What’s life in Calgary like? In 2018, Calgary was voted the 4th most liveable city in the world. Calgary has an abundance of available housing, a high-quality of life for residents, and a low population density which makes it an excellent city to raise a family, start a career, or retire. 

People are taking notice of Calgary and an influx of newcomers are moving to the city, bringing their unique cultures with them. One of the growing populations includes Hispanic and Latin American people immigrating to Calgary. In fact, approximately 2.3% of the population in Calgary speak Spanish as their native language. 

If you’re living in Calgary you may have a growing interest in learning the Spanish language. Not only is it one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, it’s also useful in corporate settings, and can be used in over 20 countries around the world.

Discover Spanish lessons in Calgary to start your immersion into Spanish culture!

More people are moving to Calgary to experience all the city has to offer, including a multitude of language schools. Source: Unsplash

Spanish lessons in Calgary for adults

Calgary has a wide selection of language schools, online tutors, and other affordable resources that make learning Spanish easy. Adults learning a new language want a program that can fit their busy work schedule and accommodate their home life. 

Discover Spanish lessons for adults across Canada.

Spanish School of Calgary

The Spanish School of Calgary is an epicentre for Spanish culture in the city and attracts beginners, intermediate, and even advanced students hoping to expand their knowledge of the Spanish language. 

This vibrant language school prides themselves on their expert teachers and engaging learning environment. There’s never a dull moment when you’re immersed in Spanish culture and feel excited about developing your language skills. They offer a wide selection of courses, including:

  • Adults Basic Level I - III
  • Adults Intermediate I - III
  • Adults Advanced I - III
  • Advanced Conversation
  • Spanish for Travellers

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University of Calgary

You can learn Spanish in an academic setting on a beautiful campus in Calgary. Source: Unsplash

You can learn Spanish in a formal academic setting at the University of Calgary. The continuing education programs are designed for working adults and often take place in the evening on weekdays. Students walk away from this program with a certification from the University of Calgary and good understanding of neutral Spanish. They offer two primary Spanish courses:

  • Spanish Language and Culture Certificate - Level 1
  • Spanish Language and Culture Certificate - Level 2

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Berlitz Calgary Learning Centre

The Berlitz Calgary Learning Centre teaches students how to learn new languages and speak with confidence. This language centre focuses primarily on helping students master verbal communication and only employ teachers with native language skills. Berlitz have centres in over 70 countries, including Canada, and offer the following courses for adults looking to learn Spanish:

  • Online group Spanish classes
  • Online private Spanish classes
  • Online self-paced Spanish classes
  • In-person group Spanish classes
  • In-person private Spanish classes

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Spanish lessons in Calgary for kids

Are you hoping to enrol your child in Spanish lessons? It’s easier for children to pick up on new languages when they’re young and developing. Source: Unsplash

Children learn differently than adults. A child has a short attention span and requires an optimal learning environment to support their education. Many Spanish schools in Calgary offer bright, colourful, and playful rooms for children to learn about Spanish culture. Other Spanish lessons for kids, incorporate games, songs, and art to teach children Spanish. 

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Spanish School of Calgary

The Spanish School of Calgary believes that knowledge of a language and culture other than our own is beneficial to everyone, but especially beneficial to children. Children who take Spanish lessons at the Spanish School of Calgary can interact with children in their same age group, learn basic neutral Spanish, and build on their skills by continuing to join more advanced classes. The schools offers the following Spanish courses for children:

  • Kindergarten (age 4-5)
  • Children's Basic I
  • Children's Basic II
  • Children's Intermediate
  • Children's Advanced

Calgary Board of Education 

The Calgary Board of Education wants to encourage Canadian children to expand their knowledge of other cultures. They provide the necessary resources to promote this educational growth. The Spanish Bilingual Program provides students with the opportunity to learn basic skills for spe​aking, reading, writing, listening and communicating in both English and Spanish at a young age. 

  • Spanish Bilingual Program (K-12)

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A+ Spanish Tutoring

Calgary’s A+ Spanish Tutoring offers group and private sessions for kids who want to learn Spanish. This language school focuses on two main subjects, Math and Spanish. Best of all, their sessions cover the entire curriculum in both English and Spanish so your child will excel. They offer a number of courses and even a summer camp that prepares kids for the school year. Their entire course offering includes the following: 

  • Math and Spanish for Kids - Private lesson
  • Math and Spanish for Kids - Group lesson
  • D.E.L.E. Exam Preparation 
  • Summer Camp

Private Spanish lessons in Calgary

Online Spanish lessons are available to people across Calgary that love convenience, flexibility and one-on-one attention. Source: Unsplash


Have you heard of Superprof? SuperProf is a network that connects students with qualified online tutors in a wide selection of subjects, including Spanish teachers from around the world. You can browse a tutor’s online profile, read reviews from other students, and set up a video conference call to start your custom Spanish learning plan. 

One of the benefits of SuperProf is that it offers private Spanish lessons for a fraction of the price as in-class private lessons. It’s also convenient and flexible, allowing students to book lessons from the comfort of their home on their own schedule. Adults and children can use SuperProf to jump start their journey to becoming fluent Spanish speakers.


Preply is another online resource that connects students to verified tutors online. Students can post their own requirements and have teachers reach out to them or browse through teacher profiles and  This site hosts teachers that specialize in a variety of languages including Japanese, French, Italian, English, German, and of course Spanish.

Are you still interested in learning Spanish in-person? There are other language schools in Calgary that offer both online and in-class Spanish lessons. 

Language Trainers 

Language Trainers offer Spanish in Calgary, a course that can be taken online or in-person. Their staff set you up with the perfect Spanish teacher and you can arrange private Spanish lessons in the city of Calgary.

Learning Spanish in person can help some people retain the information and commit to attending classes. If you prefer to learn Spanish in person in Calgary, meet with a Language Trainer tutor at the Calgary Public Library, or at a nice café such as Alforno Bakery and Café or Deville Coffee. 

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