When you’re enjoying a toasted bagel listening to the soothing sound of jazz music and staring out the window at people battling their way through snow banks in downtown Montreal, it’s easy to dream up visions of the warm Mediterranean climate and dry summers in Spain. 

No matter how good the entrees are at Joe Beef, you may have a craving for a sizzling dish of paella and a glass of red from Spain’s Rioja wine region. We can’t help you scope out the best restaurants but we can make ordering your first meal in Spain by helping you find Spanish lessons in Montreal.

Did you know that Montreal is the largest host for international events in all of North America? This means there are a variety of diverse populations in this sprawling city, including a Hispanic population. Montreal is one of the best cities in Canada to start learning the Spanish language.

Escape the cold Montreal winter for a getaway to Spain and use your newfound Spanish language skills to enrich your travels. Source: Unsplash

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What to look for when searching for Spanish lessons

How do you find the right Spanish teacher for you? There are a few key things you should look for before choosing your Spanish instructor. A certified teacher may be excellent for someone else and not match your individual learning style. Before you settle on your Spanish teacher research the follow four things:

1. Which region are they from?

There are over 20 countries Spanish speaking countries in the world, with a variety of accents. The conversational Spanish you will learn from a tutor based in Spain will vary greatly from a teacher based in Argentina. 

If you’re planning on using conversational Spanish on an upcoming trip, seek out a tutor based in the country you’re hoping to visit. Which type of Spanish accent is best to learn from scratch? You can learn neutral Spanish, which is the accent commonly used on International Latin American TV. This accent is understood across all Spanish-speaking countries.

2. Are they certified?

Many apps and websites set up teacher profiles that allow students to view the teacher’s credentials before committing to their lessons. 

In Canada a TSSOL Spanish certification has the highest global standards and acknowledge the Spanish teacher has participated in a program designed to teach Spanish as a second language. You can ask your instructor if they’ve participated in a Spanish language program or double check their profile for listed credentials.

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3. Are they highly reviewed?

Most websites and apps now display reviews and ratings from former students. Before you decide on a Spanish tutor, check their online profile and see how many reviews they have, what their average rating is, and what former students are saying in the comment section. You can also talk to friends who have taken language classes and ask for referrals to find a popular teacher.

4. Does their availability match your schedule?

If you’re planning in-class or at-home Spanish lessons in Montreal, you’ll want to confirm that your desired teacher is available during the window of time that fits your schedule. If you’re booking online Spanish lessons, you should double-check which time zone your tutor is located in and agree on a reasonable lesson time.

Discover the best Spanish lessons in Montreal.

The Best Spanish lessons in Montréal 

Finding a good language school and a certified teacher can enhance your experience when learning Spanish. Source: Unsplash

Now that you know what to look for in your next Spanish tutor in Montreal, it’s time to find out where to find them. Montreal has a variety of language schools including:

  • Institute Spanish De Montreal
  • School Espagnol Sans Limites
  • CLC Montreal

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Institute Spanish De Montreal

Montreal’s Spanish Institute has a team of qualified teachers who love what they do and bring passion to their mission to teach the Spanish language and culture to interested students.

The institute offer a variety of program and class options that fall under:

  • Native Language: This course is designed for children in preschool, primary, and secondary level education that grow up in Spanish-speaking homes and are seeking intercultural enrichment among other students.
  • Spanish Immersion: This course is meant for children from ages 6-17 that want to build the necessary oral and written Spanish skills to eventually transition into a Native Language course.
  • Spanish for Adults: This course is perfect for students 17+ who want to learn the Spanish language in a small group of beginners. The atmosphere is relaxed and a qualified teacher is always present. 
  • ALCE Program: ALCE stands for “Agrupación de Lengua y Cultura Españolas” which translates to “Spanish Language and Culture Group”. This is a free program for children ages 7-18. Each student is required to have a Spanish citizenship in Montreal to enrol. 
Learning the Spanish language can open up a world of possibilities, including new travel experiences, food, art, and entertainment. Source: Unsplash

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School Espagnol Sans Limites

The School Espagnol Sans Limites in Montreal is a hub for Spanish culture and language in the city. All their teachers are from Latin America or Spain and they offer the following programs to their students:

  • Private Lessons: This lesson option is a one-on-one tutoring experience that provides the student with a certified teacher’s undivided attention, custom learning style, and a personalised pace. This course is more expensive than a group option.
  • Semi-Private Lessons: This lesson option is designed for two people. If your friend or partner is looking for Spanish lessons in Montreal, you can learn together in a semi-private class.
  • Corporate Lessons: The corporate classes teach Spanish for business and allow students to feel comfortable in a corporate setting where Spanish is used.
  • For Kids: Lessons for kids teach students from ages 4-7 and ages 8-12. Young children are able to learn Spanish through a playful and fun environment with games and activities.
  • Group Lessons: The group lessons are the most affordable and interactive way to learn Spanish in Montreal. These classes are small but engaging. You can practice conversational Spanish on other students and learn through interacting with others.
  • Online Via Skype: School Espagnol Sans Limites even offers an online Spanish lesson. You can connect with certified teachers and learn Spanish from the comfort of your home.

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Are you craving something new? Many Spanish language schools offer socials, language circles, and coffee outings to help you meet new people and try new foods. Source: Unsplash

CLC Montreal

CLC Montreal is a language school that offers students a variety of different language lessons, including Spanish. CLC stands for Culture, Language, and Connection, because CLC has a noble mission to offer students a greater ability to connect with others through language and bring joy, understanding, and love into the world. They offer a good selection of classes:

  • Part-time Programs: The Spanish lessons for small groups teach students how to be more comfortable communicating with native Spanish speakers by transmitting Vocabulary Building, Grammar Acquisition, and Skills Practice.
  • Evenings or Weekends: Students can fit Spanish lessons into their schedule by learning on evenings and weekends. These group classes offer the same lessons as the part-time program but in smaller bites of coursework.
  • Private/ Semi-Private Lessons: You can learn Spanish with a private teacher or with a teacher and one other friend. This environment is perfect for students seeking a highly individual learning experience.
  • Skype/ Zoom: The CLC Montreal language school offers students online tutoring through technology like Skype or Zoom. You and your teacher can instant message and set up video conferencing on your schedule.
  • Tea Time: Every Thursday the CLC Montreal offers a Tea Time Spanish lesson where students can gather in an informal setting and practice their conversational Spanish over tea and snacks.

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Learn Spanish online in Montreal

Of course learning Spanish in a group or over tea can be an enjoyable and social way to retain a new language, however, not all Canadians have the time or flexibility necessary to attend a weekly class. 

Spanish lessons are available online for residents of Montreal. You can find the right Spanish tutor for you by searching websites for instructor reviews and ratings, connecting with Spanish teachers from around the world, and building a custom Spanish language learning program with your chosen teacher.

Websites like Superprof connect students with thousands of tutors in hundreds of different specialities and subjects, including Spanish. You can search for Spanish teachers and organise lessons on your own schedule. Online tutors also give you the one-on-one, individual attention that private classes provide, without the overhead costs. This means that finding an online teacher is the easiest, most effective, and affordable option to learn Spanish. 

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