Hola! Are you in need of conversational Spanish lessons in the Ottawa area? Maybe you fell in love with the vibrant Spanish culture after binge watching several foreign films or perhaps you just booked a trip to one of the 20+ countries where Spanish is the primary language. Whatever the reason, almost every city has a language school where you can start your journey to becoming fluent in Spanish, including Ottawa. 

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8 Different ways to learn Spanish in Ottawa

Learning a new language doesn’t need to fit into a one-size-fits all model. Some people prefer to learn a new language one-on-one in a private lesson with limited distractions, whereas others are only able to pick up a new language when they can converse in a group setting and practice conversational Spanish. Ottawa is a large bustling city with a variety of language schools. Discover the eight best ways to learn the Spanish language in Ottawa. 

1. Join a Spanish Conversation Circle at the Ottawa Public Library

Are you looking to meet people, practice conversational Spanish, and develop your verbal communication skills? The Spanish Conversation Circle is hosted at the Ottawa Public Library for adults of all Spanish comprehension levels to practice the language in a fun social environment. 

This class is excellent for beginners because it’s a drop-in class. This means you can dip your toe in and attend one circle session to determine if it’s the right fit for you. A group circle is an ideal learning space for people who retain information through verbal interaction and social exchanges. 

Meeting with other people in Ottawa to practice your Spanish skills could expedite your learning process and make learning more fun! Source: Unsplash

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2. Meet a Spanish teacher in person through Language Tutors

If you want a private Spanish lesson with a personalized teaching experience, you can connect with Spanish teachers in your local Ottawa area. How do you ensure these teachers are skilled, verified, and reliable? 

You can screen your Spanish teachers through Language Tutor’s website. Simply search for Spanish teachers in Ottawa and you will find hundreds of online teacher profiles. The profiles show a teacher’s photo, educational background, location, hourly rate and more. 

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3. Take Spanish lessons online with Superprof

One of the most convenient, flexible, and affordable ways to learn Spanish in Ottawa is by connecting with a native Spanish speaking tutor online and arranging video conferences at home. Do you want to learn Spanish curled up on your couch? 

Of course you do. Simply browse Superprof’s network of verified tutors and match with a highly rated Spanish tutor. Once you’ve found your match, you can set up a custom curriculum and instant message, video chat, and learn Spanish anytime, anywhere.

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4. Learn both in-person and online with Éducation Permanente

Are you unsure if you should take a Spanish course in-person or online? You can do both with Éducation Permanente’s Spanish-credit courses. This class is available once a week for three hour sessions. 

This course is unique in that 30 hours are completed in-class and an additional 30 hours are completed online. The online portion of the course further supports the curriculum students learn in-class to help them excel in Spanish in-person and at home. 

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5. Expand your resume with Spanish for Business classes

Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, which makes it an essential language for international business and corporate settings. The Listen & Learn Ottawa language school offers both private and group Spanish for Business classes. 

These lessons are made for students hoping to excel in their career, build on their resume, and thrive in an international business with a Spanish-speaking clientele. Students can learn how to maintain a phone conversation and email in Spanish. These skills are valuable assets in areas such as imports/exports, international negotiations, and government jobs.

Spanish is one of the world’s most widely used languages, making it an excellent language skill for international business. Source: Unsplash

6. Learn Spanish in the palm of your hand with DuoLingo

Educational apps are becoming increasingly popular among the masses. People seeking free Spanish lessons online often turn to DuoLingo, an app that offers its users 30+ languages for free. This app functions like a game and uses bite-sized information to teach you a new language and has an assessment quiz that lets you track your own progress. 

If you’re an individual learner who prefers to work without a Spanish teacher, this app could be perfect for you. However, working with a teacher or in a group often helps beginners better grasp verbal communication.

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7. Enrol in a Spanish course at the University of Carleton

Rather than learning Spanish on your phone or in a casual group, you could enrol in a continuing education course at the University of Carleton and join an academic setting. This setting offers more background information about the history of the Spanish language, grammar, as well as basic dialect and conversational phrases. 

You can explore the beautiful campus in the heart of Ottawa or take the Spanish course online. Taking a language course through a credible University is an excellent way to build a strong resume for future employers. 

8. Sign up your child for Spanish lessons at International Language Summer Program 

Are you looking for Spanish lessons in Ottawa that cater to young children? The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board hosts a summer program called Los Amigos Spanish Camp. This summer program is designed for children to enhance their language skills and in an engaging and fun-filled learning environment. 

Campers can expect indoor and outdoor activities hosted by qualified language counselors as well as music, educational games, crafts, fun workshops, and even field trips to museums and experiential learning sites. 

Help your child learn a new language at a young age so they have an easier time embracing different languages in the future. Source: Unsplash

Are you ready to develop a new skill, increase your employability, and meet an energetic and experienced Spanish tutor? 

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