certified teacher, you can mentor and help prepare these students for these daunting tests.  You may have to advertise your services but again these students are always in search of tutors to help them organise, review,  and test their aptitudes, skills sets, and knowledge required to successfully pass these highly competitive tests.  You can offer test preparation classes,  as a private class with only one student,  or even as a groups class Ensure that your review is geared  and meets all the necessary components required for the specific exams you are teaching.

Just make sure you start planning your test preparation classes well in advance of the actual exams, in order to best ensure that  your students obtain the best possible scores to help them further advance their academic goals !!

Academic success is ensured by the best tutors out there.
Mentoring your students is part of being a great tutor! ( Image Source: Unsplash)

Find Online Students

One of the most flexible and convenient ways to earn money is online, from the comfort of your home.  Online teaching enables you to potentially reach millions of students all over the world!

How to  find English Students to teach online.

  • Register on freelancing websites such as Freelancer, Upwork or Fiverr.  Create an informative and professional profile and focus on your specific skills, qualifications and tutoring experiences,  including any testimonials from your current and former students, along with an excellent introduction to yourself.
  • As an introduction,  consider setting your initial rates low  since it may be hard to find clients online at the beginning, Setting a low rate at the beginning or giving the first introductory lesson free,  is a good way to attract new students.  Once you have established yourself you can increase your rates as you gain more experience and students.
  • Reach potential clients by providing them with samples of your work (course materials you designed) and of course testimonials or feedback from your students.  Make your profile interesting and competitive and Introduce yourself with details of your teacher certifications, academic background and all relevant experience.
  • Negotiate the most convenient timing for your student,  and also your hourly pay rate.
  • Promote your tutor profile on Social media actively.

The online teaching is best for those who may wish to freelance as a tutor, or  those looking for the most flexible and convenient ways to tutor.  You can opt for other ways as well to work as a tutor, like becoming a tutor on Superprof with it's large reputable community platform of students and tutors.

Learn to to manage teaching students with dyslexia here.

Some Tips for Online tutoring

An innovative way to earn as a tutor is to set-up a system of passive income. Passive income is the income which you receive which does not require too much work once you have set yourself up.  For example,  creating English course materials,  like lecture videos, or course materials, and then uploading it on YouTube or websites like Udemy.

Online tutoring is gaining momentum
Create a reputable online tutoring profile by working from home. ( Image Source: Unsplash)

This is one of the best ways to not only earn online but also to create a teaching reputation, in the online marketplace.

Once you have a fairly large following of students on YouTube, Facebook,  etc. you can set out to create your own personal website,  and personal blog, allowing you to continue providing teaching materials to your student followers. Your students and followers will be willing to pay for additional materials, lectures, or even arrange for private on-line teaching classes. with you..  Having your own Teaching English blog and website will allow you to find ways to teach English in a creative fashion.  You can link all your Social Media platforms to further attract and expand your potential English Tutoring business.

Have you also ever dreamed of moving abroad?  There are many countries out there in need of foreign English tutors to teach in their schools. These countries also pay a competitive salary to foreign English tutors and the possibilities and opportunities for you to teach English are endless!!

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