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Consistently being one of the top 5 most livable cities in the world, Calgary is definitely a popular city among people who just want to have a good life. It’s also one of the sunniest cities in Canada, along with Edmonton and Winnipeg.

This city in Alberta, ironically, has a lush natural environment in contrast to being a major centre in the province. It even sits at the foot of the Rocky Mountains - adding more view of the city’s tourists and residents.

Considering that it’s a major urban centre in the province, you can expect that this city is full of opportunities to learn, explore, and experience new things. One of those things can easily be learning how to play the guitar.

The guitar is commonly known as one of the most versatile instruments there is in the world. You can find it being used for a lot of music styles and genres. That’s why, it’s definitely possible to find tons of guitar classes being offered in Canada, especially in Calgary.

If you’re one of the interested people who want to learn how to play the guitar, read on to know more about the best guitar learning options in Calgary.

Viva Musica Academy of Performing Arts

Founded by Jessica Yuen, the Viva Musica Academy of Performing Arts specializes in group music lessons for piano and violin. However, they also offer private music lessons for classical guitar, rock guitar, harp, and voice.

This academy aims to provide a holistic instrumental education for its students while it’s nurturing this learning towards self-growth, development, and everyday life.

This is mostly achieved through the teachers’ consistent professional development that helps them with their performance as teachers. Teachers also have their own degrees or diplomas in formal music education that guarantees their expertise with their chosen instrument.

Their approach is basically focused on the following areas: performance, ensemble playing, ear training, sight reading, theory, and other aspects. They have their own pedagogy approaches named MuseKids Musica Program and Curriculum for Young Children.

Currently, the academy offers private music lessons for those who want to learn how to play the classical and rock guitars.

These lessons are individualized and puts a great emphasis on personal goals, taste, and music styles. Lessons start with a foundation on how to play chords and read sheet music.

If you want to learn classical or rock guitar, definitely give this school a call or pay them a visit. In Toronto, a similar school also has the same methods, so drop by the Canada Music Academy whenever you can.

Musica Academy

You’ve probably heard about Yamaha schools before and how credible these schools are when it comes to music education. These schools also produce students who get high remarks during exams and performance awards during competitions.

Well, in Calgary, one school is an authorized one.

Authorized as a Yamaha school in Calgary, Musica Academy has two locations: North and South Calgary. The authorized school aims to give a memorable musical experience for their students through developing their musical talents.

As per Yamaha schools, their music education has four main characteristics: timely education, group lessons, comprehensive musical training, and systematic approach. You can expect that they accept students of all ages and skill levels.

The school offers a variety of options for the students to learn. They have group classes, private classes, music camps and concerts, and music events.

Children as young as two years old can be enrolled in group lessons where they will be able to perform in front of peers and collaborate through ensemble training and performance. Their peers will also help them develop their skills and form friendships in music.

But for a more individualized setting, they also offer private classes where students can learn how to play the guitar. They also offer private lessons on the piano, violin, flute, voice, and ukulele.

For a similar academy in Montréal, you can simply visit the Montréal Academy of Music.

Harmony Music School

The Harmony Music School is known to strive for upholding high quality music education where students are able to enjoy learning how to play various instruments.

In Calgary, they’re mostly known for their Early Childhood Education programs where babies, toddlers, and preschoolers can start their music journey early. They create a fun learning environment where students feel challenged to keep doing better.

Moreover, students who are from this music school have consistently been part of the top 5% during Royal Conservatory practical examinations. Talk about high-quality education, right?

The school has two campuses located in both Central-North and South Calgary.

As for guitar lessons, they have an academic program dedicated to learning this instrument - among other instruments. To guarantee that the student will strive to learn the instrument, they will be tasked to participate in one recital and one music festival each year.

Their guitar academic program focuses on learning the classical guitar which improves the students right hand stability, finger picking style, dynamis, and musical ear development. They firmly believe that classical guitar paves way for other types of guitar.

Moreover, this program also helps with preparing the students for examinations for the Royal Conservatory of Music and Conservatory Canada.

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Chinook School of Music

Offering tons of learning options for kids, the Chinook School of Music is a great place to start the musical journey.

They offer private music lessons, group lessons, summer day camps, and music kids. Music Kids is an early childhood program where kids from ages six months to five years old can start exploring their musical side.

On the other hand, they offer various lessons for piano, ukulele, violin, voice, drums, guitar, cello, and flute.

This music school offers private lessons and group guitar programs for those who want to study the guitar. Personal goals will be taken into account as instructors will help students learn the various styles you can play with the guitar.

Regardless of the style, the school will help match you with an instructor who can teach you just the kind of style you want and will meet your expectations in terms of learning and pacing.

They also have summer day camps for kids and Campfire Guitar for adults. And if you’re in Ottawa, check out Alcorn Music Studios for their summer camps as well.

Sonata School of Music

Another authorized Yamaha school is the Sonata School of Music. It’s the largest licensed Yamaha Music school in the province and the second-largest one in the entire country.

Just like the Harmony Music School, the Sonata School of Music also uses the Yamaha Music Education System where students can develop their skills through the best possible methods. They put a heavy emphasis on ear training and development of a rhythmic sense.

They offer two guitar courses for students. The first one being the Junior Guitar Course that are suited for kids ages 7 to 9 years. On the other than, their Teen Guitar course is suitable for ages 10 to 14 years old.

What’s great about these classes is the small class size with only 8 students per class. Although the class duration lasts for 45 minutes for kids and 55 minutes for teens, both classes develop skills on fundamentals such as pick style, finger style, notes and tablature reading.

They also help the students practice in ensembles and explore various styles from rock to classical to alternative music.

Morin Music Studio

Morin Music Studio has grown from just being a small group of musicians teaching music to one of the city’s leading musical education centres.

Their music programs are focused on developing the student holistically and their enjoyment in learning their chosen instrument. They also cultivate good learning and playing habits so that the students can benefit from these habits.

They offer a wide variety of programs and lessons for all ages and skill levels. They have adult programs, private lessons, Crescendo Kids Classes, Group Programs, and Homeschool Music Program.

For guitar lessons, you can either have private instruction or group programs - depending on your preferred learning environment. For private instruction, you’ll definitely get that guitar lesson help you need with the instructor focused solely on you.

Their group classes for adults, on the other hand, build confidence by playing a variety of popular songs which build the foundation for chord knowledge. It’s also good to note that adults can learn through a fun environment without feeling too pressured.

No prior experience is needed for their adult group classes which is highly welcoming for adults as old as 60 years old!

You can find a similar school in Vancouver - North Vancouver Guitar School.

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Finding A Private Guitar Instruction in Calgary

Another road you can take is to look for a private guitar instructor in Calgary through Superprof. Through this website, you have the advantage of seeing various reviews from each instructor’s former students and their ratings.

You can also check our their rates and see whether you are able to cater to their fees. Not only that, these instructors also have the benefit of letting you decide your schedule depending on your availability.


There are tons of music schools in Calgary, especially that it’s an urban centre in the province. There are so many schools to choose from - two of these are even Yamaha authorised music schools.

Regardless of what school you choose or learning environment you prefer, it’s best to learn the guitar in an environment you’re comfortable with and an instructor who matches your learning pace. That way, it’s not only fun but it’s also a valuable learning experience for you.

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